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  1. Scott- Don't beat yourself up over it. I'm sure we have all done something that we are not happy about and guilt over because we are decent people who understand the difference between right and wrong (I am in that group too). If it makes you feel any better- I'm sure that working in the coal industry was not listed in the Ten Commandments and I have never have heard it written that thou shalt not work in or with coal. Repenting is the best thing we have done to bring ourselves closer to our Heavenly Father, and He has said that He will no longer remember the sin and our souls are wiped clean. I have to keep reminding myself of that when Satan pops those thoughts and reminders of things I have done in the past that I was not proud of.... trying to make me miserable and feel unworthy........ but remembering the things the Lord has said just pops those thoughts and regrets out of my mind. I am so thankful for that. Off subject here...... sorry folks.... but if I start in on politics and the mess it has all caused family, friends and the nation..... I'll just start crying again.
  2. Thanks you two for shedding some light on the word for me. I try to define words for my teenage SS class (email). I do appreciate the help.
  3. I have searched for a meaning of the word "halt" from 3 Nephi 17:7 and can't find anything that makes sense to me. Anyone know?
  4. I agree with you to a degree Traveler, but it seems that the party elites are the big problem for the Democratic Party. I think the citizens of our country have chosen a side that they agree with, and the best talking points that they hear. I choose the Republican Party because they stand for more of what I believe in than the Dems do. And it's not the same Democratic Party as it used to be, it has grown to incorporate a lot more immoral, unjust and to be frank.... scary ideals.. My dad was a Democrat all his life, we had numerous talks and mini debates about politics and he enjoyed our little political chats. I learned a lot from them also. After Obama was elected, the people I know who did not vote for him didn't riot, didn't destroy, loot or maim. We would have rather he not have won, but figured that the Lord had a purpose for putting him in office. After Trump won in 2016, chaos broke out and the liberals went nuts. And that is what they are planning to do again if Trump wins another term in office. They have vowed to create mayhem worse than before. Where if Biden wins.... we will go to work and know that God has a plan. I don't foresee any riots, looting or destruction because things might not turn out the way the Republicans wanted. And I think that our nation will become more subject to chaos due to the last days prior to the Second Coming, with those who have sided with the minions of Satan because things didn't turn out their way, and they need to riot, destroy and hurt someone to prove how pathetic they are. Satan will use whoever he can to create chaos and mayhem.
  5. Lindy

    College football fans?

    BYU Ohio State and any team that plays against Notre Dame
  6. Good post PC! After some reading about making DC a state (sometime back) ..... it is written somewhere in the Constitution about the area of our nation's capitol (federal district?) cannot belong to a state, it has to be it's own entity. Not that it would stop the Dems for's like what you said "meant to be bent to their will".... they don't seem to take the Constitution seriously. I'm sure that the rest of DC could incorporate into a state.... but I'm sure it would require a Constitutional Amendment.
  7. I was actually trying for a bit o humor You don't have to tell me about the media lying to us...... well known fact to those that don't have blinders on. They tend to use their position to try to sway the public to the left side by "reporting" everything but factual truth. Yes, lies. I don't watch liberal "news" shows for facts... actually I can't stomach the lies, hatred and venom they spew. They seem to instill fear and panic to those who believe what they are "reporting". BBC is more factual than our countries mainstream media. I think that the hate filled, vindictive media have joined up with the Gadianton Robbers to destroy the people.
  8. I'm still decorating for Halloween.... you know jack o lanterns, ghosts, orange, purple, black and green things..... I'm not into walking dead zombies, corpses, severed heads, etc..... and smiling pumpkins might just bring joy to someone's life who is fighting to find something normal amongst the chaos. And from what I have heard, our downtown businesses are still going to have their trick or treat activity for children. Only 2 hours and doing it "safely", but they are going to try to bring some sense of normality to the community.
  9. One of my favorites ! I wouldn't watch it with my younger grandchildren.... but I know the older ones would love it as much as I do.
  10. Does anyone remember The Geisha Boy with Jerry Lewis? I saw that when I was very young, and just remember laughing till my sides hurt.
  11. WHAT? are you telling me that a politician would lie to us? I guess the lies depend on whose in power?
  12. Should POTUS select someone to fill that seat? YES! I think that the Dems are having a fit because the GOP seems to have flip-flopped from 2016, but from what I remember that previous decision was based on the fact that Obama was finishing out his term limit. Trump is not finishing out his term limit- he is going into his second term. And thus, according to the Constitution, President Trump has a duty to do his job. If this was his second term- the Dems might have a real argument, but it's not..... so they don't.
  13. I'm thinking this picture is from The Black Couldron I right?
  14. Anyone remember "The Rescue" (late 80s) about a group of kids who end up going to rescue their military dads from North Korea. Loved that movie! And I love Hallmark movies..... I'm a sap that way. Pollyanna and The Three Lives of Thomasina (old Disney) favorites through out my life
  15. We haven't been able to go to church since March, although word is that small groups will be able to start again the middle of October.