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  1. candyprpl

    Bullied by Seminary teacher

    How is it that this person received this calling! How can someone so non-Christlike teach gospel principles to youth who are suppose to be developing their own testimonies? This is appalling and very sad. I teach Gospel Doctrine to 14 and 15 year olds and I love the challenges they bring to class. Of course there has to be order in the classroom but what you said about your son and this teacher is just a butting of heads. Your son obviously pushes that teachers buttons. However, the teacher is the adult and has been given a very (IMO) sacred calling and should find a better way to handle your son's behavior rather than flying off the handle in front of a whole group of youth. Has he ever talked to you and your husband with regards to his problem with your son? Why? That would be the first thing I would do. My son was very smart and could be a real handful for his teachers at school and when there was a problem, my husband and I and sometimes my son were called into meet with the teacher to try and come up with a solution to the problem. My son enjoyed challenging the intelligence of his teachers but he could also be calmed down when he got out of hand.'s sad to see this happening. I agree with those who have said talk to the Bishop or Stake President or whoever is in charge of Seminary. Seminary does not need this kind of leadership! And do this ASAP. That way it's brought before the proper authority and hopefully they will be able to find out if there is anything more serious going on in this teacher's life.
  2. Oh this is terribly sad. So sorry that you are having to go through such a trial. Wow, I don't really know what to say. Do you have a relationship with his family -- would any of them have a clue? It seems like there is something deep inside of him that needs to be addressed. And yes, Satan probably has now got a hold of him. The saddest part of this is the fact that you won't be able to change him -- like you said, he has his agency. I would fast, pray, etc. for the strength to get through this trial and of course pray for him that he may be comforted and guided and then just accept that this may not work out the way you want it to but to stay strong in your testimony. I know without a doubt that blessings always come when we stay strong in the gospel. It may not be the blessings we were hoping for but the light at the end of the tunnel is wonderful none the less.
  3. candyprpl

    Good people and bad people

    I have a very simplistic thought when it comes to labeling. When I was very young, a person did the unthinkable to me -- as I grew up my thoughts told me that I was the bad person because in my youthful thinking and fear of telling anyone what had happened to me I labeled myself 'bad'. I thought then that only bad things happen to bad people. It didn't even occur to me to label the person who had harmed me as 'bad'. This kind of thinking was so harmful in my development. Because of my labeling myself as 'bad' I made some horrible choices in my life. When things became so bad in my life and I had to seek professional counseling, the counselor said to me with such unbelief in his voice, "You don't just think that your a bad person, but evil." Yes, I did. My conversion process healed my thinking and gave me the wonderful opportunity of forgiving those who had so harmed me. That's why I don't like to label anyone as 'bad'. I wasn't a 'bad' person. Who knows what kind of life someone else has had that has led them to do bad things or be harmful towards someone else. Only God knows.:)
  4. candyprpl

    Good people and bad people

    I also like Elder Dallin H Oaks talk on judging -- very wise counsel. I still struggle with whether people are born 'bad' or just choose to do 'bad' things. In my personal experiences I have had people do 'bad' things to me, I mean very bad things. Before joining the Church and learning about Heavenly Father's traits and the plan of salvation I leaned towards the thought that there were 'bad' people in this world. Now I lean more towards the thought that people in this probationary period may choose to do 'bad' things. I try not to give a final judgment on people, for that is only for God to do but when it comes to my safety, either physical or spiritual I think I must judge somewhat -- try and use righteous judgment. It's not always easy and I pray that Holy Spirit will guide me in doing such judgment. I also came across a 2010 conference talk given by Gregory A. Schwitzer Of The Second Qurum of the Seventy - "Developing Good Judgment and Not Judging Others" "Good judgment is needed not only in understanding people but also in facing decisions that often lead us to or away form our Heavenly Father." And more recently our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson said, "We must develop the capacity to see men not as they are at present but as they may become." I don't know that this adds to the conversation but it is thoughts that came to me as I read the posts.
  5. candyprpl

    No Point...

    Oh and by the way -- you won't disappoint God as long as you are trying to do your best in following Jesus Christ's example. We're not perfect and Heavenly Father understands that better than anyone here on earth.
  6. candyprpl

    No Point...

    Conversion is an ongoing process. When I look back at the eight years I been a member I see how my testimony has grown step by step. I also at one time had reservations about temple marriage -- well let me start at the beginning. I had reservations about being baptized -- I had been baptized when I was 14 (in another faith) and didn't quite understand the "under proper authority" BUT I moved by faith and was baptized. That actually was a great lesson for me because it was after the baptism that I received my assurance that it was true. And I remember that lesson taught whenever I have reservations about anything the gospel has to offer. So when it came to being sealed in the temple even at the time I was having reservations I went ahead and was sealed and once again received confirmation and blessings. As a person who is old enough and has gained some experience in life I feel confident in telling you that as a young person. one is often impatient in a lot of ways and I feel that maybe you are being a little impatient with yourself. You seem to be on the right track as far as gaining a stronger testimony. You're doing exactly what a lot of members are doing, young or old, new converts or life long members, and that is trying to grow a stronger testimony. It is a life long process, full of ups and downs.:)
  7. candyprpl

    Question about tithing?

    I'm on disability and will share my story. Right after I was baptized (won't go into the whole story) I came up short because I had made some grave errors in my checkbook -- felt like an idiot, to be truthful. I was in tears. I wasn't going to be able to pay my rent that was coming due. I already was living in a low income apartment, had no phone or TV and still barely made it to the end of the month with enough food. Ate a lot of rice and beans, no kidding. Well, I called the Relief Society president crying about my situation. She called the Bishop and set up an appointment that evening. One of his first questions was about paying tithing. I said no, but........blah, blah, blah. He said, you need to pay your tithing the first thing after receiving your SSI check. He paid my rent and I received more groceries than I had had in a long time. A few days later I received my check and that Sunday I wrote a check for ten percent. I didn't know how I was going to make it through the month but.....(faith). A week later, I received a letter in the mail from the State about my benefits -- my hands were shaking because I was sure it was going to be bad news -- on the contrary -- the letter informed me that they had made a mistake on my food stamps, instead of $30 a month I would be receiving $95 a month (I was single, so this is just for me and a few years ago) and they paid a makeup for what they should have been paying -- amazing. I broke down and cried. No it wasn't enough to be able to afford TV or phone but it did mean that I could eat better. There are some other blessings that I received that is directly related to paying my tithing but I won't go into all that. I'm not saying that you will have this experience but you will receive blessings. And having a Temple recommend and being able to go to the Temple is just one of them.
  8. candyprpl

    No Point...

    You do have a testimony -- I have read your profile and I've read your posts and even in between the lines, your testimony is there. What is it that your missing?
  9. candyprpl

    No Point...

    Dear Chrissy, I strongly urge you to pray to have this doubt removed from your thoughts. I DON'T NEED TO KNOW YOU PERSONALLY TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF HIS LOVE AND THAT HE DOES LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE HIS SPIRIT CHILD. If you had a child (don't know if you do or not) but could you imagine not loving him or her? No, of course not. And our Heavenly Father is more perfect than we are and His love is perfect. He would not send you to earth to gain a body, be tested and watch with anticipation when you might come back to Him if he didn't love you and think of you as being worthy of His love. He loves you and you are worthy! If you haven't already, read my profile.
  10. candyprpl

    No Point...

    Oh dear Chrissy -- I'm glad my post made you think. I still can't understand your questioning. I do understand the feelings of thinking that people at Church are too judgmental or say things that make you want to go home and not come back. But we must remember that people are human and say things or do things that are not Christ-like and we must also remember that only Heavenly Father knows there heart. I just try to remember that the only thing that counts is my heart and feelings and my relationship with Heavenly Father. There have been times when I have wondered about some of my ward members -- but then I am quickly reminded that they are here on earth facing trials of their own and maybe they've been put into a position in the Church to be tested to see if they will become more Christ-like. I'm a Sunday School teacher for the 14-15 age group and I constantly worry that I will say something that might bring discouragement in their lives rather than strengthening their testimonies. Do you love yourself as much as Heavenly Father loves you? Sometimes our doubts come from our disbelief in who we think we are. Do you doubt the love Heavenly Father has for you? Do you feel unworthy of such love? Believe me, when I say that when I answered these questions for myself, it brought me to my knees in tears. I allowed the comforting hand of Jesus to heal me.
  11. candyprpl

    Ex-Communicated Twice...Any Hope?

    I haven't read all the posts but I've never heard of anything like that. Michael Wilcox (I think) wrote a book about God's infinite Atonement. He gave a talk on this subject at a Women's Conference a few years ago. I would definitely talk to the missionaries or a Bishop if you are ready to partake of God's infinite atonement.
  12. candyprpl

    No Point...

    Just had a thought -- do you write in a journal? Journal writing while reading your scriptures can be very helpful when trying to understand the answers you may be getting from Heavenly Father. Also writing impressions down after praying sincerely can also be very helpful. Also ditto to what everyone else has said. It sounds to me like you have a very wonderful relationship with Heavenly Father and I know without a doubt that He is very proud of you and loves you very much. No need to fear, Heavenly Father is near.
  13. candyprpl

    Inactive member here

    My sister became inactive soon after she graduated from high-school met the love of her life when she was about 20 -- they married and she was very happy. She said she missed going to church but didn't really think much about it until her first child was born. Then she started thinking that it would be nice to have her blessed and bring her up in the church. Time went on and then she had a second daughter born and her mind and spirit were really to starting to long for church. She talked to her husband about going to church -- he had been raised catholic and just really wasn't interested in going to church. After a little while he agreed that if she wanted to go to church and take the girls it would be alright with him. As time passed he warmed up to the home teachers and having the missionaries over for dinner. One of their home teachers was involved in the scouting program and my brother-in-law started helping out. My brother-in-law told me that it was the fellow-shipping that really brought him around. My sister and her husband and there two daughters were sealed in the Temple when their youngest was 3 and the eldest was 5 and they have been faithful members ever since. So take BrendaM's advice!
  14. candyprpl

    No Point...

    I'm sorry -- after I read my post I know I didn't say it right. Was just wondering if maybe the adversary is the one standing in your way of gaining a stronger testimony. I don't know if it's the missionaries that you need to seek out or read more scriptures or fast and pray or what, but sometimes I know that Satan can whisper in one's ear saying, "none of these things will work."
  15. candyprpl

    Suicidal son please help me!

    You are in my prayers.