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    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    I realize that those in power see this as a power grab. But I'm curious about those who don't have power--my fellow voters, everyday people--who insist that vax should be mandated/forced and that people should lose jobs, freedoms, etc. If the virus is a threat to the lives of people so vax should be mandated, then how is it that someone off meds and could be a danger to self/others not be mandated to take meds? How is that explained?
  2. beefche

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    My sister has a mental health issue that is controlled by meds. When she stops those meds, she gets awful....harassment, destruction of property, verbal abuse/attacks and on occasion, physical abuse/attacks. We cannot make her take that medication. It isn't until she either threatens or does actual harm to herself/others before we can get her help. And even then, we had to take her to court to get it ordered for her to take her medication. So, why is it that something that could possibly save her life (she has serious other medical conditions that when she stops her mental health meds she also stops those--and she has threatened suicide or on one occasion actually physically attacked someone) not be mandated for her to take? But, yet, this vax which may or may not (depending on your health and underlying conditions) save your life and from a disease that has nearly a 99% survivor rate (again, depending on individual health) should be mandated? I honestly don't understand why one should not be mandated but the other should?
  3. beefche

    Disney wokeness

    Sometimes, it isn't just about bringing a company to its knees. I boycotted a particular fast food chain because of my abhorrence for their commercials. I knew my 3 or 4 times/year spending $10 wouldn't do a dang thing to their company, but I felt better for not giving them my money.
  4. beefche

    Bishop rent assistance

    In my experience (working in the RS pres), bishops can and do help with rent. However, what I'm familiar with is he'll often work to help with food/utilities so any income can be used for housing. I would encourage her to talk to the bishop, be honest with him about everything, and allow him to arrange help.
  5. beefche

    Encouraging Temple recommend renewals?

    I don't mean to sound inconsiderate, but what conversations are you having in a temple recommend interviews? Other than the initial chit chat, my interviews consist of questions being asked and answers given. I can only think of a couple of interviews that had conversations and that was because I asked questions to gain clarification on questions that I had been thinking about.
  6. I knew a young couple (less than 30 years old) who married for time only in the temple. She was divorced and was working on having her sealing cancelled. They didn't want to wait any more than they had already and both were worthy. Sadly, they were both killed in a car accident just 3 months later (on their way to the temple to attend a sealing of their friends). Her family was able to get them sealed to each other posthumously. This is when I first learned about time only marriages. I think that they both wanted to be sealed to each other and so they had the temple in mind when they married and kept that promise to each other to marry in the temple.
  7. beefche

    How does everyone like their pizza?

    Are there still Godfather's around? That was our high school hangout after football/basketball games. LOVE their taco pizza! Dravin and I love pizzas that have something vinegary on it--pickles, banana peppers, etc. Helps to cut through the fat of the cheese/meat.
  8. beefche

    How does everyone like their pizza?

    What...can't count that high?
  9. beefche

    Commercial Racism

    Wow. Just wow. I honestly would give a complaint to not only the store manager, but at corporate as well. And I would provide names--this is seriously unacceptable. They should not be in any type of customer service job if they can't serve everyone with respect--they can think what they want, but they shouldn't treat someone like that while at their job. I wouldn't want them to be doxed but they either need to be reprimanded or fired.
  10. beefche

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    I'll give you my taco seasoning recipe that I use. I make a big batch of my own and store it in a baggie within a jar with a lid. Here's my basic recipe that I usually triple to make a big batch. Dravin and I want to try to make our own chili powder, too, sometime. 4 tablespoons chili powder 2 tablespoons cumin 1 tablespoon paprika 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon dried onion 1 teaspoon oregano 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon dried cilantro ½ teaspoon red chili pepper You can add salt to this but I don't (I just salt whatever meat or beans I'm using). Also you can make this spicier by adding more red chili pepper or other type of dried pepper.
  11. beefche

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    Um, what is wrong with making eye contact? I would LOVE having a neighbor like that!
  12. It's sad that they have to come out with a statement like this. The level of hatred, disregard for other's life/property, and just plain evil in this world is just awful.
  13. beefche

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    If you are using a store bought taco seasoning mix, this could be it (I can't stand that stuff--too salty and taste like preservatives, to me). Make your own and make sure you get quality ingredients. I recommend going to a local International market or Latin market to get your seasonings. I make my own and store it in an airtight container. Whenever I need Mexican seasoning (taco, chili, taco soup, etc), I use this.
  14. beefche

    Church Zoom accounts

    @classylady Something our RS does which you may find helpful is the teacher doesn't monitor the chat. The RS secretary is the one who does all the techy stuff, the teacher simply teaches and asks questions, but the secretary is the one who unmutes someone or reads comments/questions from the chat.
  15. beefche

    Christmas dishes

    @Suzie Just wanted to share that our Moqueca and brigadeiros were a big hit with us. The moqueca recipe I used was very, very simple and so flavorful! The most difficult part was cleaning the halibut (couldn't find the right cut of cod) and shrimp. We decided that although the fresh seafood is always better, this recipe can be done with frozen seafood and we would still be happy. It was also a pretty healthy stew with the coconut milk being the most caloric ingredient (and higher in fat). We just ate the moqueca with crusty bread instead of serving over rice. Dravin did the brigadeiros and he made a chocolate one with choc sprinkles and a vanilla one with coconut. We loved the chocolate ones and the vanilla ones are good, but didn't have as big an impact as the chocolate. He said they were super simple to make and we've brainstormed some combos that we think would be really good--choc with crushed hazelnuts, choc with orange zest, choc with coconut, etc. This will be in my top 5 favorite Christmas Eve dinners we've done so far.
  16. beefche

    Christmas dishes

    We aren't doing the terracotta way. We found another recipe that uses a dutch oven pot. This recipe uses a white fish (such as pollock or cod) and shrimp. I honestly think my biggest challenge will be to find fresh fish (and I'm not sure I'll be able to). It's not a deal breaker, but fresh fish is usually better than frozen.
  17. beefche

    Christmas dishes

    @Suzie good to see you! This year's menu comes from Brazil. We are doing Moqueca which is a fish stew. I'm not sure what Dravin is making for dessert (he's told me, but I keep forgetting since I'm not making that).
  18. beefche

    Saints Volume II

    Wow, that twitter thread was interesting. I graduated in 1992 as an English major and don't remember anything like this guy's experience. There was only 1 class that I can think of that came close to being critical of the church (but it wasn't really...more critical of church culture).
  19. If the ones who would be susceptible are aware of the risk, shouldn't they choose to go or not? If 80 year old decides to stay home for fear of contracting something, then why should the others not go? Or if 80 year old decides that risking catching it is worth it, why do you get to choose differently? I really am trying to understand. If the majority are in favor of still having it, that doesn't negate the individual choices. I understand that family dynamics may mean some hard feelings or whatever, but perhaps I'm heartless....but if you want to get your panties in a twist because I choose to do something differently than you, it's your twisted panties not mine.
  20. beefche

    Bubba Wallace

    Well, if you don't vote for him, you are definitely not black.
  21. beefche

    Triumph In The Midst Of Chaos

    @NeuroTypical that video you that the same dude who comments on Nascar? Even has the cheering crowds to talk over! 🏁
  22. beefche

    Carb's Take on Racism

    Well, now there is a quiz on FB you can take to find out how privileged you are. First question, "Are you white?" Other very leading questions. I didn't finish as I have the media, celebrities, and politicians to let me know I'm privileged based on my skin color. But, I'm very relieved to see some of my white friends taking this quiz to learn more about themselves and post about how they never realized how privileged they are. I wonder if they were surprised to find out how angry they are based on the month of birth, too, or what LOTR character they are based on their initials. I hope these quizzes help them with their privilege, anger, and problems with their initials.
  23. beefche

    Faked Protests

    @Carborendum how do you know you didn't get the jobs because you were Asian or LDS? Did they actually tell you that? Because that's against the law and even most companies own guidelines. So, I'm really curious how people know they were denied things based on a protected class. In the office I worked in, there was a black lady (good friend of mine) who was a supervisor. We had a newer employee who did good work but it just wasn't working out for him on the team he was on. I spoke with him privately about the issues (I was his coach/mentor) and encouraged him to seek a position on my friend's team. I honestly believed he would be very successful on that team. He prevaricated, never really stating if he didn't want to be on the team or wasn't interested in the position. I spoke with him on at least 3 occasions within a 2 wk or so time period. When I spoke to my friend about it, she said that he didn't want to be on her team because she was black. I was absolutely shocked. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in my conversation with him indicated that he had an issue with ANYONE on that team. He kept talking about the work and if he would be capable of it, he liked what he was doing, etc. Because she was my friend, I told her that I thought she was wrong. And I asked her what was it that he did to make her think that? She said, she just knows because it's her experience as a black woman. I asked pertinent questions to figure out if he said or even looked at her in a questionable manner. Nope, just that he put off some kind of vibe or energy or something that as a black woman she had experienced before. Well, about a week later, he turned in his notice. He found a job that paid better and was closer to his home. So, that energy or vibe? Yeah, nothing more than he didn't want to give his hand away about getting a new job. When I said something to my friend about it, she just shrugged and insisted that there was still some amount of reluctance on his part due to her race. This story reminds me that we seem to assume so much about others without any real evidence. I remember once being in Sunday School and having to leave the meeting a little early for a calling I had. The next Sunday, the teacher approached me and apologized for offending me. I had no idea what he was talking about. He said he was talking about single people in the church during that class and I ended up walking away. He assumed he had offended me since I was an older than normal single woman. Well, he forced me to admit that I wasn't even paying attention to his lesson and that in fact, my mind was on what I needed to do that prompted me to leave early. I'm not denying that racism exists. Of course it does. And it exists in every country, every culture, every community. It will never go away until our Lord returns. Doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can to overcome it, but I just wonder how much is assumed when the evidence isn't there.
  24. beefche

    Faked Protests

    @Godless I appreciate you posting on this issue. I am one who truly does not see that police brutality is the biggest issue with black Americans. I know that that fact probably marks me as racist (I've been equated with it when I was upset by the rioting and looting, regardless that I was also upset by what happened to Mr. Floyd) but, since the word racist doesn't mean what it actually means, I'm not sure how valid that accusation is anymore. Anyway, I want to understand why this is the biggest issue and not other things. One can't say it's because I'm not black as other non-blacks seem to understand this. So, I appreciate you providing your perspective. I find that this topic (especially right now) is so emotionally charged that most people can't speak or listen rationally (I include myself in this statement). I appreciate the ability to have such a discussion on this forum.
  25. beefche

    A bunch of memes I just made!

    Can someone help me understand? What does institutionalized racism or systemic racism mean? I hear these terms used a lot, but it doesn't fit what I thought these terms mean. So, perhaps my definition is wrong.