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    Men who don't get sports

    My husband doesn't like sports. I love them. I make him watch the Superbowl (I bribe him with snacks) and the NCAA basketball championship. Otherwise, I let him live in his boring-without-sports world.
  2. beefche

    Tips that work

    Wha??? Don't you get the Brady Bunch bubble situation when you do that? How much detergent and how much boiling water? I am so going to try this. I have a slow draining sink and I've tried Liquid Plumr to no avail.
  3. beefche

    Tips that work

    What kind of detergent? Laundry? Liquid or powder?
  4. beefche

    The Ten Commandments

    Sweet! I can now build up my hit list and hire hitmen and I can still claim the Lord's blessings! Although I don't think I would ever covet my neighbor's wife.
  5. beefche

    I'm tired of wearing garments - ladies

    Wear whatever bra you want. You can wear bras next to your skin and not over your garments. I find that if I wear bras over garments that I have the issue of the bra sliding around and even losing the purpose I wear it. So, I choose to wear underwear next to my skin and under my garments. I can honor my covenants and still wear undies underneath my garments. And wearing cute/sexy underwear doesn't make me feel feminine or ugly. It how I feel about myself that gives me confidence and feelings of femininity or sexiness.
  6. My advice? Decide on the person you want to be and then act accordingly. I'm not trying to sound flippant. But, it is only during these types of stressful moments that our actions show our true character. So, choose how you want to react in situations like this and act as you've chosen. It's not easy and nothing doesn't prevent me from talking about it or how I'd LIKE to act/say, but ultimately, I know who I want to be and I do everything in my power to act like that.
  7. beefche

    The no topic, topic, thread...

    If they are sugar ants, I used bleach water to get rid of them. I found them in the kitchen, coming in through an outlet on the wall facing outside. I cleaned the counter and wall very well, then every night sprayed the counter and wall with a bleach water mixture. It took about 3 days or so but it got rid of them. The key, I found, was the clean, clean, clean. Made sure any spills of liquid or food were cleaned immediately, no dishes in the sink ever and I would randomly spray the bleach water whenever I thought of it.
  8. beefche

    The no topic, topic, thread...

    Milluw, you did not ask my permission to use my modeling video. But, that's ok, it's so awesome that I don't mind sharing.
  9. beefche

    Bread in Milk

    Ginger beer is like root beer. Stronger ginger flavor than ginger ale. My husband likes some kind that he got in the Bahamas as it had small pieces of actual ginger in it.
  10. beefche

    Israeli Culture

    No, it's been a few years.
  11. beefche

    Israeli Culture

    My Jewish mother (her terms) made this with grape juice instead of wine for me. It is soooo gooood!
  12. beefche

    Bread in Milk

    My Kentucky, non-member (while growing up) grandma ate white bread broken in pieces in a glass of milk. She also put crackers in coffee sometimes, same way. We had no ties to Mormons growing up. I think it came from being poor. My mom remembers eating syrup bread (like peanut butter sandwiches but with molasses or syrup and bread only),
  13. beefche

    Captain America or Iron Man?

    I don't want them to fight! I love Cap'n and his moral character. He's good because he wants to be good. I love Iron Man because you see a flawed man try to choose good/right (and see some of his failings and improvement). i love Tony's ego (it's just fun!) and Iron Man just looks dang cool. I can't choose. I'm disappointed so far in the trailers--it makes it look like Cap'n will choose friendship in spite of his friend doing bad things ("he's not really bad, deep inside where it counts--forget his actions and choices"). But, they'll still get my ticket money as well as popcorn and soda money....
  14. beefche

    Need something light

    I ate a brain taco on Friday. We have this little Mexican place that serves really good tacos. And not the American stuff you normally get. Just the non-crispy shell, meat, cilantro, onions and lime wedge on side. You get a variety of meat choices--steak, chicken, fish, head (brains), lips, cheek, tongue, al pastor, etc. Anyway, the brains were very, very fatty. And not the fat you get on a steak, but something more creamy. The flavor was good, but the creamy fat wasn't something I liked.
  15. beefche

    Things That Keep Me Up At Night

    Considering your job and that you work nights, I think seeing a really hair guy mooning you would just be another day at the office for you.
  16. beefche

    How do you find Jews in conversation?

    I worked with 2 older Jewish women. Both of them began working with us in their late 60's/early 70's. They each worked until around age 80 before they finally stopped working. One of them was hilarious (but she certainly wasn't trying to be). She was very OCD about things but was a great worker. The other one joked that she was my Jewish mother. She invited me to a couple of her Passover dinners. She went out of her way to make a separate dish of haroset (is that it???) that she did not use wine in (knowing that I don't eat or drink anything with alcohol). This same Jewish lady and her daughter came to the Indianapolis LDS Temple open house* and asked that I accompany them. I had a delightful time and spent the majority of the time with her daughter who had many, many questions about Mormons. These have been the only experiences that I've had with Jewish people. My Jewish friend is very open about answering any questions that I have and has never been offended at anything I've asked. Plus, she used to make desserts and bring them into me at work. *An open house for an LDS Temple is an event prior to dedicating the temple where the community is invited to tour the temple. After the temple is dedicated, only recommended members of the LDS faith can enter the temple.
  17. beefche

    Need something light

    What's the advantage of a composter? My dad (who gardens like a fiend) just has a "trash" plate in the kitchen where he places his coffee grounds, veggie peelings, uneaten food, etc. He empties the plate each night into the garden. Just tosses the contents into the garden. When he plows the garden that food gets plowed into the ground. I see this and wonder why a composter is needed.
  18. beefche

    How do you find Jews in conversation?

    "Beef" is part of my maiden name and "che" is a Bulgarian diminutive. My father is Bulgarian and I spent 18 months in Bulgaria for my missionary service for the LDS church. I embrace my Bulgarian heritage and love to celebrate it in any way that I can.
  19. beefche

    How do you find Jews in conversation?

    What did they say when you responded thusly?
  20. My fave gift was the blu-ray of Fletch. My least favorite was the result after dyeing my own hair--I got bright orange hair! EEK! Second attempt has darkened my hair with just a hint of red/orange--I can deal with this until I see my professional hair stylist to fix my ineptness.
  21. beefche

    How to help YW gone astray?

    Huh, that video is from a ward in my stake. I recognize a couple of them.
  22. Saw Victor Frankenstein. Meh. They tried to make it like Sherlock Holmes (the one with RDJ), but it wasn't well written.
  23. I need one of those. I'll put it next to my Kiddie Kredit Kard that I've had since I was about 5....
  24. beefche

    20 Years of MMMBop

    I haven't heard that song before. That was great! Yeah, I feel so old these days seeing things that say "this is the 20th/30th/40th anniversary of xxxx!"
  25. beefche

    Houses you ... sort of can afford

    Some of it has to do with different priorities. I have a friend that goes to Disney World every 2 years. She stays on site and spends a week there. She's a bargain hunter and she gets deals, but even with deals, I think she spends between $3,000-$5,000 for each stay there. For that amount, my husband and I could fly overseas to vacation. She has no interest in that, but I have no interest in going to Disney that often. I don't want to spend a lot on my house because I want to spend my money on other things. Obviously, some people want to spend their money on a nicer/bigger house.