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    Houses you ... sort of can afford

    When I bought my home in 2000, I was pre-approved for a $250,000 loan. I was making $30,000-$32,000/yr at the time. I was baffled how in the world I could afford a loan of that amount on my income. I suppose if I didn't eat, want electricity, use water, or pay taxes, then maybe I could afford the monthly payments.
  2. beefche

    General Conference

    I actually appreciated Pres Monson's correcting Pres Uchtdorf to acknowledge the negative votes. I think it shows that they do take the votes seriously and pointed out the correct process in dealing with them. I'm sure Church critics think of that in other terms, but that's how I view it.
  3. beefche

    Houses you ... sort of can afford

    Why do you think it might be wise?
  4. beefche

    "Come, Thou Fount"

    I thought the same thing. It gets difficult to endure in hope for something that seems so impossible. I'm grateful for prophets who can help us to elevate our vision from the fence in front of us to see the pathway ahead.
  5. beefche

    Funny Missionary Story

    My time is Sunday 2nd session. It seems to me that they don't have as many hymns and more speakers. Those voices just lull me to sleep. I can never stay awake during the Sunday 2nd session....
  6. beefche

    A Different God?

    My best friend from high school is a very devout Christian (Nazarene). She and I often have discussions about faith, our reliance on Jesus, scriptures, etc. My hairdresser is a very devout Christian (Methodist). She and I often have discussions about faith, Jesus, Mormon beliefs, scriptures, etc. Neither of these friends have ever expressed that I worship a different God. In fact, I honestly think that if you asked them, they would say that I believe in the same God that they do. The only person who thinks I believe in a different God is my brother. He is very concerned for my life as he believes that Mormons are evil and worship a different Jesus and doesn't believe that Jesus is God. I truly, honestly don't know why he believes that. I've given witness before about Jesus. I also spoke at our mother's funeral where I shared my faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ and how I believe Jesus is my personal Savior and the only way I can be saved.
  7. beefche

    General Conference

    Ok, BYUTV. I quit you. I want to see News of the Church, not one of your recent episodes of reality TV! I've now moved to Mormon Channel on the Roku.
  8. beefche

    General Conference

    Am I the only one who seems to be on a time delay? I'm watching it "live" through BYUTV on my Roku. It started about 12:10 EST (and you know how punctual the church is about Gen Conf). And I noticed that on FB posted the summary of the talk that I am still watching. Was there a wardrobe malfunction fear? Someone's tie coming undone? LOL!
  9. beefche

    Funny Missionary Story

    I served a mission in Bulgaria not long after Bulgaria gave up communism and was jumping into parlimentary government. We had people who were very distrustful of us as Americans as well as Mormons, and thought of us as a cult. Lots and lots of false information was being disseminated about Mormons. So, we were used to people being unkind and even belligerent towards us. As my companion and I waited on a bus stop with a young teen member, I was asking my young friend what a word meant. She was trying to explain it to me, but I just couldn't understand it. Finally, the man behind us (who had been rude for quite some time while waiting) had had enough. "It means to get out of here! It's something you say to a pesky bug, Get out of here!" My young friend was frightened, but I (being used to such behavior) turned to him and genuinely thanked him. He actually helped me to understand the phrase! "Thank you so much! I finally understand it! You are so kind to explain that to me!" He looked startled and suspicious at first, but then he look annoyed and moved away. I turned back to my young friend with a smile and she looked at me. I told her that sometimes responding with kindness was best--I got what I wanted, an explanation and an annoying bug moved away from us.
  10. But you aren't challenging her. You said that if she doesn't stop, you are going to quit RS. I don't understand how quitting RS is challenging her. I guess I'm confused on why you feel that her emails are hostile. Do you think asking her about them or talking to her about them is inappropriate? Why?
  11. beefche

    General Conference

    You can watch General Conference on,, or if you have cable/satellite, you may have BYUTV as a channel and can watch it there. It begins on Saturday at 12 noon EST and lasts for 2 hours. Then there is a 2 hour break and the next session begins 4 pm EST. The priesthood session* begins after a 2 hour break at 8 pm EST. General Conference resumes on Sunday at 12 noon EST, 2 hour break and final session is at 4 pm EST. You can expect a lot of talking with some hymns sung by choirs interspersed. The talks are separate talks and you do not need to watch from beginning to end to "follow" along. Also, the videos of these sessions will be available usually within 24 hours on The written talk will be available usually on Thurs after the final session (in this case, on Thursday 4/7/16). In the 2 hour breaks in between the sessions are videos on news of the church as well as videos about the church, members of the church, or scriptures. All are invited to watch. On Saturday, there will be some statistics given in the 2nd session which may be of interest (gives total membership, # of missionaries, report on financials, etc.). Also in that session is when members of the church sustain the leaders of the church as well as some of the General Authorities (leadership) are sometimes called. * priesthood session is for men only, however, since they print the priesthood session and have been broadcasting it, women read/watch as well.
  12. beefche

    Political Realization

    In case JoJo has blocked NT: NeuroTypical would like an answer:
  13. Thank you, JAG. I really appreciate when people give me the benefit of the doubt and ask me before attaching negative views of my behaviors. I do the best I can in church callings, but since I'm not perfect (I know that may surprise some of you), I fail. And I want to do a good job, so when I do fail, I honestly don't mind being helped to make better choices or see things differently. Because I feel that way about my own callings, I try to do the same to others. I really do feel that most people try to do a good job in their callings, but inevitably step on toes or hurt feelings. We should learn to forgive and assume the best as well as sustain them. For me, sustaining means we also allow them to make mistakes and learn from them, just as we do.
  14. I'm so sorry, Sister, that your little birds have expressed such unkind and untrue thoughts to you. First, covenants are between the individual and God. So, your first priority is to determine if the Spirit is instructing you that Jesus is our Savior, that this is the true Church, that the Book of Mormon is scripture, and that God leads by prophets today. If so, then you should be baptized to begin your covenants with God and receive a wonderful gift, The Gift of the Holy Ghost. This gift will help you find answers and bring solace to your soul in a deeper sense than you feel now. Then, you live the Gospel as best as you can. We don't coerce anyone to join the church. We don't belittle anyone for their beliefs. We don't think of your husband as somehow "lesser" because he is not a member. Teach your children, love and serve your husband. God is merciful and fair. We simply don't know if your husband will accept the Gospel in this life or the next. We don't know. What happens to you if your husband chooses to reject the church? Well, first of all, rejecting the church is subjective. Because we are not God, we don't know if rejecting it in this life is the ultimate rejection. We believe that the next life will have opportunities to hear the Gospel, accept or reject it and accept or reject ordinances. But, we don't know what judgment your husband will receive. One of the blessings we have is hope. Hope in Jesus Christ and His atonement. Hold onto that hope for your husband. Treat him with love and respect and don't despair. I truly believe that these fears are unfounded at this time (for anyone). This life is short when we think of eternity. There is so much that we don't know and must trust in the Lord. That is true faith--that God is who He says He is and that He can truly save us and that we can be truly happy in this life. Focus on what you do believe/know about God. Focus on becoming closer to Him and serve your family. You can be a tremendous example of God's love to your family. Love your husband, support him, encourage him, serve him, respect him.
  15. beefche

    Every Republican Presidential Candidate is Hitler

    There's your problem. Download Chrome....
  16. Did anyone catch the most recent episode of Studio C? I had a nerd fangirl moment when Harry Potter met Gandalf, thinking he was Dumbledore, but Gandalf thought he was Frodo. Very funny! Tickled my geek/nerd bone.
  17. Have you asked her (in person or in email) why she is emailing these instructions to you? Perhaps she has gotten instruction from the bishop to have training for the teachers and this is her way of doing it. Or maybe she is new in her position and feels that she needs to help in this manner. From my experience in being in the RS Presidency (and being an RS teacher), I really don't think it's anything nefarious. I imagine she sees her job in a different light than you do and she feels this is the best way to fulfil her calling. I would ask her for the purpose behind the emails. Then, if that doesn't help you understand, I would simply tell her that the emails are not helpful and maybe give her a suggestion on how she can help you.
  18. Now, I'm depressed.
  19. Let me clarify a bit. I can understand why the movie itself was a big hit. This was a hugely different film (it was released in 1939). Sweeping sets, wonderful costumes, drama out the wazoo, just a completely different movie from what was seen at that time. Now, it's so iconic that I think some people like it for that reason. But, in my opinion, the book wasn't great and the character of Scarlett is so awful that I just can't stand that movie.
  20. I have never understood why GWTW is so well received. Other than Rhett, I didn't like the characters (ok, Melanie was ok, but she seemed so one dimensional). And I especially didn't like Scarlett. What a selfish, narcissistic, mean woman. Just didn't like her. Ok, rant over.
  21. beefche

    Bigger engagement rings?

    I'm going to admit it. I wouldn't have turned down my husband if he couldn't buy me a ring, but I wanted a nice ring. Didn't have to cost a fortune, but I wanted more than just a band. Again, if he couldn't afford it, I would have understood and accepted, but I certainly would say for a special anniversary to save and get me a nicer one. And according to my brother (sorry, I need to just call him something....DaBeef)...according to DaBeef most of the diamonds we every day people get are lab made. The ones that people have issues with (the "blood" diamonds) are priced WAY above and usually only obtained by the wealthy (meaning, not me). He works for an upscale jeweler and has seen/worked some of those diamonds. Also, most other gems are lab made as well...sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.
  22. beefche

    Bigger engagement rings?

    I rarely wear my ring. I wear it when I leave the house (I work from home, so it isn't often that I leave the house). And my brother has told me horror stories of cleaning rings. I get so grossed out when I see TV cooks wear rings as they used their hand mixing things. He wears safety glasses and a mask when cleaning rings because women don't realize how much gunk gets into the rings from washing hands (soap doesn't always rinse), lotion, etc. I also don't get my ring wet unless it's being cleaned. Bro said that water will loosen the fittings. So, you'll see me with my ring between my lips or in a pocket if I'm washing my hands.
  23. beefche

    It's that time of year again

    I'm weird, I guess. To me, the light just is and the time on the clock doesn't make it appear or disappear. Maybe I'm just being prepared for living in Alaska someday. My husband often talks about how the light is in the summers or lack of light in the winters.
  24. beefche

    Bigger engagement rings?

    My husband hates diamonds. But, he likes to point out that the only thing that can break his ring is my ring with the diamonds. He has a tungsten carbide ring that cost us very, very little.