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    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Today is Day 3 for me. Doing really well! So far, I've lost 4#. I don't officially weigh in until Sunday morning, but I wanted to see how much a difference it can be when I'm 100%. Pretty significant! Reading of everyone's success, not so much success, and suggestions help me. I appreciate everyone being so open on here! And thanks, SpiritDragon, for making great suggestions/advice. BTW, I'm someone who shortens people's names. Why is it I wanted to shorten yours to Spit? LOL!
  2. beefche

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    My husband does the same thing, NT. He eats within a certain amount of calories (no matter what the calories--which means he can eat donuts everyday as long as he's within his calorie count). Then he has a cheat day. His problem was sometimes those cheat days kept extending. He's now trying a cheat meal vs. a whole cheat day. Me? I can't do cheat days. I have a very unhealthy relationship with food (who doesn't?) and if I do a cheat day, then it eventually turns into cheat years. Someone once described a cheat meal/day as "so, it's ok to be in a healthy marriage 6 days a week, but 1 day you can cheat on your spouse? does that make sense? why choose to do that with your health?" That really resonated with me. Now I have changed my vocabulary. Instead of a cheat meal, I choose to eat this meal even if it isn't as healthy as other choices. For whatever reason, that helps me to look at my choices and make primarily healthy ones.
  3. beefche

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    @anatess2 girl, you need to eat (I understand while sick, eating takes a back seat). When you are healthy again, you have got to give your body food on a regular basis. Food is fuel--you are basically running your car on a nearly empty tank. By not eating regularly, you are sabotaging your health--even if you eat healthy, going without food for such long periods deteriorates your health.
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    Did I miss your wife getting baptized? Or is this a case of an awesome ward recognizing that callings help non members connect (even if they choose to never join)?
  5. beefche

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    BTW, one thing I've learned in my health journey is change habits one at a time. I would get so overwhelmed with completely changing what/how I eat, exercise, journaling, etc. So, now I've changed habits one at a time. Want to get more exercise in but you are a couch potato? Then begin by simply parking further away in the parking lot. Walk around the store 1 time before beginning to shop. Take the stairs down instead of elevator (and work up to taking the stairs up when you can). Begin small and commit to just doing something today. Want to eat healthier? Then commit to eating a healthy breakfast. Once you get that down, then commit to eating a healthy breakfast and lunch. Step by step.
  6. beefche

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    That is my all time favorite from Ronnie Milsap. Last time my husband and I were in the Smokies, that song came on while we were driving in the Smokey Mountains in the rain! I regret we didn't stop and dance to it on the side of the road. LOL! I use myfitnesspal app to log my food. So, so easy! Today was good. I can tell because when I weighed myself this morning, I didn't let it depress me even though I had gained more than I guessed. My emotions are tied too much to the scale. I know that it's just a tool for me to use, but unfortunately I'm fighting again culture and a lifetime of thinking my worth and value lay in my weight. So, I limit myself to weighing once a week as a way to measure progress (not the only way I measure, but just one). I stayed on plan today and already feel physically better. I eat every 2-3 hrs and didn't plan well enough when I visited my dad. I went 4 hrs without eating and was so hungry when I got home. But, I still stayed on plan and am excited to see the results next week. Yahoo!
  7. beefche

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    I'm back on my program 100% tomorrow. I lost nearly 50 lbs on it before I lost my focus. Looking forward to feeling better within the week. My husband and I are planning on a vacation in the Smokey Mountains in March. So, we both want to be healthier by then. I'll take all the support I can get! For me, the keys to being healthy are 1) WATER! 2) keeping track of whatever you put in your mouth. 3) being consistent. I'm not a water drinker so this will be a struggle (always is). I've got some water infusers to help me but just plain water is always best (bleh!).
  8. beefche

    Primary Ignored

    I have an Android cell phone and can see who are my ministering teachers (the male and female) and who my ministering companion and assigned sisters are on LDS Tools.
  9. beefche

    Investigator Question

    As I read your question, Grunt, I was thinking more along the lines of "If you truly believe that God is the one who led you to be baptized, then how can you think you'll go to Hell?" I would think that the person is doubting their own ability to distinguish God's whisper to them rather than doubting the LDS doctrines. Perhaps focusing on acknowledging the Spirit's voice and how they know it is the Spirit and not another voice would be beneficial.
  10. beefche

    This is what we call "just deserts"

    I just saw this on FB, Vort. Hilarious! I think I laughed the most at the ones who got angry.
  11. beefche


    I've been endowed for 26 years (wow, that is a loonnnggg time). I still feel like such a baby when it comes to understanding temple ordinances. There are 3 things that have helped me: scriptures (primarily PoPG); pondering/prayer; reading about temples of the early days. Even then, I don't really understand the Endowment. I get the obvious (even then, what is obvious to me might not be obvious to others), but I'm clueless on nuances. My goal when attending the temple is to feel the Spirit and find one thing that stood out to me to ponder/study later. It helps when I attend with a friend so we can discuss our impressions while in the Celestial Room.
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    I feel the same way. I truly don't mind if someone asks me a question with a sincere desire to know the answer or understand my beliefs. But, I'm just not interested in answering questions which are aimed to trip me up or get me to "see the light." Nor am I interested in "facts" that are geared to undermine my faith. There's a video making the rounds on Facebook about a former member and his testimony of Jesus. I had a relative who I've not talked to in years send me the video. I had another friend post it. Not gonna watch it and not gonna comment at all. I've never tried to convince them that they are wrong so why do they need to do so with me? Even if the motive is love, it's difficult for me to accept that love will motivate someone to tear others down.
  13. If you both have depression, then I think going to counseling is very wise. I have a friend who is having marriage troubles and they see a counselor--each sees him alone to work out personal issues and then they see him together to work out marriage issues. Even if he decides to not see a counselor, you should seriously consider seeing one yourself. You admit you have some issues that concern you and seeing a counselor will help you work on those issues as well as things you can do for your marriage.
  14. beefche

    Need advice on my calling.

    Is your bishop fully aware of your schedule? Sometimes, people think they know something when they don't. Perhaps your bishop thinks your job is not as vital to paying for school and living expenses. Or perhaps he thinks you have more free time than you really do. My advice would be to talk to your bishop and share your concerns. Let him know of your availability as well as your feeling of being overwhelmed. In my experience, bishops will listen and either release you or let you know what you can do to fulfill your calling while still going to school and working.
  15. Growing up, I have many memories of being around my cousins and visiting aunt and uncles frequently. I now only have 1 living aunt so those visits are rare. And, as we grew up, the cousin visits became few and far between. Usually, we see each other at the random family reunions or unfortunately, at funerals. My dad (his whole family lives in Bulgaria) is good friends with a cousin of my mom. My oldest brother keeps in close contact with another cousin. Facebook is a wonderful thing as I'm friends on there with many cousins, both here in America and Bulgaria. I feel at least connected to my cousins although we don't see each other often. But, I wouldn't say I'm close to my extended family (as far as I'm aware there are no bad feelings between us, certainly not on my side).
  16. beefche

    Heading to Utah

    You'll be in the Motherland. You have to go to Temple Square. I believe on Thursday evenings, the Tabernacle Choir practices (their practice sounds near perfect....I watched one practice that the choir director stopped them because the 5th altos were a little flat I can't even imagine being able to hear that). Also, just go into the mountains somewhere. Anywhere. If you have time, go south and visit a national park--Canyonland, Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, etc. And I think you should visit BYU, at least drive by it and see the wonderfulness of the greatest university. Enjoy! And I'm so glad you get to meet another nut from this group and that you'll have a personal guide! I love the people from this site!
  17. beefche

    The Compliment thread - Positive Feelings

    I made some of this mac and cheese for my dad the other day. I always think of my mom when I make it, but that day I thought of you too. I wondered if you still made it. Glad to hear you do even if you've profaned the sanctity of "real" mac and cheese. Ha!
  18. beefche

    You're single because....

    On another forum, a poster said to me (after my comment on looking for a single temple worthy priesthood holder) that I was the reason for no marriage. Here's my response to the poster: So the reason I'm single is either 1) I'm not ready (whatever that means--realistically, who is EVER ready for marriage??), 2) I don't have enough faith or I'm not praying with faith or 3) I'm botching up God's plans. Yep, you got me. I've never prayed about it, especially not with any real faith, and I purposely sabotage any attempts or efforts of any single guy. Forget what the prophets have said on the subject. Of course there are things I've done wrong or am not doing right. But to tell someone who is single that "it's all your fault" is wrong, not helpful, and actually, unkind. So, just be careful....some people may not be as forgiving as I am. I shared this because I find this attitude by so very many people...married, single, divorced, etc. Please, if any of you think this, then keep your thoughts to yourself. If you are a good friend to a single person and feel you have some criticisms that would help the person, then by all means share them. But do so with kindness and love. I just have to roll my eyes at the thoughts of some people. So, when you see me, you can now know that I am unmarried solely due to my own screwed up life, lack of faith, and the thought of living/sharing with another is too much.
  19. beefche

    Selfies & Filters

    Oh my word, I'm so sick of filters. They went from funny to annoying within 15 seconds....
  20. beefche

    Cheddar Bay Biscuits in a Box...

    The only thing good at Red Lobster are the biscuits. The last time my husband and I went to RL, awful is not a strong enough word for our experience. His cesear salad had shavings of wax...I think they called it parmesean cheese, but I'm positive it was candle wax. My shrimp pasta (not scampi, the alfredo type) had about 1/4 cup of oil. But, their biscuits were soooo good.
  21. beefche

    The Compliment thread - Positive Feelings

    @prisonchaplain You are the reason why I joined this forum. If a non-LDS Christian could be a moderator and interact so well with the members of the church, I knew that this place was something special. Thanks for being here and contributing so much.
  22. beefche

    9 Crucial Things for Parents

    To some extent. My strongly held, personal belief stems from the covenants in the temple and results in my belief that I made a covenant to marry only in His temple which means I would only marry someone who was temple worthy and recommend holding. The fact that that choice would likely prevent my family from attending that wedding is more a byproduct of that belief.
  23. beefche

    9 Crucial Things for Parents

    I'm a convert (baptized the day before my 19th birthday). When I was newly baptized, I envisioned a temple marriage, but with all the "finery" of a "regular" wedding.My mom was an inactive member and my dad a non-member (and my siblings/family non members--I was the only active, temple recommend holding member). I knew that if I chose to have a temple sealing without any type of civil service, they would be hurt and disappointed. Once I was endowed, I began to realize that my covenants made in the temple reinforced my thoughts that a temple sealing had more precedence and vitality over any civil service. Fast forward 35 years or so after baptism, I was now faced with an upcoming marriage and how I would handle it. It is my personal belief (strongly held one, mind you) that the covenants I made during the endowment include sacrificing even family relationships to keep my covenants of the Gospel which include choosing to be sealed in the temple rather than civil service and temple sealing (obviously, I'm in the US as having this choice is just not possible in other countries). I chose to have a temple sealing with minimal "finery" for a reception. My dad did not walk me down any aisle, we didn't have anything more than a ring "ceremony" during the reception. My dad's home teacher (yep, a non-member has a home teacher--great man) who did the ring ceremony talked on temple sealing/marriage and the significance of that. We didn't exchange vows or say any words. I know that my family was disappointed and I'm sorry for that. But, I also know that my faith in the sealing and temple covenants enables me to believe that their disappointment will someday (most likely in the next life) be mitigated by knowledge. For those members in the US, their family relationships may inspire them to make a different choice. But as with all commandments or guidance by the prophets, I feel we should resolve to abide unless the Spirit directs otherwise. He didn't direct me otherwise, so I decided to follow. Not an easy choice (sounds easy to do, but in reality when faced with disappointing or even angering family it makes it difficult), but life isn't always about the easy.
  24. I've discovered that I am an old, old person. I hate change! Too many changes! I hope the original cast's new project is something that is serial. They are so great!
  25. What a bunch of hooey. They get to define their own membership. It makes complete sense to me that they want a leader to be someone that follows trinitarianism (sp?). A great discussion on why it's ok for Mormons to not identify with mainstream Christians on if we are Christians or not is found on LDS Perspectives: