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    Stephen Hawking died today

    I wonder what Big Bang Theory is going to do with the death of Hawking. (you can see how science minded I am.....I get my science from BBT).
  2. I add milk to my herbal tea. Depends on which tea I use. I feel very British when I do.
  3. beefche

    It's a small world....

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Legolas sucks? I think we need to ban you for even posting that offensive piece of mistruth and lie!
  4. beefche

    It's a small world....

    Do you have the link to that or direct me where to find it? I don't remember your story.
  5. beefche

    Asked not to wear pants to church

    That link from earlier is not a recommendation, it is information. As a missionary, I was asked many times, "what do I wear to church/activity?" People are not familiar with our church so they want to know what to wear. Just like if you were invited to a party or a work function, you might ask, "what's the dress?" Notice the structure and language in that link, for the whole thing, not just the's explaining what to expect. Men do generally wear suits/ties to church and women, generally, do wear dresses/skirts. Some people might feel uncomfortable not knowing what to expect, so they dress casually then find out that in general, LDS services are not casual dress. That doesn't mean that you won't find men in clothes other than suit/tie or won't find women wearing something other than dress/skirts. It means that for the most part, the majority of the congregants wear suits/ties or dresses/skirts. BTW, I'm not aware of any guidebook or leadership manual that actually instructs us to tell people to wear suits/ties or dresses/skirts. Again, I know that it says for us to wear "Sunday best," but they leave that to the individual to interpret. And the closest I can think of was Elder Holland's talk a few years ago (but even then I believe he said to not be Pharisaical about it). Talking to the bishop is a very wise course. If someone is speaking to another member in such a way (without authority), then the bishop is the one to take care of the issue. My advice would be to speak to the bishop. Be honest with him but also listen to him. And then let it go. Allow others to be human, make mistakes, and do the best they can in this life and church, do your best to forgive, and just learn from the experience. I know I've said some really dumb things to people in my lifetime (in or out of church) or made decisions that I thought were correct only later to learn it probably wasn't the best decision. I've always appreciated people who love and forgive me despite my own stupidity, ignorance, or learning curve.
  6. beefche

    A Man's Valentine's Present

    Maybe that's where the idea of needles in Halloween candy started....
  7. beefche

    A Man's Valentine's Present

    I'll introduce you to my husband sometime. He gets the Stover's and Whitman box of chocolates for himself (I'm not a huge fan of them).
  8. beefche


    I'm here! It's been a crazy time for the past few months with my dad and his various health issues. I try to check in, but can't do it always. Thank you for missing me! I feel so special!
  9. I love the commentaries. Some of the best are the Lord of the Rings with the cast members. Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd (Merry and Pippin) are simply hilarious.
  10. Wow, Anatess, really?? He is the ultimate emo teenager that needs to be seriously grounded. My husband and I saw TLJ today and discussed how we kept waiting for someone to take Kylo over the knee and give him a good spanking. He acts like a whining 12 year old. Not menacing at all. We actually discussed that perhaps it is the writer's intention that he fails miserably to be menacing like Darth Vader. Vader is such an iconic bad guy. Even in this universe, he is the ultimate baddie. And Kylo just....fails. Maybe it's deliberate? His obvious temper tantrums are more comedic than they are scary. From the very beginning, I've said that I honestly hope that he isn't "redeemed" as Vader was. Not only do I not like him, but I would like to see Hollywood actually defeat evil....not just explain it as being "misunderstood" or "conflicted" and just in need of a friend.
  11. beefche

    KIndle Fire help

    I took advantage of Black Friday for Amazon and bought an Amazon Fire. I downloaded the Gospel Library app and while downloading the tons of information (not the app itself, but downloading the scriptures, magazines, etc.), I got a download failed notification. I am unable to delete this notification. I've tried uninstalling the app. I've tried rebooting. I've tried going through the download manager. Nothing works. The only thing that I find that will get rid of the notification is to uninstall the app and not reinstall it. That is not an option as one reason why I got this tablet was so I can use it for that app. Any suggestions? I've tried Googling this but so far, nothing has worked.
  12. beefche

    KIndle Fire help

    I've looked into the Galaxy tablets. But, this Kindle was so flippin' cheap that I figured that even if I hated it, it was still better than my dysfunctional, current tablet.
  13. beefche

    KIndle Fire help

    I did a restore which removed the notification. We'll see if that sticks as I download the app again....
  14. beefche

    KIndle Fire help

    I did a It was super cheap (Cyber Monday deal). My other tablet has so many issues (I had it about 6 years). And we are an Android family--no Apple products for us (and they are way too expensive).
  15. Is this a stupid convert asking a question? Or a stupid question by a convert?
  16. beefche

    Prayer and Scripture study

    I'm with you, Grunt. I have a hard time making prayer and scripture study into a daily habit. I go through 2-3 wks of being diligent and then dropping off (like I do with a diet!). Thanks for starting this topic as I can use the suggestions too.
  17. beefche

    Mormon Land

    Just ask me. I excel at telling people what to do and what to think.
  18. beefche

    Strange things people do

  19. beefche

    Strange things people do

    Too bad. I have some weird habits that I only do at home. Nothing know, things like licking my nose (for those who were here BC (before the change)....
  20. beefche

    Strange things people do

    Do you mean strange things people do in public or private?
  21. I like the changes, but I'm concerned that the First Sunday will devolve into a gossip session. I hope not, but I can easily see how a RS without a strong leadership to divert the talk would go into something bordering or crossing into gossip.
  22. The first one looks like some alien planet or the beginnings of the Death Star. The second one looks like the Balrog escaped from Khazad-dum and is about to vanquish that lovely church.
  23. I've been a member for over 25 years. I've never had an issue with being called a Mormon. I would simply say, "Yes, I am Mormon." If they ever called the church the Mormon Church, then I would correct them with the actual church name. If I were asked what religion I was, I would reply, "I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as Mormons." And I don't ever remember being told that I couldn't call myself a Mormon.
  24. beefche


    @Grunt I just want to pop in here to say thank you. You have been one of the more pleasant, patient, and rational posters asking questions about our faith. I really do appreciate you not assuming what I believe and instead asking. I'm sorry for some of the misunderstandings and rude comments, but it's the internet. You get what you pay for. Thank you for sticking around.
  25. beefche


    I thought this thread was about people who are odd. Since I posted, does this now make me part of the odd crowd? Or did I just even out the odd?