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  1. Do you have any recommendations on books that will help me understand the temple endowment better? I know the scriptures and The Holy Temple, by Boyd K Packer, but any other recommendations?
  2. beefche

    Good books about the temple

    He has quite a few books on the temple and the symbolism. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. I would recommend that when spending that much to get something that speaks to you. Don't settle. I like the idea of finding a local artist. Check for art fairs near you. And I like that guy's style as well (the one you linked to). I really liked a couple of them (Be Not Afraid and Grey Day in Golgotha). When you find something, post it here so we can see!
  4. That's awful, @Eowyn. I'm sorry.
  5. beefche

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Why? Seriously, why is this considered the best movie ever? I just don't get it (I understand the movie, I understand how it was pretty revolutionary at the time, I don't understand why people think this is the best movie ever).
  6. beefche


    I've never had an issue with people complaining about garment fabrics or how they fit. I usually take issue with people who then go on to say that wearing the garment is stupid, or against God's thoughts, or some other dig at the church and beliefs. I've never had an issue with wearing the garment. But there are times that I wish I didn't have to. Usually, that wish is because of some cute top or dress I want to wear but can't due to the garment (and I'm not even talking about immodest clothes, just the garment sleeves hang lower than the top's). I live in a place where it get hot and humid in the summer. I have to be careful about garment fabrics during those times, but usually don't have much issue with garments even then. I would encourage you to offer suggestions to the distribution center. I've always found them helpful and pleasant. I don't know that your suggestions would be used immediately, but I'm sure they will help as they adjust the garments in the future. And I've had several people tell me that the distribution center is wonderful in helping to customize the garments for people's needs. It certainly won't hurt to simply ask. Good luck.
  7. beefche

    Stats You'd Like to See

    So, is the thread where I share that I'm making plans to go to Vegas to see the Donny and Marie show?
  8. beefche

    Missionary Son

    @estradling75 My friend said that it will be required to have this evaluation for anything resembling mental health. And as such, the bishop or stake president should have recommendations of where to go to have one done. Although she didn't give any specific recommendations, she said that there are lots of professionals in Utah that do these type of evaluations specifically for missions.
  9. beefche

    Missionary Son

    @estradling75, I reached to a friend who is a mental health advocate. I'll let you know if she has any suggestions.
  10. beefche

    Good books about the temple

    I think both. For example, I know that the temple is full of symbols. I'm curious on what symbols were used in ancient temples and what was understood for them to mean. I know that the oxen used for the current baptismal temple fonts represent the 12 tribes which has a lot of doctrinal meaning. So, I think both from a historical and doctrinal level. I don't mind if the book is from a GA or not, but I don't want preachy-of-another-faith type of book.
  11. beefche

    Favorite church songs!

    My all time favorite is How Great Thou Art. But a close second is How Firm a Foundation, especially verse 7.
  12. I have to admit that living in Indiana, I can look at all my Facebook friend's pics of all the snow from Idaho/Utah and wish we could get some of that. My Alaskan husband REALLY wants some of that snow our way!
  13. beefche

    New Year's Eve plans?

    My company shuts down 1/2 of our systems on the last business day of the year. I saved all my word document stuff for yesterday, but still I had about 4 hrs of absolutely nothing to do. I do mean nothing....since I work from home, I cleaned bathrooms, did the dishes, took out the trash, talked to my dad for 40 min, etc. If I worked in an office, I probably would have just read a book or something.
  14. beefche

    New Year's Eve plans?

    Come on over, @Sunday21 and @MormonGator. Gator, you only live about a 16 hrs drive away....I'll expect you around 3 am or so....
  15. beefche

    New Year's Eve plans?

    It's gonna be a normal Saturday night for us. Honey has to work late and then he'll likely abandon me to play with his new Christmas present (his super fast computer). I'll probably see if I can find something on Netflix and then watch the ball drop. I do plan on making guac and gorging on that. I love homemade guacamole!
  16. beefche

    Need help with recipes

    My husband and I have a tradition for Christmas Eve that we pick a cuisine and make it for our International Christmas Eve. This year, we've been thinking of Filipino food. I will do some research, but does anyone have any ideas for a main course, a side, and a dessert? Here's looking at you @anatess2 and @Bini (I know she hasn't been here for a while, but I always hope). We aren't set on Filipino, so if you have some other cuisines in mind, I'm open. We've done Greek, German, Irish, Italian, and Spanish. Interestingly enough, we haven't done Bulgarian....
  17. beefche

    Need help with recipes

    @anatess2 Success! Some minor setbacks: I used too many rice noodles so we didn't have enough sauce for the pancit. And for the lumpia, I didn't notice that I got Italian ground pork. But, they were both really good! And the dessert was fantastic! So simple, but so yummy! The lumpia were very tasty--we ate the last of them tonight. But, they were a lot of work and I don't fry well. I'm not sure if I'll make them again (but that dessert might have to be created again). The pancit, on the other hand, will be made again. I think we'll forgo the chicken and pork and just use shrimp in the future. @pam if you've not made pancit before, you should try it sometime. The hardest part was just cutting up the veggies. Very yummy and easy!
  18. beefche

    Need help with recipes

    Ok, I did the last of the shopping tonight. Good grief! It was so busy at the grocery store! I don't think I bought enough lumpia wraps thingys. Oh well. I can always get more and make them again next week. Wish me luck!
  19. beefche

    I need a really special gift

    Do you knit or crochet? A nice afghan would be great. What about a favorite picture of the family or of your parents that you can place in a nice frame? Or have the picture painted onto a nice canvas? How about having someone you know draw a short cartoon and you caption it? Make it about her and how she is a superhero for her help to you? A coupon thing to watch her kids while she has a day alone? or clean her house? make her dinner for a week? or put family recipes in a book with anecdotal stories about grandma's cookie recipe? If we know some of her interests maybe we can offer more.
  20. I guess a cow doesn't look wealthy enough. I didn't get a PM. I think there is a special place for those who prey on the elderly and kind hearted people.
  21. beefche

    Need help with recipes

    Ok, we got the rice noodles, the pancit bihon packet thingy and the lumpia packet thingy. Thank you for posting pics as we were able to find it so easy! I didn't see your post about the sauce so I just bought some kind of sweet and sour sauce stuff to use. So, I have your recipe for lumpia. What's your recipe for pancit (veggies?)? Looks like we'll make the lumpia, pancit bihon and then I'll use your turon for dessert. Thank you, @anatess2!
  22. beefche

    Need help with recipes

    You just use ground pork and carrots? Do you use any other veggie? I think we're going to go to the Filipino market today to look for these flavor packets.
  23. beefche

    Need help with recipes

    @anatess2 what's your recipe for lumpia?