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  1. you were in the Indy 4th?? how many years ago? im borderline too old for this one now lol

    Umm, it's been at least 7 years since I was there last. I don't think anyone that I once knew is still there...except perhaps one of the counselors. At least I think he's still a counselor. He was the HP assigned to our branch. And I have many fond memories of branch activities at his house in the hottub or on his boat on Lake Michigan.

    Oh, and I hear ya about being too old. That's what happened to me...just grew up I guess. I love being in a family ward now. Although I miss the activities we used to have (see above paragraph...can't get much better than playing around on the yacht at Lake Michigan!).

  2. This thread makes me laugh. We all have perceptions of what the opposite sex wants. It's silly for us to continue to feel that way.

    One of my friends did it right. He dated almost every girl in the single's branch I was in--and no one knew about it! How he managed that I'll never know. I found out when I was talking with some other girls and found out we all had a date with him that weekend. I asked him about it--was he interested in all those girls? How did he choose whom to ask? He told me that he didn't know if he was interested--that's why he asked them out. He said that he would date girls a few times to see if there was any interest on his part and if not, then he wouldn't go out with them again.

    I thought that was the wisest thing anyone could do. While we dated, he never mentioned the other girls or their time together. He focused on me and the time we had together. I wish he would teach a class to all of us on on asking all sorts of women on dates....and to women on not being so possessive of men they date and accepting them.

  3. I'm going to disagree with MarginOfError on this one. I think Single's Wards are very useful and SAs need to determine for themselves if they should attend or not.

    I was in the single's branch (I believe the same one that Jbs2763 is in--but many years prior--I was in it when it first started) and loved my time there. Not only do you get the opportunity to meet people in the same state of life you are in, but you have a better opportunity to serve and gain experience in callings that you probably would never have in a traditional family ward.

    Although the CHI says that singles are best served in family wards, if there weren't a need for them, the church wouldn't allow them to happen. Hence, the Single Adult Wards (not the Young Single Adult wards) were done away with several years ago (although now there are some Mid-Single Adult wards, but I believe they are a unit within a traditional family ward).

    My advice is to go to the Single's Ward and see how you like it. Don't base your decision on one visit and do what you can to make friends with people there. One of the major cons of a Single's Wards are the tendency to be "clickish." Unfortunately, many people tend to form groups and it appears that "outsiders" aren't invited. I would say to avoid "belonging" to just one group and get to know as many people as you can.

  4. I, too, am a little confused on that statement from Elder Oaks. Can you provide a link to it, MarginOfError? According to Elder Oaks in his Hanging Out article (Ensign, June 2006), he stated to date, then from those dates chose someone to court, then marriage.

    I wholeheartedly agree with PC. You will marry whom you date. If you choose to date/marry a non-member or non-believer, then you must make a conscious decision to give up certain things. And I would caution anyone going into a marriage thinking, "Someday he/she will be a member" that you are being completely unfair to your potential spouse. One cannot change anyone but oneself. To try to do so is unfair and against God's principles.

  5. There has been some very good thoughts here.

    Satan might have had power in the pre-mortal life. We gain more power the more light and truth we follow. I assume Satan grew to his status because of the light and truth he followed (Why he was an angel of Light). But after being cast out, Satan’s power wasn’t anything even close compared to God. God has all power. Satan’s power is Knowledge! Knowledge of each of us! Knowledge of how the plan works! Satan’s only power is IF we follow him. And that is more us falling away from God (and his power).

    I think Satan has more power than this. I think God has allowed him powers. I'm thinking of that scripture that talks about Satan having power to "bruise his heel." Obviously, Satan does not have the power that God does (or even the power we have). Also, in the conflict with Job, Satan had a lot of powers.