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  1. Well, what happens if you die when you're twenty, unable to marry anyone for eternity (you're LDS.) I believe that you can still go to the highest degree of the celestial kingdom. God will give you a partner (a friend be it), and the two of you can be sealed. Then you can go and create worlds together What my question is: is why is it that if a man gets the degree of celestial, and a woman terrestrial, she'll go with him in his kingdom. But, if a woman gets celestial, and a man terrestrial, he'll be left behind? Meh, it might not even be true. I just sometimes feel very feminist about certain things.
  2. You were probably meant to starve. That could be the way your life is to end. Excuse the example: you can't get two animals to mate when mating season is half a year away. Things happen in their own due course.
  3. Gatorman: Are you so sure that your answer is right? Let's think about it. Adam and Eve were created in full-grown, adult bodies. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that they had the maturity of an adult. Angels, Jesus, God, were probably all there helping them to gain knowledge of how things both worked and grew. God never contradicts himself or else he would cease to be God. Having already created thousands of other worlds that followed the same play, he knew his children had a tendency to be impatient. He placed the Tree of Good and Evil as a short of shortcut (there always must be temptation) in case we couldn't wait for the knowledge that would come slowly over time. He then commanded them not to eat it (cheaters never win.) Then he went on and commanded them to bear children. But, having the maturity of children, they didn't know how to do that. Now it finally came to the real test. God allowed Satan to tempt Adam and Eve (because, like I said, the whole point is free-will.) Adam straight-up refused to go against God. All there was left was Eve. I'm not saying this was her personality, but I'm just basing on what happened. Satan told her that if she ate the fruit she would be like God. She would know of everything on both sides, and not have to go through the slow process of being taught. Eve probably yearned for knowledge, to know things, fast and quick. She ate the fruit, and then Adam ate the fruit to be with her. We all know what happens there. The real question is what would have happened if Eve had refused Satan? Would the world still be in the terrestrial state? When Adam and Eve matured, would they know how to bear children? I don't know. I'm not saying I'm right, but it's a thing to ponder.
  4. *Spolier Alert - Spolier Alert* I started out liking the series, but the thesaurus over-kill was a bit much (no offense:p). Still I liked the book until near the very end of the first book. Edward swore a Bella (mild as it was, it's still a crude word.) Immediately I stopped liking it. Yet I still listened to the series with my mom on the paper-route (when I go and help her). Even in the second book they use crude words. I'm not sure whether or not Stephenie actually swears in real life, or if she just put that in there for the non-LDS audience. I lost a bit of respect for her since she's LDS, and there was no real reason to have anyone swear in the book. She could have just as easily avoided that. Also, Bella isn't exactly the best role model for teenage girls. In the third book, she is constantly trying to talk Edward into having sex with her. If Edward hadn't been so old-fashion, well, let's just say that Reneesme would be coming a lot faster. She basically tries to commit suicide several times in book two just to "hear" Edward's voice. Last but not least, after becoming engaged to Edward she stills kisses Jacob! Whether or not he's going to die; if I was Edward I would have been angry.
  5. I saw this on Yahoo News and I watched the video. I was laughing the whole time. Then I showed it to my mom, and she was like, "How do they get them to do that." I had to explain it was CGI.
  6. I definitely believe in "ghosts" or evil spirits as I like to think of them. I was walking toward our van one night, and I saw a face pressed up against the window. It looked around, and then caught sight of me. I can't tell you how scary his smile was. Unfortunately, we still have the van.
  7. To answer in the most uncomplicated way possible, no he can't. Prayer is a direct communication between you and God. Nobody else can hear unless, of course, you verbally say it. Only God knows what you whisper to him in your mind and heart. The only time where thoughts weren't private was in the preexistence, but that was because there were no secrets. It's not only Satan who's planting thoughts into your head, but his minions. Think of it this way, they probably knew you in the preexistence. So, they know your breaking point, what your tempted by, your personality, things about you, you haven't realized yet. Over the millenniums they've gotten good at whispering those temptations to you. But, unlike Adam and Jesus, we reside in the telestial state. Meaning that we can't actually see him and the others who're tempting us. I suppose that once we're back in the terrestrial state during the millenium, we'll be able to see Satan and the others, and we more easily ignore their whispers. Thinking about Satan in this way makes it easier for me to avoid temptation because I can imagine him trying to whisper thoughts into my mind. They want you to think they can hear your thoughts, because then it makes them seem more powerful than they actually are. They can only whisper, but they can't hear.
  8. I watched it one night with my family. It's really good, but I felt kind of depressed afterwards. Loved it though.
  9. I was laughing when some of them started going out the other door as well!
  10. Well, just thoughts I'm not trying to offend anyone, I feel that every vote counts, despite what statistics show. What if you were not to vote and the greater evil wins because so. Until the millenium I feel that we will always be presented with two differeing evils. I would rather choose the lesser than know the greater evil won because of me not taking action. Just thoughts people...:)
  11. I've felt the spirit before when I was sad. I believe the Holy Ghost brings confirmation, comfort, and insights if you only believe and listen. I am truly happy that you got to experiance that! :)
  12. Yes it is (or at least thats what I've come to believe) :) The Holy Ghost can make himself known by a burning, or warm, sensation that starts in your hest and spreads throughout your body. I can say that there's nothing like it. But yes, that's one of the ways you can feel him.