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  1. What is the Church planning as far as humanitarian services ?, needs to happen fast .
  2. We live aprox. 45 minutes from any law enforcement. We plan on getting our hand gun permits. We live in the mountains we love to target practice and would rather be safe than sorry. Our kids are all educated on guns. We probably will buy more guns as we have the xtra funds to do so. I would not shop at a store that had an employee act so irresponsible.
  3. Ok I met Chuck Norris.... was awesome to my 15 year old age :]
  4. Wow this is an interesting thread..... I am on pain management and I am on this to have a quality of life. I have to be treated sometimes like a criminal example: having my pills counted, drug testing, etc. I have to endure this to get my meds because of all the abuse of pain meds. I have been asked why I don't just get a Medical Marijuana card and take care of my pain that way. Well I would loose my regular dr and my meds. Medical Marijuana dosen't just have to be smoked I know a dear older lady who cooks and capsules it or uses it in tea. There is also a salve that really works for joint pain. I am not taking my legal meds to get high I just want to beable to function, move and be somewhat normal. I have been on pain meds for over 10 years. I have been judged by many people members or not because of it. If I thought Marijuana would help me I would get my medical marijuana card and use it . At this time, teenagers in the house and active in school I do not feel it sets any kind of good example. There are alot of people who have their Medical Marijuana cards who are legitimate need for some pain relief , they do not want to use opiates. I have seen the good that is done. It seems that some here are of the mind any drug use is against the WOW but I think we should pray more and judge less. I think what a person needs to have a good quality of life is ok and it is a personal choice and is anything but black and white. I honestly hate being on such strong meds because of the judgements of folks. But for me I choose being able to move and do daily tasks over withering in pain daily. I still have pain it is never totally gone but I can function and in the end if I use Marijuana to do that I will. Right now I am on the strongest Morphine time released and Hydrocodone . I can move and function with these drugs. I do not abuse them. I know there is alot of that going on. I pray for us all to love each other more , judge less and pray more that is what I try to do . well rambled on enough. Namaste :] I do yoga for pain to :]
  5. I haven't been on for a whole year . Good to see someone else checking in on things.
  6. Tylenol PM works for me and I have ambien but do not take it much. I just quit fighting it , like today I woke up at 4am after going to sleep at 11:30ish so I just get up and go on computer, read or watch the news
  7. We also heard Brookings Harbor, Oregon and Santa Cruz Harbor, California have sustained significant damage. The Oregon/ California border is closed.
  8. Our coast Crecent City, California has sustained damage in the harbor. The docks and 38 boats are destroyed. So far we have lost 4 people drug out to sea trying to get pictures.
  9. Timothy Ferris is extreme in everything he does and to do the research for this book he did some pretty radical experiments and gleaned information from so many athletes, Dr's etc. It is like evrything if you read something out of context or just a part you can assume alot and not see the whole picture. This eating plan is working for me so I am happy.. will I do all that is in the book probably not but it is fascinating all he has researched. I still haven't read the whole book but go to it often and am learning more daily. So my opinion is you shouldn't judge a book by a few quotes out of context. Chapter titles are ment to grab you they do not tell the whole story.
  10. Oh my goodness that sound sooo good thanks for the recipe I always love new ideas and appreciate your posts always.
  11. Good Point.... My healthy living program is working fine. My work is so busy and I am finally better. My eating has had some very positive benefits. My weight loss on Monday was 4 more pounds. I make up a big veggi pot and the funny thing is my whole family dips into it :] A good thing. I am adjusting my eating in a good way and the best affect (effect) so far is my eating first thing in the morning helps me to have a great day and really not be hungry. I have been so busy I haven't logged on as often/daily as I planned but all is good in the shrinking lady front..... :}
  12. Wasn't there a funeral where the whole town crowded and lined the streets near the funeral so the protesters couldn't disrupt the funeral???? We have to all step in in these kind of things. When my son was deployed to Iraq there was a send off and threats of protest. The whole area was lined up with Veterans holding flags as a barrier to the event it was an awesome site and so patriotic. Communities need to come together in times like this . You have freedom of speech just maybe down the street a bit
  13. What wonderful compassionate people here. I agree with them all. Depression is a scary condition as I fight the battle daily. You may need to see a Dr to balance yourself out. Also start getting into a routine with your kiddo's Flylady is a great site to help. Your concentration needs to be on you first and your kids... i have been through many rough times..... You deserve and should seek joy and happiness like everyone... say to your self and put it on a sticky I AM A CHILD OF GOD.... to remind yourself. Pray... study and get in a good routine it really helped me and I continue to struggle but am in a better place.
  14. My new dinner idea works with chicken and today I added chopped bell peppers, yellow, and red yummy. Since tomatoes are so expensive now I eat canned ones cold right out of the jar. So far so good and am maybe winning the battle over my bronchitis ....... Flushing the fluids and taking my vita's plus using my inhaler correctly seems to be working YEA... Maybe I can do Zumba tomorrow.
  15. Sounds like your doing well welcome to the site.