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  1. Sorry, Pam, I'm in Hong Kong now and misses it too. Angelboy
  2. I miss our Inasal and Kinilaw from Negros. Hmmmm, sarap talaga!
  3. Hi Pam, That's the truth and nothing but the truth!!!! Angelboy
  4. The technique is to close your eyes and swallow it fast! Yak!!! So, yummy..... hmmmmm... sarap talaga! Angelboy
  5. Well, Jim, if you ask any tarot reader, they will not agree that tarot reading has anything to do about christianity or any religious organizations. You can be an atheist and still be a great tarot counselor. Anybody can. It's plainly a counseling tool as is any good counseling books in your local bookstore. Best Regards - Angelboy :)
  6. You cannot fully call yourself a filipino if you haven't eaten a balut. Cheers - Angelboy (Filipino, too, and eats balut whenever we have here in Hong Kong) :)
  7. Hi Jim, You are exactly right. I am from Asia and nobody thinks of Tarot playing as a religion here or anything connected to spirituality. It is, I think because some weird people there in the US has used tarot for divination that gave this poor card game a bad name and all of these misconceptions. If people are using these cards for any other purpose other than counseling, then, I would strongly suggest to keep yourself away from it. Cheers, - Angelboy :)
  8. Hi Mosha, I've been playing tarot for so many years now and it did not divert my faith away from my church. I truly know that all truths comes from God. Anything evil comes from the other side. Tarot is a great counselling tool, but we should not forget that we have our priesthood leaders who knows best. Sometimes its good to think or find ways to solve our problems before we go to our priesthood leaders and to our HF. We can ask counsel from our friends, our family members, our VT or HT, or any counseling experts, or specialists. After then, that we can go for confirmation to our priesthood leaders or with our prayer to the Lord if our decision is right. - Angelboy :)
  9. I think I got your question now. I do not know a lot about divination but in tarot one has to ask a question and that becomes the base of the situation sorrounding the cards. Example: The question is: what should I do in order to maintain my high marks in school? Cards: eight of pentacles + chariot + star 8 of pentacles = study hard chariot = balance your life star = knowledge or wish will come true Reading Analysis = You have to study hard and try to balance your schedules. If you do this you will achieve your goal! (See, is there anything evil from that reading? Instead it encourages you to study hard in order to meet your goal - It has just given you a valuable counsel and guidance) Back to your question, a reader only reads the cards according to what he sees from the cards on the spread and weave a story based from your question. A true tarot reader should not invent his own story outside from what he sees on the cards. Hope it helps - Angelboy :)
  10. Sorry, MOE. But I do not have any psychology experience or background so I cannot answer your question. But I could tell you how to do a tarot reading. You start by shuffling the cards while you are thinking of a question (or you can choose not to ask any question). Then, cut the cards into 3 parts. After doing that, you lay down the cards on what is called a spread. Then, you can start reading the cards creating a story based on the cards on the spread. Interesting? - Angelboy
  11. Tarot cards for children Gummy Bear Tarot, Les Adorables Tarot -Angelboy :)
  12. Hi MOE, I don't really catch what you mean. But to tell you, anyone could create their own tarot cards! You can design a Book of Mormon Tarot Cards. You can start with Lehi being the Card 0 which is the Fool Card in a normal tarot deck. The Fool represents a start of a journey - exactly as how the family of Lehi started the story in the BOM. The Card No. 2 which is the High Priestess in tarot, you can use the Liahona - the guide., and so forth... You can then use this in Family Home Evenings and pass it around to members of the family. Then, each family member can take turn on creating a story based from the cards they have. Be creative in your stories! Bright Idea? - Angelboy
  13. You know sometimes, we as members of the Church, needs to be more open-minded. We are given the guidance of the Holy Ghost after our baptism. We need to seek guidance from it so we could know which one is good and which one is evil. We are unlike those any other churches who scare their members of everything which they are supposed to be enjoying in this wonderful world. The prophets of our time admonished us to seek things that are good and wise, things that could uplift our spirit. We are not doomed to confine ourselves in one corner. Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy life as it is. We just need to be careful not to fall on wickedness or anything that will push us away from our eternal goals. Enjoy life as it is, - Angelboy
  14. First of all, there is no magical about Tarot Cards. It has no power of whatsoever. My family loves to read and watch movies of Harry Potter and Naria. These are beautiful fiction stories about good versus evil. In the scriptures we could also read about the War in Heaven, Cain and Abel, Nephi and his brothers and many stories about wars. These stories all illustrates the triumph of good versus evil. For me there is nothing bad about that. The moral of its stories is what counts most. Cheers, Angelboy
  15. I am also a Tarot enthisiast. I love collecting tarot cards and I do read for my wife and friends for free of course. My 12-year-old son, a deacon, is also learning how to read it. One thing I would like to clear up is that tarot has nothing to do with evil practices. If there is anything evil with tarot reading, I would have departed away from it long time ago. Tarot is an effective counselling tool. It is not supposed to be used for fortune telling. If anyone uses tarot for fortune telling, then, he or she doesn't understand what tarot is really for. Tarot is a set of cards with individual meanings that when put side by side could create a wonderful story about life and of how could one overcome the difficulty and obstacles that prevents one from achieving happiness. It's moral has no difference from the counsels of The Book of Mormon, the Holy Bible and our modern day prophets. The meanings of the cards varies from reader to reader. Individual's faith gives meaning to the cards. I am a Mormon and my faith in God and the Church molds the meaning of my readings. My counsels are all based from the principles taught by the Church. A Catholic or Buddist reader will interpret the meaning of the cards according to what they believe based from the teachings and principles of their faith. I've read to a lot of church members and it truly helped them realize the importance of doing what is right and to keep holding to the principle the church teaches. Tarot cards are mostly used for psychological treatment for depressed patients. It is also used in many kindergarten schools in the UK to enhance the psychological ability of children. Children could create many stories from various tarot card combinations. So, really it's nothing to do about evil. It is a misconception. Tarot cards are only papers with painted pictures. It has no power of whatsoever. The reader and his faith molds the stories behind a true tarot reading. Example: The Devil Card = is our obsession to worldly things and addiction to drugs or sex or anything in the form of evil that consumes both our body and spirit. This card counsels us to depart from this obsession and to seek spiritual enlightenment. The Death Card = means spiritual rebirth. A challenge to change ourselves from our old ways to new ways Heirophant = means to seek counsel and guidance from our spiritual leaders such as bishops or branch presidents Hermit = means to go, study, and read your scriptures Cheers, Angelboy