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  1. I love the Ensign!! I look forward to it every month!!
  2. Thanks for the tips! So I take it I will be set apart since this is my frist calling....
  3. Hi everyone, I've been asked to be a vt supervisor, this is my first calling....are vt supervisors set apart? If you've been in this calling any advice/tips would be appreciated! thanks!
  4. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!! I was baptised and confirmed a member this past weekend!!!
  5. I'm going to be a visiting teacher! I've never done this nor have had VT's myself. I understand the concept but I need help in planning a lesson. I know that ensign has the material and I do have a copy of this month's, I'm just not sure how to talk about it or to develop a lesson from it......can you give me pointers on how to prepare? What would you consider makes a good lesson? Thanks in advance!
  6. I was just thinking that today.....I was wondering if they celebrated Lent. Nope not just a Catholic thing, my family is Anglican and they celebrate it. I've also heard of some Lutherns & Epoiscopal churches doing it too.
  7. Salut et Accueillir ! Je ne suis pas bon au français mais j'essaierai. Je suis content que vous êtes intéressé dans l'érudition de l'église. Je suis un non-membre me, cependant peut-être un jour je joindrai. L'érudition de l'église comme a béni ma vie et je suis sûr qu'il fera le vôtre aussi. :)
  8. I got a question....someone told me once that after we die we are resurrected to a perfect body. Like let’s say you lost an arm during this life, you'll have it back in the next. Would the same concept work for an adult with a disability? If it did, wouldn’t they be able to make a decision about baptism in the afterlife....like if someone did proxy for them?
  9. I can tell you with surety, these 4 did not understand right and wrong and were "little children" in every way, but bigger. They had no need of baptism because a person must understand the covenants that are made with the ordinance, and be capable of repentance. In order to do that you have to be free to choose good and evil. One who doesn't understand the difference is not free to choose. The Lord severely chastized the people in the Book of Mormon who were baptizing little children. We can't talk for them or say we know what's going on in their mind. Really its between them and God. I know that God is loving & just and that everything works out in the end. :0)
  10. How can you claim to know what someone's "real" age is? By their birthday....if they are 40 yrs old, they should treated as an adult. I'm not here to argue but I believe that adults with disabilities should be treated as adults with dignity and respect. That would be a false lesson. No the article is a great example of how society has historically viewed persons with disabilities as eternal children/holy innocents.
  11. Adults with disabilities are NOT eternal children and they should be treated according to their real age. Thank you for posting the article Hemi! I'll use it as an example for a disability course I'm teaching.
  12. I've heard this one before.....it does'nt matter if he did or not. I don't think he had one because he was'nt born like us, he was fully man when God put him here.