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  1. you can call a rose anything else you want, but it will still smell. no matter what you change it too, you will still sm.........wait, that's not quite right...... well, i'm not being any help. guess since about everyone calls you ram anyway, that sounds good to me, but i know that that won't satisfy you much.............and the same name in another language would still be the same thing, too, right? why not change it to a symbol, the way the artist formerly known as prince did?
  2. test patterns on TV farmer brown cartoons (they were silent cartoons) ed sullivan news on TV reported by reporters instead of "news personalities" news on tv that was actually news instead of mindless banter between news personalities the american dream segregation ( a bad one) school desks with ink wells
  3. it was a toss up for me, so ichose emergency supplies. in reality, i'd pay off all bills, THEN get the supplies. by the way, if my answer is best, do i WIN THE LARGE SUM OF MONEY?????
  4. i still haven't read the orignal article, but these that you've posted are very interesting. thanks for that.
  5. welcome. uh, i thought women just sort of coasted at 29.
  6. lol, welcome. you'll fit right in.
  7. i'd LIKE to list them, but all i have is a tiny husband brain. honey?..can you tell if i'm still breathing?
  8. I remember you from your first intro. Congradulations...
  9. hasn't anyone experienced some effect from the musical VIBRATION of music? ALL energy has a vibration...a physical vibration...a mental vibration and a spiritual vibration. how can you not know this??????
  10. lolo..yes..everything is so funny here. do any of you want to acknowledge that prayer has a certain vibraition? a SPIRTUAL vibration? have any of you learned that ALL energy has a vibration? you laugh and joke...but it's clear you don't know a whole lot
  11. i should most humbly apologize... i had NO IDEA that you spoke for "americans". wait, I'M american and i enjoy the world cup. well, what do you expect....my name says it all. by the way, i do SO disagree with you.
  12. you are most welcome. many converts, such as myself, had different religious teachings.
  13. and dazed-and-confused, in his dazed and confused state of mind attempts to cause FURTHER havoc on john doe's computer.
  14. ok, so the official that cost the US a win against Slovenia seems to be facing disciplary action.
  15. so, am to understand that men love their children less for that reason? seems to me that i've heard of some high profile counts of women killing their children, just like some men have. i don't think men have a monopoly on craziness and i CERTAINLY don't believe that men love their children any less because they didn't carry them. besides, we are talking about equality UNDER THE LAW.
  16. did you watch the skit about the spilled coffee?..it's on the same page as the photo.
  17. welcome to the site. you might find a couple of other intersting posts as well.