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    Fundimentalism is a "Contradiction"

    The fundamental doctrine of the church to me is "Follow the prophet."
  2. Connie

    Hungry for Romance

    Women can be guilty of this, too. My husband is much better at this than i am, but i am one of those weird women who don't really care about flowers--they just wind up dead in a few days anyway. But my husband knows what i respond to. Thanks for the reminder. I think it's time for me to read The Five Love Languages again. :)
  3. Connie

    Gender-specific sin?

    I don't believe there is such a thing as gender-specific sin. Sin is sin no matter what gender you are. Women sin just as much as men, in any situation. I'm glad you've decided to take this step. Whether he comes to think less of you is not the point. The point is what God thinks of you, and I think he will be happy you have decided to repent. Isn't that what he asks us to do? "Come unto me," "though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow" (hope i got that quote right). Don't be afraid of the "arm of flesh" and what they think of you. Only be worried about what God thinks of you. That's my advise, for what it's worth. :)
  4. Connie

    Inactivity In The Church?

    I, too, miss my old ward. They accepted everyone with open arms. I now live in a small town where everyone is related to everyone, except us, and i feel like an outsider quite often. What keeps me going? Habit, as others have stated, going to church on Sunday is just what i do. I refuse to let other peoples behavior get to me and tear me away from what i know to be true. And i am desperately needed on the piano. I can't abandon my cute little primary kids, even though this is my third time as primary accompanist (snore) and i'd rather be on the organ.
  5. Connie

    Regional Colloquialisms

    I always here "fer" instead of "for" here in Utah too. It makes me giggle. "We're thankful fer" what a great phrase! Of course, i'm a native Utahn so i slip up sometimes too.
  6. Connie

    My Testimony About the Controversial Stuff

    I, too, am sorry for my harsh words. I did not say them in the spirit of charity as i ought. It's obvious that I have a lot to learn, too. Congratulations on going to the temple! I hope your experience is as wonderful as mine was and that you go back often and keep learning and growing in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  7. Connie

    My Testimony About the Controversial Stuff

    It has never bothered me that women do not have the priesthood. The priesthood is a heavy responsibility. What with motherhood and womanhood, i have enough responsibility without adding more. I am thankful the men are the ones to take that responsibility so i don't have to carry it, and i still get the full blessings of it by being a member of the church! I respect and love true manhood and the men who righteously hold the priesthood. I do not think men are more prone to sin than women. The "natural woman" is sometimes much more scary than the "natural man." Look at some of the women in politics. Truly scary! No, Joseph was not perfect, nor am i, nor is anyone. The gospel, however, is perfect, as was Jesus Christ who taught it. Polygamy, when sanctioned by God, is not a sin. There are many instances of polygamy in the scriptures as well as church history. Are there any instances of God-sanctioned homosexual marriage? No, of course not. Homosexuality is a sin. Sorry, couldn't keep quiet on this one. Your logic is very, very skewed. You clearly have much to learn. Perhaps reading Numbers 12 might help?
  8. Connie

    Common Thread in Religions?

    I think so. I read a book called Religions of the World: A Latter-day Saint View by Spencer J. Palmer and Roger R. Keller. It took a look at all the religions of the world from an LDS perspective. Boy, that was redundant! Anyway, i really liked it. :) You can find it at It looks like they have a revised and enlarged version from the one i have for $19.50.
  9. Connie

    Does anyone know the name of this hymn?!

    Yes, Bytor is right. It is sadly not in our current Hymn book but is in some of the older ones. One of my all time favorites!
  10. Connie

    Useless Contractions!!!!!!

    I can totally relate. Those last two months have always been the hardest for me and then once that baby is out i'm ready to go to DisneyLand--i feel so great!
  11. Connie

    Would you kill if God commanded you to?

    I don't know why, but this thread made me think of a talk from the February 2007 Ensign entitled "My Ways Are Not Your Ways." It does not address this particular issue, but i thought it was really good. Maybe it was just the title. Here's the link if you want to read it. - Ensign Article - “My Ways Are Not Your Waysâ€
  12. i notice that True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference has not been mentioned. It takes issues alphabetically by topic. You can find it at or maybe the missionaries can get a copy for you. It's only $2.00 with free shipping. This is what the website says about it: This book is designed as a companion to studying the scriptures and the teachings of latter-day prophets. It contains brief, simple statements on gospel doctrines and principles, arranged alphabetically. It is particularly helpful for youth, young adults, and new converts.
  13. Connie

    LDS Missionary Encounter

    The only remarkable thing i found in this encounter was that he stated your "problem" was that you never served an LDS mission. Does he think return missionaries are infallible? Don't get me wrong, i have a great admiration for return missionaries. I'm married to one! But return missionaries can fall away just like anybody. I also find it remarkable that you did not consider yourself a Christian when you were LDS. I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since i was baptized at the age of 8, and i am a Christian.
  14. Connie

    Judge Changes a Girl's Embarrassing Name

    I feel so bad for this girl. I did, in fact, say the exact same thing utcowboy said when i heard about the story. I am, however, always hesitant to say it's okay for government to take away freedoms. What if, because of a handful of these idiotic people, they say everyone needs a court-approved name when naming their child and you can only use names from Star Wars? I'm not sure i could handle having a son named Yoda. :)
  15. Connie

    Running for therapy

    Thanks for sharing. Exercise is very therapeutic. While i personally have never like running, i feel the same about the forms of exercise i enjoy. :)
  16. Connie

    Do I Tell My Wife?

    I find myself surprised by this thread. As a wife myself, i would absolutely want to know. I do, however, have a very strong relationship with my husband. We believe in communication. I think i very nearly do tell him every stray thought that enters my head. If, however, you believe your wife has issues with forgiveness, as many people do, then i think what many others have said here is probably the best thing in your situation, namely, go to your bishop or a counselor first and talk it out with them. Also, divorce affects not only small children but children who are grown and moved out even, so don't think that waiting until they are grown and gone will have no affect on them.
  17. Connie

    where should I start?

    Search, ponder and pray with real sincerity. Someone else can probably answer this better than i can. Prayers your way!
  18. Connie

    "Movie or not TV"

    This is something my husband and i have struggled with as well. We have found getting the television set out of the way really helps. We currently have it in the garage. When we feel like we can try again, we bring it back in. And when it becomes too much, we put it back in the garage. I think the key is trying to find activities that you all enjoy doing. We have small kids so that can be a challenge, but we have found the park to be a great activity for us. We also do a lot of reading together which can be hard with small children, but we persist anyway. Just start trying things together and see where it leads you. Some further ideas: swimming, camping, sports, sledding or snowball fights in the winter, taking walks together, cleaning together, cooking, crafts, singing, start a band and all learn to play a different instrument, fly kites, build things, the sky is the limit!! unless you want to take up space travel, lol
  19. Connie

    If you are not able to pay tithing

    Exactly. We CAN make choices. We CAN'T choose consequences.
  20. Connie

    irena sendler

    Al Gore Wins the Nobel Prize Here's the Glenn Beck link for anyone interested.
  21. Connie

    Do We Need a Prophet?

    Yes, and it's too bad that so many religions who profess to believe the Bible are buckling under social pressure.
  22. Connie

    If you are not able to pay tithing

    I think we need to remember that tithing is a Commandment and not a suggestion. :)
  23. Connie

    I Want To Set My Ward On Fire!!!!

    This is a classic case of wheat and tares. Remember the story of the 10 virgins. Only half of membership of the church will be ready for the Savior's return. The only thing you can do is make sure you are ready for it. Personally, i never liked singles wards, but i know a lot of people, some family included, who got great fulfillment from singles wards. Due to your level of frustration, i would probably encourage you to move to a family ward. Making it matter of prayer would certainly not hurt. I said the same thing to a young man i know, except i was encouraging him to go to a singles ward as his situation was the opposite.
  24. Connie

    Hello All

    Hello. I'm new here but a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I thought maybe i'd try and follow some friendly apostolic advice on making my voice heard in the new media. It didn't occur to me until shortly after i began using my user name that it might give the impression that i am full of myself. But considering how shy i've always been, that might not be too far off. I'm here in LDS Central, AKA Utah. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and we have 4 children. We are trying our hand at homeschooling and learning a lot along the way. I love God! I love truth. I love to learn. -Connie
  25. Connie


    love, Love, LOVE Fablehaven!!!