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  1. That's how it seemed to me as well (still does). I've never used a dating site, but I've used facebook to get to know people, like you do on here. Get to know YSAs and other college aged members with groups or searching them there.
  2. KelleyMc

    Question regarding Baptists

    Thank you Anthony B. This helps me to see where she is coming from much better. I am still very curious as to what I've heard the students refer to as "Rhythmic movement", which is what they call what I would call dancing but both feet are on the ground. Is this a common difference?
  3. KelleyMc

    Question regarding Baptists

    Thank you for this, I will try asking her again. Perhaps now, with this information, I can have a better way of knowing WHAT to ask.
  4. KelleyMc

    Question regarding Baptists

    I tried to talk her about it but she hasn't really explained any of it.
  5. I am an LDS member going to a Southern Baptist school. My best friend of ten years is Baptist (and my suite-mate). I've noticed some things though that I've wondered about. Why don't they dance? (my friend defines dancing as not having at least one foot on the floor. Not sure if she was joking...) They seem to use being saved as a catch all and don't seem to think repentance is important. Is this true of their beliefs? Some feel that swearing jokingly is ok (such as the quote from mean girls: "Boo you wh*re") What exactly is "Being saved"? They don't seem to think Baptism is important either... Are these just my imagination, just these specific people or their church as a whole?
  6. This is what I'm going through as well. I live in the Midwest, and both colleges I've gone to (I've transfered before) have been small and Non-LDS (Presbyterian and now Southern Baptist) there have been only a few YSAs at my wards, so relying on both meeting and bonding with the members near you AND using the internet can help make it feel better.
  7. Yeah, we do have some young girls here. I'm 19 and a first year Freshman here in Iowa. No single male members here, but then again all the ones my age are on missions.
  8. KelleyMc

    Can anyone start a matchmaking activity on internet.

    lol, or perhaps just know your pop culture references.
  9. KelleyMc

    No singles at my church

    Yeah, I know what you mean. We have about 5-8 singles (not counting the Elders, because they don't attend any singles activities) in the ward here in Dubuque. Two are guys. And one is dating (seriously) another YSA girl. The only other guy is about to leave YSA because of his age. How am I supposed to find dates when we have no single men at Church and the boys here at my university don't hold many, if any, of our morals?
  10. KelleyMc

    Hello, I'm the new gal-pal here. =P

    Hey and welcome! A fellow rocker chick, huh? Nice.
  11. KelleyMc

    I think I might be becoming a lost saint

    I'm sorry to hear that your going through such a rough time right now. I know it may seem clitche but God doesn't pick and choose who he helps, it just takes time or it's already happened and we don't see it (or it wasn't meant to happen at all). I agree with a-train. Search for yourself the truth. I know it'll be hard, believe me I know. But isn't that what makes it all the more important?
  12. KelleyMc

    Hello ...said with British accent ;)

    Welcome! My mom's a convert as well (most of my church friends too. :) )
  13. KelleyMc

    Do U Date?

    Weird how that all works out isn't it. FTC is the way to go. :)
  14. KelleyMc

    Do U Date?

    Welcome to the club. lol
  15. I'm a musical nut. :) Thanks! OH! And love your signature. They're all so very true. :)