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  1. Thanks Angel. I know the Lord is in charge but I am not a very good passenger.
  2. RE: Awakened: I do not think you are dumb, anytime someone tries to help is always a blessing, at least to me. So thank you. To all others: The answers make sense to me now. Thank you all :)
  3. I wonder how long before my husband dies from his COPD? I wonder if he will ever accept the Gospel? I wonder if my oldest son will ever come back to God and turn away from Atheism. Sorry, I know this should be more upbeat, but these are the things I wonder.
  4. In the scriptures it states that the Lord said, "Do not touch me for I have not ascended unto my father." I am going off of memory so if this is misquoted I apologize. Why did the Savior say this and what does it mean?
  5. ok I changed my mind, I want a hoverbike!
  6. body tuck, :), oh heck how about an overhaul?
  7. My parents were sealed, my mother died before my father, he remarried and was sealed to his new wife. It used to bother me that I might have to share my husband in the next life but as I have gotten older and have grown in the Gospel, this no longer bothers me. I figure that she and I will be good friends, and that Heavenly Father will make sure we all are happy. Do not worry about it, it will all be ok. If we have lived worthy, our reward will be eternal happiness not eternal jealousy.
  8. Hi SenSixB, I can understand both sides as I used to be inactive and now that I am active, I have children that are inactive. When I was in inactive I had siblings except one all with good intent that would try to shame me, talk down to me etc. and the only thing it did is was make me feel worse about myself or put a wall up between myself and them. The ONLY sibling that didn't do any of those is my little sister. She accepted me unconditionally but always remembered me in her prayers, at the temple; she fasted for me and knew that I would come around when I was ready and not when others were ready. I told her once that I wanted to be like her when I grew up, LOL. I always knew the church was true and defended it just like your sister does. I finally did come back and have gone through the temple and am active. Now I deal with what you are dealing with. I want my children to come back to church, I have 8 children and only one of them; my youngest who is 17 now is the only one that is active. When my children ask me what I want for Christmas or my birthday or Mothers' day; I say "I want my children to come back to church". They refuse and I don't get mad or offended and then go onto something else. I love my children with all my heart and want to be sealed to them, but things happen in the Lords' time not mine. I really believe that we are supposed to learn from challenges or trials that we face. Maybe you are supposed to learn patience, long suffering etc from this also. It can be really hard to stay positive but try to and let her see that in you. If you are at peace, she will feel that and want it also. Don't think for one minute that she isn't watching or that she isn't listening, she is. Our fight or flight mode comes into effect when we feel backed into a corner and when it comes to the Gospel and wanting our family or a loved one to come back to the fold we don't want to see them either to fight or flight. Try sharing something with her that you learned in church that you think is awesome and tell her about it as if sharing something, and not as if you are preaching. Offer to take her children to church, when the Primary has a special program she might go just to see her children. Always pray to be a tool in the Lords' hands and ask for guidance in helping her to find her way back. You were inactive and you came back, she will too but it will be when she has felt the spirit. Always know that Heavenly Father is in charge and loves her even more than you do. Be an example and just love her. I'm sorry if it sounds like I am preaching or talking down to you, that was not my intent. Good luck and keep us informed on how things are going. Another piece of advice is keep a good sense of humor and a smile on your face. Satan loves negativity and he will feed on that and do what he can to push that button. I read once; Keep a smile on your face, satan can't read your thoughts so he will always think you are being positive and he hates that. :)
  9. This is a trap that I have seen and have been a part of too many times. It is the "damsel in distress". My husband fell into it, a co-worker complained about her husband and how unhappy he was; and he was very sympathetic with her. He said they didn't have an affair but he had developed feelings for her. It is good that you want to help her, but you need to tell your wife about it, if you don't and she finds out that you were giving her a shoulder to cry on that can be almost as painful as an affair. Affairs of the heart whether on her part or yours can destroy trust with your wife. Your wife should be your first priority, anything other this is wrong. Good Luck.
  10. Everyone has given some great answers. She isn't stressing, she just wanted to know if it is a requirement. I told her I didn't think so but I needed to find out. She is almost 17 and enjoying life, but I know she wants to do what the Lord wants her to do. :) Thanks again, Debi
  11. You have been great, thank you.
  12. My daughter is 16 and struggling with whether to go on a mission or not. This made me think of something I had heard somewhere before. Tell me if I am correct or not; is everyone meant to go on missions? Mainly in regards to females. Thanks, Debi:)