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  1. And if your daughter's scan ends up on the Internet like a lot of other scans have...? The Lord desires us to retain both our modesty and our dignity. Personally, I could go for the use of dogs. They've proven to be extremely effective elsewhere and would allow all of us to retain our modesty and dignity.
  2. Good points made by both Jenamarie and Bini. I don't think it's possible to avoid the statistics. Security in Israel focuses on people who already have questionable backgrounds. My father was an airline pilot for over 30 years. He had to face hijackers on occasion who wanted to take the plane, passengers and crew to Cuba. In spite of this, he still feels that all of this scanning and patting down is useless. A plane doesn't have to be blown up by an actual passenger. Maintenance personell could easily attach a bomb to a plane, baggage handlers could throw another suitcase into the hold, someone could launch a ground-to-air rocket, etc.
  3. I'm amazed at how many people are now forming flying pools - just like car pooling. They are renting private planes and avoiding the pat-downs. Bravo! One other thing - I hope everyone here realizes that these scanners don't detect plastics. Yes, plastics - like plastic explosives and compostite firearms. Just something to think about. There's no way the government is going to prevent life from happening. Sorry. Captain "Sully" didn't have a terrorist on his plane and it still ended up in the harbor. I took a flight from California to D.C a while back with a knife in my purse the whole time. I had the knife in my purse because I was working nights and frequently needed a small knife for certain things in my lunch. I forgot I had it in my purse at all. My purse still went through the scanners at the airport. The knife went undetected.
  4. Actually, the way I remember the saying from the 60's and 70's is that "Black is beautiful." It was a very popular T-shirt saying back then. I think all colors are beautiful. Yes, I know that black is not technically considered to be a color, but without it we would have no shades of color (like burgundy red - which just happens to be my favorite). = )
  5. I won't be one to criticize George Bush for providing arms to the Contras. The Contras were fighting to prevent their country from being taken over by the Communitsts. As far as arms trafficing goes, those firearms typically come from very questionable sources. They aren't being legally sold and shipped to customers. Frequently they've been stolen from somewhere and are up for grabs to the highest bidder on the black market. Personally, I see a world of difference between these two situations, but I agree it will be wonderful when the Lord comes again and the world will finally experience some true peace for a change.
  6. Yes, Yes, Yes....LOL It's really possible to live without electricity. People in our area do it all the time. We live near a very large Amish community and they do just fine without electricity every day of their lives. Our family has also lived without electricity and I think we were actually happier for not having it. When we first moved to where we live now, we didn't have any electricity for the first 6 months. (We were building a home and doing most of the work ourselves.) At first, we wondered exactly what to do with our free time, but it didn't take long before we found very constructive ways to spend it - more reading, more outdoor activities (plus a lot of our normal chores - like laundry or washing dishes - had to be done differently). It's not really so bad as people might think it would be. Once you get rid of all the electronic distractions life can really open up for you.
  7. One T-shirt I really enjoyed was one that showed a picture of three rather tough / buff looking guys and the caption said - Stripling Warriors...Mama's Boys ! I also got a T-shirt one year when I was a camp councilor that I really liked. It showed the Young Women's logo (young woman / flaming torch) and surrounding the logo were the words - Stand For Truth And Righteousness. I've kept and worn that one for almost 20 years. Love it!
  8. To begin with, it must be remembered that this is the Lord's church. It doesn't belong to the prophet or apostles. Christ is the standard we are encouraged to measure all else by. The Lord will never allow the prophet to lead the church astray. If it should ever happen that any prophet or apostle ever began teaching things that were opposed to the Lord's doctrine, the Lord would immediately remove that person out of that position. As far as our own obedience is concerned, we all have our agency. This means we all have the right and privilege of chosing for ourselves what we will do here upon this earth. Obedience to the commandments of the Lord always brings blessings, but the Lord will never force anyone. Blind obedience is never recommended. Joseph Smith taught that it is impossible for a person to be saved in ignorance. This is why it's so important for members of the church to read the scriptures for themselves, ask questions (just as you're doing now), and pray over things. We're encouraged to develop our own relationship with the Lord. We must know for ourselves whether or not the doctrines are true because when adversity comes, a sure testimony (a sure knowledge of the truth) is the only thing that will see us through the challenge. There's a reason the Lord puts such a strong emphasis on obedience to the Law. It's because the whole universe (His kingdom) is governed by law. We've been promised that, in the end, those who have been obedient to the Lord's commandments will inherit the Kingdom of God. It's a matter of trust. God cannot place his kingdom into the hands of those who would abuse it. Being obedient to God's laws puts us in harmony with the entire universe. Obedience now prepares us to inherit that kingdom one day and to become co-creators in the universe with God himself. You are the only one who can determine whether or not inheriting God's kingdom would be worth the sacrifice. Think on these things and pray about them for yourself. Whatever you decide to do in this life or with this life you've been given, it must be your choice. PRR
  9. I'm just passing along this e-mail that came to me from friends of mine who live in California. They desire to spread the word to anyone who lives in the State of California to call the governor and encourage him to once again veto this legislation. Thanks for taking time to read it. It's possible to copy/paste this into an e-mail in order to pass it along to others not using this site. Have a great day! PRR If you don't live in California, Please forward to anyone on your email list who does. We need to get the word out!! Gov. Schwarzenegger is being pressured more from all sides to sign this bill. If signed, SB 572 would pressure every California public school to have an official Harvey Milk Day promoting the homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual agenda to children as young as kindergarten. The sky is the limit on what a school considers suitable commemorative exercises. This is written so broadly, SB 572 could allow gay-pride parades on campus, cross-dressing, and homosexual marriage dramas, etc. It all going to come down to how much pressure California 's governor feels. Remember, last year the Democrat-controlled Legislature passed Harvey Milk Gay Day, but Schwarzenegger vetoed it. This year, Schwarzenegger is being lobbied more heavily by homosexual activists. Sean Penn, who played Harvey Milk on the big screen, and Milk's homosexual activist nephew, have both personally lobbied Schwarzenegger to ask him to sign SB 572. Otherdifferences from last year is that there are four more Democrats in the Assembly voting for Harvey Milk Gay Day. And for the first time, a Republican, Senator Abel Maldonado, is supporting this anti-traditional family value bill. This call will only take about 30 seconds to complete. Call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at 916-445-2841. Listen to the recorded message and press in the following order: 1 (English) 2 (legislation) 1 (SB572) 2 (against)
  10. Wonderful! Like the Lord keeps telling us, we're all here to look out for each other! Good to see that the members of the Sandy City police department aren't so caught up in their legal duties to forget they still have spiritual ones. PRR
  11. Dear pam, This is very good. Are you a gospel doctrine teacher in your ward? PRR
  12. PeaceRoseRest

    2 Nephi 2:27

    Dear Pam, I enjoyed reading the quotes you shared with everyone - especially the last one! I'll have to write that one down. It's interesting to note that we need to want to be better individuals before God can help us. We need to make the decision. He can't make it for us. But it wouldn't work out any other way. If He did all the work then how could His judgements possibly be just come the last day. Hope to see more of your posts. I've noticed you've been spending a good deal of time on them. I'm glad to see it. Some of the things I've read give me cause to believe a lot of people on this site don't really understand the doctrines of the church they belong to. Perhaps you could be of assistance to them there. :) PRR
  13. I just read a scripture verse in the Doctrine and Covenants the other day. Sorry I can't seem to locate it now, but the Lord was telling the saints, "Ye hear of wars in distant places, but ye know not the hearts of men in your own lands." Forgive me, but I don't think President Obama really intends to do anything about the situation you're referring to. In case you haven't noticed, he supports the war against unborn children in this country. Do you really think a person who can support such a horrible thing is really going to care what's happening to women in some foreign country? But don't think the Lord hasn't noticed. This reminds me of that experience talked about in the Book of Alma. Do you recall how Alma and Amulek were compelled to watch while wicked men threw innocent women and children into the fire? Amulek asked Alma why they couldn't put forth their hands and by the power of the priesthood put an end to the unbelievable scene they were having to witness. Alma responded that the Lord was allowing these things to happen so that His judgements would be just against those wicked men at the last day. There are many things that you and I may not have power in this life to stop from happening. All we can do is do the best we can within the realm of our reach, and pray for those who are in distant lands beyond our influence. I don't expect this to put your heart completely at ease, but please know the Lord is still watching. PeaceRoseRest