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    New to site and kinda nervous

    hey welcome. i hope you are having a great day !
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    May lose a friend for what I believe in

    you have done beautifully in your reply, i can honestly say that i love your testimony that you bore here. i would give that of this thought, president Gordon B Hinkley was talking to a missionary and in their conversation he asked the Elder now that your 2 years of service are done. what is going to become of you as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints? he paused for a moment and then said, all opportunity will be lose to me and my family will abandon me as their son. then President Hinckley ask are you willing to pay such a greater price to have all this go against you that you would loose every thing? then with moisten eyes of tears streaming down his face he says this its true right ? President Hinkley then says yes it is, then the Elder says then " what else Matters" " What else Matters" it would be the saddest thing if she discontinues the friendship over this thing, yet the weight of the matter at hand is great, as we stand tall and immovable in the faith of Christ Mountains will move and Great seas will part. things that you wish would happen now may not happen but never knowing what heavenly father has in mind that he is preparing your friend in time never knowing when the change may happen but knowing that they can look back and see that they had a friend that stood by them and would not lay down that thing that brought them the greatest happiness of all. I commend you for your stand firm as the 100 yr old tree in the ground with deepen roots of faith building experiences.
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    anger/rage towards husband

    there is no quick fix to your problem, but in the same heart felt feelings i say i am sorry that you are suffering so much pain,anguish,self crushing. know this more then any thing else you are not in the wrong, you are so ever strong for staying as long as you did. family prayer and scripture study to bring in the feelings of the holy ghost and a feeling of love where hearts have been badly bruised and trust as been greatly damaged. thought the feelings of forgiveness are hard to come bye when you have been hurt so badly, but over a very lengthy time as you being to believe that you are a powerful daughter of our heavenly father in enduring that which ye have done. knowing that the lord wants to heal your heart over time its much like a seed that is planted in the ground it does not spring to a giant tree all at once but over time and tender loving care and thought along the way the tree will get scraps and bruises the roots will dig deep to rescue when it is needed so that we can continue to grow in time once again. let me know if this helps ?
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    well about me, i like to keep people guessing, on there toes never knowing what is coming next I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints and i love every bit of it. i love the outdoors, sports, movies, volley ball. i love to fish, love to snowmobile its a blast. most of all i love to make new friends, because i believe that we all can learn from each other and we will be better off than we started in the 1st place. i love the gospel it is my rock my sure foundation.