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  1. RachelAnne

    Missionaries sent away

    So... They came again today but my Mom was home. She wouldn't let me come out and talk to them and she stood outside and tore them apart again. Also, she convinced them that I don't really want to talk to them and they should not come back... and they said they wouldn't "bother" us again! NOW What!
  2. RachelAnne

    Swimsuits that don't cause "wardrobe malfunctions"

    Umm, first of all it's really uncomfortable to sit in a hot tub in a wetsuit. When I'm in public at our cabin, I wear a wetsuit (partly because the water is cold, partly because I don't like the neighbor boys staring). Secondly, I think modesty isn't really about the amount of skin that's covered-it's the INTENT behind it. I want a modest one-piece... Modest means something different to me than it does to you, I guess. That's ok-makes life more interesting. I talked my parents into buying that red swimsuit for me... YAY! They were happy it wasn't just a really expensive bikini (like the ones my sisters buy... why they walk around with no more than basically underwear on is beyond me)
  3. RachelAnne

    Swimsuits that don't cause "wardrobe malfunctions"

    Haha! I'm not by myself much... mostly in there with family and friends. I found one I like, but there are no inexpensive versions. Retro Sadie - Red Solid | Retro Swimsuit - The "Retro Sadie" | One Piece Bathing Suit Styles | Retro Swimwear | Fun, Flattering & Fashionable by Popina
  4. My family just bought a hot tub (yay!) and I've realized that 2-piece swimsuits don't work well with the spa jets... I was topless the first time I got in the tub! Thank goodness I was alone! So now I'm in search of a one-piece... but there's a problem... One piece swimsuits always give me a wedgie and I personally don't like feeling like I'm wearing no more than underwear on the bottom. I want a one piece with more coverage on the bottom (like short shorts). I've looked EVERYWHERE and they don't exist! Anyone have ideas?
  5. RachelAnne

    Missionaries sent away

    Thanks everyone, I'll try to contact the missionaries. Hopefully they're free while I am! (I go to school and work all the time) I'm hoping to go to a meeting this Sunday. What's it like? From what it says on mormon.org, it sounds like any other church service, but for some reason I thought it would be much different.
  6. So I had asked for missionaries to contact me, and they did... Twice now. Both times while I wasn't home and they got basically torn apart by my family. How can I get in contact with them so I can talk to them.... but possibly not at my house since it will turn into a war zone? Also, what do they usually talk about when you do meet them?
  7. I really want to go to a Sacrament Meeting, but I have a few issues... First of all, my family is well-known as a "Mormon-hating" family when I myself am not. I'm kind of worried that people wont be friendly to me because of that, or think I'm there for some other reason than I am. Secondly, I know that if I want to become a member and do any temple work, I have to go to the meetings to get a recommend. Well, I have pretty severe bipolar, so lots of weeks there is no way I will leave my BED, much less the house to go to the meeting. How does this work? or is it one of those things where I attend as many meetings as possible?
  8. RachelAnne

    New to the Forum

    Hi, my name is Rachelanne and hopefully I don't write too much (I tend to ramble). I've been a member of the Evangelical church my whole life. My family is full of die-hard Evangelicals and they are VERY against the Mormon church. I, however, have been doing lots of research on the LDS church and believe it's the right way for me to go. I haven't talked to my family about it (not looking forward to THAT confrontation) but hopefully will get the courage soon. Other than that, I'm a poor college kid who spends way too much time on the internet, I'm severely bipolar and have pretty bad ADHD. Oh, and I play classical/electric violin (16 years) and sing professionally.