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    My child is two-faced

    When my so was that age, he did the exact same thing. One day he said, "Mommy, I love you with enough love to fill the earth and sky, but I love DADDY with enough love to fill the earth and the sky and the rocks and the trees, and the grass and the dirt!" I never let it bother me (I thought it was cute). I knew that he loved me, but I kind of created the situation myself. Whenever Daddy would come home, I would excitedly point out that daddy was home. It would be a big deal to see him. I was with him all day long, and there was no one to "throw a party" of get excited when I walked into the room. There will be phases when dad is the favorite and phases when mom is the favorite.
  2. seeking_peace

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    42. It was awesome. I welled up several times.
  3. seeking_peace

    Cover up!

    I can't believe that I'm admitting to this, but I prefer the creepy Marilyn Manson version of Sweet Dreams over the Eurythmic's version. And, less embarrassingly, I prefer Seether's Careless Whisper over the original by Wham!
  4. seeking_peace

    Will Heavy Petting delay my mission?

    I think that Dove's point is right on target. My son's bishop suggested that he delay his mission--it wasn't about LOC, WoW, or any of the other worthiness things that generally come up. But when he was asked about his father (who left us for another woman when my son was 16) a flood of repressed anger poured out of him. His bishop suggested that he needed to spend some time dealing with his anger and learn forgiveness before he could effectively teach the Gospel of Love and Forgiveness. It goes back to what Dove said about being converted before you can convert others.
  5. seeking_peace


    Ah. Go ahead and give it to her. She might surprise you and like it. BTW Bath and Body Works will exchange anything. If you try something and don't like it, you can trade it in for something you like better---even candles that have been lit.
  6. My ex-husband had once had a dream that he walked in on me and another man in bed. For days afterward he looked at me with suspicion. I had to keep reminding him that it was HIS subconscious, and not mine, that had me in bed with someone else.
  7. seeking_peace

    Question for Margin of Error

    I didn't see it either, Skippy. I think that the parish may have updated their newsletter.
  8. seeking_peace


    Texas has 24 US military bases (in fact all Airmen go to San Antonio for basic training). The military provides a lot of civilian jobs to a lot of Texans.
  9. seeking_peace

    Question for Margin of Error

    Your new avatar of a rainbow on the BSA fluer de lis looks like it is a statement in favor of gay men being allowed to be Boy Scout leaders. Is it meant to be?
  10. seeking_peace

    Single adults in family wards

    I've been single for 3 years now. I've heard your same complaint from many different single people. However, it hasn't been my experience. Maybe because I've lived in the same ward for so long, that I am not "that single sister." I am "Seeking" and everybody knows me already. In facet, I feel like I'm invited to more social events then when I was married. Either people feel sorry for me....or they didn't like my ex very much.
  11. seeking_peace

    Friendship Boundaries in Marriage

    When I was married, I felt weird going to lunch with a gay man that I worked with. Obviously, there was no sexual tension, but I still felt weird being at Wendy's with him.
  12. seeking_peace

    Overachievers and Overachieving

    I tried to think of some reasons that Sister Poo-Face might have left you out of the loop. Perhaps, she thought that you were busy and didn't want to bother you. Perhaps, she is uncomfortable delegating tasks. Maybe it is just easier for her to do something than to explain the way she wants it done (and she might be the kind of person that thinks it can only be done her way). Maybe she hates making phone calls. Maybe YOU intimidate HER.... Ummm.... I have nothing else. Hopefully, now that you've explained the way she made you feel, things will be better and she will dump all the service opportunities in your lap.
  13. seeking_peace

    Intro and maybe advice?

    You are not being punished. Don't own his choices. In staying with him, you are not preserving a marriage. He is making a mockery of your marriage by cheating. If you truly value the institution of marriage, you will not allow him to continue mocking it.
  14. You gave be goosebumps, Eowyn. I've been blessed over and over by people following similar promptings. I was also told by a friend that a conversation that I had with her daughter was a direct answer to her daughter's prayer. It's a testament to me that Heavenly Father knows each of us, is aware of our needs, and puts other people in our path to help guide us.
  15. seeking_peace

    Halloween brings guilt

    ..But, if you celebrate Halloween, it will prevent the cycle at Christmas!