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  1. "Music in Church meetings should usually be sung in the language of the congregation." ( Also from that same section: "The hymns are the basic music for worship services and are standard for all congregational singing. In addition, other appropriate selections may be used for prelude and postlude music, choir music, and special musical presentations. If musical selections other than the hymns are used, they should be in keeping with the spirit of the hymns. Texts should be doctrinally correct." So theoretically, I could see Ave Maria being sung in Sacrament meeting. You can get around the language thing because the rest of the music is "usually" sung in English -- one special, specific piece, once a year, would be in keep with the Spirit of that instruction. As for the rest of it, it's probably subjective, like you said, to the local bishop's discretion. Is it doctrinally correct? Perhaps not technically. Is it in keeping with the Spirit of the hymns? I'd say that's likely.
  2. Wingnut

    IB versus AP?

    I live in an IB district...all of our schools are IB certified. But the high school also has a strong AP program. My kids are very young still, so I haven't even thought much about the high school level or options yet, but are the two really mutually exclusive?
  3. The logic is simple. A child is healthier when adopted into a home with a committed married couple (gay or otherwise), than being tossed around the foster system, in 10 different homes over the course of 18 years.
  4. I'd argue that St. Patrick's day is a huge party, a regular thing blown out of proportion.
  5. I celebrate Heber J. Grant's birthday every year. That's about the extent of my celebration of Joseph Smith's birthday. I "celebrate" it, in that I remember that it's his day of birth, I'm grateful for him, and that's about it. I know about three other people with birthdays that day, though, also.
  6. Personally, I think it probably has little to do with that. The Church is already pretty well entrenched in the SEO game. I think it has more to do with the idea that people are talking about garments and other "mysterious" aspects of the Church, and the Church has finally figured out that they might as well join the conversation with accurate and official information. We've gained a fair amount of transparency (in some areas, though not in others) under President Monson's leadership, as well as community/publicity outreach. Basic religious observances and preferences might sometimes also be part of sensitivity training for medical staff, and particularly important for those working in emergency departments.
  7. I don't think anyone in this thread is suggesting that they're uncomfortable that someone wants to pray. I know I'm not. It is quite bizarre behavior, however, that this family is displaying. If I invite my neighbors over for dinner, we pray before we eat, and then we socialize and have fun. If they suggested "leaving us with a prayer" before walking back across the street, I'd probably laugh and think they were joking. Picking up kids from a babysitting evening does not warrant leaving a prayer on one's home. The behavior is strange, presumptive, and overreaching. Frankly, I'd be quite uncomfortable with such repeated actions, and certainly not because of the praying itself.
  8. I don't think it undermines your husband's priesthood authority, but it's really weird.
  9. What? You've never heard of any of the others? Wow. Tasha Tudor: illustrator of children’s books Jack Kirby: comic book artist, and really, a pioneer in the world of comics Billy Grammer: classic country musician Wayne Osmond: one of The Osmonds George Merrill: songwriter whose credits include Whitney Houston’s hit “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Daniel Stern: actor whose credits include Home Alone Scott Hamilton: Olympic and world champion figure skater Jennifer Coolidge: annoying actress Shania Twain: country singer Billy Boyd: actor whose credits include the Lord of the Rings trilogy Jack Black: actor/comedian Mary McCartney: daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney, a photographer Jason Priestley: actor mainly known for his role in 90210 (the original series) Todd Eldredge: another world champion figure skater Janet Evans: Olympic and world champion swimmer LeAnn Rimes: country singer Armie Hammer: actor currently rising in popularity Florence Welch: sing-songwriter currently popular, load vocalist of Florence + the Machine Quvenzhané Wallis: actress, current, the youngest actress to ever be nominated for a best actress Oscar (she didn’t win – Jennifer Lawrence did, that year)
  10. I confused myself here. I was thinking later in the day that I actually meant Brandon Mull. Turns out they're both LDS. I had him in my long list.
  11. Same here. The only time I've ever heard the term "Smithmas" has been when it's used derisively.
  12. And Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Tasha Tudor, Jack Kirby, Billy Grammer, Wayne Osmond, George Merrill, Daniel Stern, Scott Hamilton, Jennifer Coolidge, Shania Twain, Billy Boyd, Jack Black, Mary McCartney, Jason Priestley, Todd Eldredge, Janet Evans, LeAnn Rimes, Armie Hammer, Florence Welch, Quvenzhané Wallis, and a couple of, ahem, adult film stars. Have you never looked up your birthday on Wikipedia? It’s fun!
  13. Even though I assume we won't need to eat, I hope that we still can. And that amazing food comes without weight gain. I just think it would be sad if we could never taste great food again.
  15. Christina Aguilera and Jewel are rumored...they have tenuous ties to the Church, but it's unconfirmed if either were ever actually baptized. Derek Hough Julianne Hough Chelsie Hightower Tal Bachman Randy Bachman Brooke White SHeDAISY The Aquabats Imagine Dragons Neon Trees Peter Breinholt David Archuleta Aaron Eckhart Richard Dutcher Kirby Heyborne Corbin Allred Ken Jennings Daryn Tufts Lindsey Stirling Laci Green Dean Jagger Kevin Rahm Gordon Jump Brandon Flowers Marvin Goldstein Arthur Kane (I had to look up his name, though I knew who he was) Oh, and it's Katherine Heigl, since you asked about the spelling. :) This one was new knowledge to me: AJ Cook.
  16. So, why are we talking about carrying guns at church in this thread? When I was 19 or so, my stake reorganized some boundaries, turning three wards into four. Previously they had been the Oregon City 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wards. They were renamed for the local areas they encompassed -- nothing to do with scriptures: Newell Creek Ward, Willamette Falls Ward, etc. Now, though, they're back to numbers, and there are five wards in that city.
  17. This is also a great need for those of us with kids who think dinner needs to be out of the oven for at least 45 minutes before it's consumable.
  19. I can't share the name of my ward without sharing the name of my city, and I suspect a fair number of people will be similar...
  20. Food processor, Ninja blender, and theatre season tickets. :)
  21. Right? Sorry...humanoid just has too many syllables.