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  1. I actually started it with Google, but once you get over 50 members, you have to pay $50 per account. I didn't think people would be willing to pay, so I had to go the next best route. I do love Gmail though. Sorry!
  2. That's awesome. We were hoping that people would enjoy being able to get an email address that wasn't taken.
  3. Yeah, it is pretty cool. I've been somewhat surprised by the response we've had with it so far. It's based on the Windows Hotmail email platform. You get 5gb of storage, spam filters, address book and all the other good stuff. Plus a cool email address, [email protected] - and it's free!
  4. I just thought I would share a new website our business created. It's called LDS Inbox. You can get a LDS Email account that you can use for callings, communicating with other members, or whatever. LDS Inbox is a free LDS email service for members of the church. We just figured every member should be able to have a cool LDS email address, not just church employees and missionaries. :)
  5. Thanks, Jeycat! Very interesting. I suppose I'm a little surprised that I served in Spain (a densely populated Catholic area) and had no idea whatsoever of these ordinances. Even in talking with members there that used to be very active Catholic and are now very active Latter-day Saints. It always amazes me to see similarities like this in different religions. It's a testimony builder of the apostasy for me.
  6. I dated a girl with diabetes on and off. We could only eat certain foods and do certain things and it did get to me a little. Especially when I thought about what things could be like for us in the future and how difficult it would be for me to not eat certain things (like a good Krispy Kreme every now and then... Mmmm). So I guess it really comes down to being able to find someone that has the same problems, or is accepting of the problems you have. :)
  7. I have a website that sells oil vials and is targeted primarily to the LDS market... but recently had a customer that wants to purchase 1000 vials for his theology students, and had another customer from a non-denominational Christian church that bought 5 vials. Does anyone have any light to shed on other religions and anointing oil? Just curious. Thanks!
  8. Hey! sells CTR rings and offers free shipping! Check it out. Thanks!