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  1. Tell that to the seminary/institute teacher so dedicated to his calling that he even kept a cot at work and would spend the night preparing for the next day... at least up until his wife left him.
  2. Elder Dunn was a story teller, not a creator of strange, new doctrines. And I'll post again: Sooooo... do I adhere to the beliefs of anonymous Suzie from an online forum that is filled with every possible opinion known to mankind, or do I believe a church publication specifically designed to teach the fundamentals of truth? Choices, choices...
  3. The perfect blessing is the one that would be a mirror of the blessing Christ himself would give were He there. I am by no means a blessings pro, but something that helped me a lot is not being afraid to be silent and wait for words to come. I know it can seem awkward/uncomfortable and that there's a seeming pressure to press forward... but I've felt that I do a MUCH better job at speaking what the Spirit would have me utter if I pause for as long as necessary before I begin the blessing. Just a thought...
  4. My bad. I realize I was coming off fairly aggressive. Shoulda gone to bed sooner. Give me a direct reference and I'll give you a response.
  5. By the way, Intrigued, the Lord's promises are always contingent. They are IF-THEN promises. And David Whitmer was guilty on more than one occasion of claiming false prophecy from Joseph. The Joseph Smith Papers are doing a good job of tracking down actual, physical proof that Whitmer's claims are untrue.
  6. Sure it is. If I somehow lost my life by following one of the Apostles of Christ, God would credit to him my fall. I would not be held accountable for being obedient. And because that will NEVER happen, I'm 100% secure in my willingness to follow the brethren through anything. I defy you to show me any valid 'failed prophecy' of an active Apostle that would jeopardize my standing with God, had I adhered and adapted to it. SHOW ME EXACTLY WHERE AND HOW MY ETERNAL SOUL IS AT RISK FOR BLINDLY TRUSTING ANY OF THESE SPECIAL WITNESSES OF JESUS CHRIST.
  7. Define "them". I visit the middle east every year. I know numerous devout and casual Muslims. None of them hold this belief.
  8. Up until Mohammad became a war monger, the parallels between Joseph and he were pretty intriguing. Even M's description of revelation and how it left him spent afterward mirrors JS's details of the matter... I am not versed well enough in the subject to express any sort of confidence in this pet speculation, but with the couple of books I've read, I wonder if Mohammad was a fallen prophet? Seems like things were on track early on... but then power and war altered his course...
  9. A couple of excerpts from the Gospel Principles manual, Lesson 10: Though this has grown too argumentative, I fear, I would submit that anyone foolish enough to declare Benson's (or any other seer's) PROPHECIES as 'off' (such as the civil rights claims) is erroneously assuming that they, too, can see the beginning from the end. How many of you on this thread have the mantle of seership? Um, yeah. That's what I thought. You (meaning all of us), therefore, cannot comment on whether prophecies have been completed and come to fruition. You're as blind as the wicked Nephites who put a timeline on the prophecies of Samuel the Lamanite and declared death to all believers. The watchmen on the tower have a perspective that most of us will never appreciate until we're on the other side of the veil and all things are revealed. What, I ask you, is the RISK in following the counsel and prophecies of the brethren? How is my life imperiled by following these mighty men of valor? In the words of Joshua, "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve." With the words of God proclaiming from the pages of the D&C, "What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same." I think that waiting for the "thus saith the Lord" to come from the mouths of the brethren is little more than an excuse and opportunity to refuse and refute any inconvenient doctrine that might come from one of these, our called and sustained (by you) Apostles.
  10. We have been taught that the Book of Helaman is a TYPE of what will come before Christ's return. With that in mind, I don't think we (as a people) are heeding the call of the prophets anywhere NEAR where we ought to be. Enoch's Zion was just one of multiple communities of members of the Church. But look at what they accomplished! It's not unreasonable to me to think that there are stakes of zion that are closer to being ready than others. And it's my personal opinion that they are in communities of poorer, simpler people who aren't "blessed" with all the horrific distractions we wealthy members "enjoy". You know: the ones Brigham feared would empower us to kick ourselves from the church and down to hell.
  11. Because, especially as a prophet of God, they go hand in hand. If church doctrine isn't driving our political beliefs (be on whatever side of the aisle as you may), what on earth is? The structure of Zion (our goal) does not stand independent of government. Government will STILL exist, even when Christ returns. Thus, we need to be VERY attentive to searching the scriptures (ancient and modern) and praying for revelation - in an effort to better understand the will of God on the matter.
  12. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?You people don't know your scriptures worth a crap! Isaiah 53:3 clearly states that He was "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." If that isn't proof positive that the Savior was married, I don't know what is.
  13. I'd also love to have people tabulate their amount of time spent each week: *On the web or computer *Watching TV *Reading leisure material *Running kids to one-too-many extracurricular activities *Games/sports/hobbies *Sleeping more than necessary (I'm amazed at how much some people sleep!) *Doing their hair/makeup/outfit *Chatting/texting on the phone for fun THEN let's see who's truly losing family time to the Lord's work (vs. all the other "stuff" we spend or over-spend our time on).
  14. Oh sure, pick the Home Teaching straw as the one that's overloading the system. Haha. I don't know about your ward, but in mine less than 1/3 are getting theirs done in the first place - so that straw isn't even on most backs.