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    reverse poem on the Atonement

    Hey everyone, this Monday I was in a YSA talent show, I shared two poems of mine, the first is a reverse poem about the Atonement. Reverse poetry is when you read a poem normal, then re-read bottom back to the top, so two poems in one. the 2nd is a spoken word poem about my struggles of growing up with Aspergers Syndrome. please let me know what you all think of it (Sorry about the beginning of video... I was a bit nervous up there at first) Feel free to share the video, on your facebooks etc, it's on youtube, it's public so.. ha #Sharegoodness
  2. Hey there, my name is Michael and well I'm 20 now.. I used to be a teen hah..
  3. Welcome I'm Michael, a 19 year old, I like to blog and I'm getting ready for my mission
  4. Hey Devan, I'm Michael, 18 going on 19 (Birthday is May 31st), I'll be leaving on my mission in the fall I like to blog, if you would like the link to my blog, feel free to ask
  5. Nice, welcome to the site
  6. Welcome!, I hope you like it around here
  7. Welcome!, cool New Zealand, that's pretty cool
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    My blog

    Hey everyone.. this is a "Share" place.. so if it' alright I'll share my blog, I started it today and I think it'll be good.. if you like what you see, follow.. and click on the ads, so I can make money Enduring to the end
  9. hope you can all visit this (my site for LDS teens) Endure To The End
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    please read

    Hello, this is my mother's site for her blog, please take a look and follow it if you want to, she will be really happy w/ it. Musings From Cloud 9
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    hi, welcome to the site
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    Roll Call

    Hey, nice seeing you on here
  13. umm, idk, just any bands I like, don't got a fav
  14. Any kind of rock, soft rock etc, just no music with a lot of cussing etc