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  1. I'm also a convert with tatoos, one of which is hard to conceal all of the time. No one has said anything to me about it. I also hold a temple recommend, so no, it won't stop you from "the full experience." :) Welcome, btw!
  2. I think a "plain" BOM has it's uses. While it shouldn't replace the original translation, it shouldn't be dismissed. My cousin was baptized last year. Though he is 46, his mental capacity is that of a 12 or 13 yr old. He also has several learning disabilities. While he was living with me, w read the scriptures together daily. However, unless I went over each verse again in modern english, he couldn't understand anything. I actually found the website mentioned, and started reading it with him. Though he still forgot what was read after awhile, he was able to go back and read from the website again to refresh his memory. It was such a blessing to see him read and understand and actually learn. There are some people who simply cannot understand the original translation. No amount of reading it will change that. For them, this kind of modern translation is invaluable. Everyone should have access to the Scriptures at a level that they can understand. Just my opinion
  3. Welcome!!!!! As a former "less active" member, I can testify to just how amazing it feels to become active again. If you're like me, your testimony becomes even stronger. It's wonderful that your husband is planning on getting baptized! :)
  4. Thanks for the link..I'll have to buy the book
  5. The link you provided seems to be broken. MY belief is that the entire world wasn't destroyed by the flood; just Noah's civilization. I admit I could be wrong. Ultimately, there's no way of scientifically proving WHEN the flood happened or WHEN ancient Egyptian society came to be. Theories,yes, proof, no.
  6. Hiya the name btw!
  7. Welcome from a fellow Canuck! Where are you from? I'm in Ontario.