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  1. Yes. There will be a severe punishment if they do not repent. But I think he work they do is still considered valid.
  2. I'll have to research those.
  3. I've changed my approach and now I'm making a 3D model and walkthrough. Overall View. Still needs windows and the top half. The Door. Since this is a pre-Kirtland temple I wanted to keep things simple. But since it will be a post-Nauvoo Temple I wanted to add some symbolism. There are two earth stones at the base of the door. Two star stones representing the Telestial Kingdom. A moon stone in the center representing the Terrestrial Kingdom. And a Sun Stone at the top representing the Celestial Kingdom. A close up on the stones. On both sides of the sun stone there are three raised lines. These represent the the degrees of the Celestial Kingdom.
  4. Yeah, I agree with Mi[l]kbone. It is both figurative and literal.
  5. The Community of Christ continues to add revelations to their D&C. Maybe you could pick up a copy.
  6. All prayers must be founded in the Spirit. If we truly pray with the Spirit guiding us. We are actually praying what God wants us to pray. So as long as the Sacrament prayer is done in the Spirit then it is acceptable. But it's also possible for a person to bless the sacrament and not have the Spirit. It's not the words that are important, it is the Spirit.
  7. I have no idea if me spouse had any relations before we got married. She converted to the church when she was about 28. So there was the possibility that she had. But since she has repented of those things(if any) then I don't care. I have never asked her before. Yes I have wondered sometimes, but if there is repentance then I try to follow the Lord's example, and as far as I am concerned nothing has ever happened.
  8. I'm not an expert but to me partaking of the sacrament(communion) is done as a renewal of baptismal covenants. So if the person has not been baptized they have no covenant to renew and partaking of the sacrament would be pointless. If we read the sacrament prayer we can understand it more. I've highlighted what the prayer says the purpose of the sacrament is. O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it; that they may eat in remembrance of the body of thy Son, and witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they are willing to take upon them the name of thy Son, and always remember him, and keep his commandments which he hath given them, that they may always have his Spirit to be with them. Amen Personally I accept the baptism of anyone who was baptized be immersion after the age of eight, regardless of what church they belong to. Most children in an LDS concregation do partake. My wife an I however do not allow our daughter to partake. To me allowing children(before the age of eight) to partake is effectivly the same as baptizing them before they are eight. We are told in the criptures that young children(under eight years) have no need of baptism and to baptise them is not right in God's sight. If they don't need baptism then they don't need the sacrament. But I don't think most LDS families give their children(under eight) the sacrament because they feel their child needs it. Usually the reasons are this: - They want their child to practice partaking so when they are baptized they will already be in the habit. - They want to avoid a scene in church when their children scream and cry because they didn't get to eat. To me neither of these are valid reasons. They all trivialize the sacrament and turn it into a snack rather than a sacred ordinance. We don't have to practice baptizing children so that when their real baptism comes they will be used to it. At a baptism we don't let children jump into the baptismal font so they can swim too. Even though our daughter is only 9 months. Ever since she was born(except for one week when I don't know what my wife was thinking) when the sacrament comes by my wife and I partake and one or the other of us whispers into her ear and explains the sacrament. I don't think she understands but I want it to be one of those things that when she gets older it's something she just knows. She's already had one incident of crying because she couldn't eat but we still didn't let her. I'm sure it wont be easy(especially in the "terrible-twos") but I feel this is the way I need to raise my children so that they understand and respect the sacrament as a sacred ordinance rather than just a mid-meeting snack. Bread probably because it is easier. Water because somewhere in Doctrine and Covenants it says that it doesn really matter what is used. What is imprtant is the covenant associated with the ordinance. Beleive me I wish we did use a fresh grape juice and unleavened bread. It funny we say that it doesn't matter what you use, but then are so adimant that we must only use bread and water. Yes, the covenant of baptism is to follow Christ. As a result all past sins are forgiven. By renewing that covenant we are basically recommiting ourselves to follow Christ. I believe that our sins are forgiven as well. And aspointed out earlier the Sacrament prayer dedicates the sacrament to be done in remembrance of Christ.
  9. I love the Ancient Alien programs! I don't believe most of what they say is factual but they do present some interesting explainations for things. They're kind of all over the map too. In one show the aliens come here to mine. Next episode they came here to have huge wars with atomic weapons. I think they should get their theory straight. It's nice to see an alternative view once in a while. But what I think this program really is saying, to me anyway, is that we aren't even close to having all the answers.
  10. I met my future wife while on my mission. The Spirit literally spoke to me and told me she was to be the woman I would marry. It was the first time I had seen her. But I didn't try to date her while on my mission. I agree with this idea.
  11. Well think about it. What does murder have to do with a marriage covenant? Why is that the only one repeated and not the other ten commandments? Anyone can murder but what is the type of murder associated with marriage and's abortion. That's why the only one of the ten commandments it mentioned, is murder. Think of the spiritual significance of a couple sealed together and then shed the innocent blood of an unborn child. Now I could understand abortion not being pardonable in the case of someone who does not have a greater understanding like teen pregnancy, or civil only marriage. I'm not saying it's ok, I'm just saying that because of their lack of a sacred covenant I can see God being more lenient.
  12. I find it a bit disturbing that the Church uses the Aaronic Priesthood as a Youth program. It was never intended to be that. The Aaronic Priesthood is responisble for the Temporal welfare of the Saints. The age of the person is really irrelevant. But we have become so accustomed to having the Aaronic Priesthood mean Youth program that we, myself included, often forget the actual meaning of the Aaronic Priesthood.
  13. Well I think we can pretty much agree that there is a lot more going on in the big picture than we are currently aware of.
  14. Jesus had to have qualities of God. He had to be able to die at a time of His choosing(semi-immortal?). If not then He would have died going through the suffering in the garden. He couldn't have completed the atonement if he was completely mortal. He also had to have qualities that would allow Him to live a sinless life. But another interesting point the Strangites make is that Joseph had to be His father so that He could be a legitimate descendant of David. So why not say God they took from Joseph. Then used that element to mix with Mary, and then altered the genetic structure to have divine qualities. I makes little difference to me.
  15. Haha. I like how the yellow ones on the chairs look all fat and lumpy. I try to buy one pack of every color. I had my first purple ones this year.
  16. I have two questions they are unrelated but I thought I would save a post. 1. Was the office of High Priest during the time Mosaic Law a Melchizedek Priesthood office or Aaronic? 2. How was the Adam-God theory supposed to have made sense? I've tried to wrap my head around it and I can't find a way it was supposed to have made sense.
  17. I watched the cartoon part online. It makes a great comedy. Not only the information but the animation style.
  18. I found a website that has encoded part of the Kirtland Egyptian Papers. It contains TONS of more things about Kolob and related stuff. MORMON ORIGINS - JOSEPH SMITH - EARLY LDS HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS - MORMONISM Here's a quote from the website: Jah-oh-eh The earth under the governing power of oliblish, Enish go on dosh, and Kai e van rash, which are grand Key or in other words, the governing power, which governs the fifteen fixed stars (twelve [unclear words]) that belong governs the earth, sun & moon, (which have their power in one) with the other twelve moving planets of this system. Oliblish - Enish go on dosh, and Kaii ven rash, are the three grand central powers that govern all the other creations, which have been sought out by the most aged of all the fathers, since the beginning of the creation, by means of the Urim and Thummim: The names of the other twelve of the fixed stars are: Kolob, Limdi, Zip, Vusel, Venisti, Waine, Wayoh=ox=oan, oansli, Shible, Shineflis, flis, os. The Egyptian names of the fifteen moving planest are: Oanisis, Flosisis, floese: Abbesels, Eleash, Subble, Slundlo, Carroam, Crashmakraw, obblesisim, Izinsbah, missel [p.24] Nahmesile, Oheeoopzah, Zool Flo-ees The moon, the earth and the sun in their annual revolutions Flos isis The highest degree of light, because its component parts are light. The governing principle of light Because God has said Let this be the centre for light, and let there be bounds that it may not pass. He hath set a cloud round about in the heavens, and the light of the grand governing of 15 fixed stars centre there - and from there its is drawn by the heavenly bodies according to their portions; according to the decrees that God hath set, as the bounds of the ocean, that it should not pass over as a flood, so God has set the bounds of light lest it pass over and consume the planets. Kli flosisis signifies Kolob in its motion, which is swifter than the rest of the twelve fixed stars; going before, being first in motion, being delegated to have power over others to regulate others in their time, for example, one cubit of times signifies three days Therefore that which is appointed to run three days, runs one cubit according to the measure of time in cubits a cubit of motion is increased or lessened according to the sign of the degrees
  19. In dozens of movies they have people fighting for freedom. And then once they win the free people now wonder what they should do. I think that is the mark of a free man, deciding what to do today.
  20. Heavenly Father might not want everyone to join the Church at this moment. Maybe someone need to learn something important as a catholic first. Maybe they need to have some experience as Muslim first. Not everyone is the same. Heavenly Father knows what we need when we need it and He will guide us in that path. If that path takes a detour through Bhuddism first, who are we to say He is wrong?
  21. The 100% complete fullness of the gospel is so large that it would be impossible for us to understand it now. Only in the Millennium or Celestial Kingdom will we be able to understand every detail of it. So in that aspect the Book of Mormon doesn't contain the fullness of the gospel. neither does the church. But then the gospel is so perfects that it can be simplified so that even a child can understand it. So yes the Book of Mormon does contain the fullness of the gospel. Having the fullness of the gospel doesn't mean we have to know every little detail of God's plan for us.
  22. Now do we know that Nephi left from the Arabian Coast? They would still have to travel along the coastline then make their way past Malaysia. Couldn't they just have gone to the coast of China and went straight out into open ocean?
  23. I seem to remember something about God would that everyone was a prophet. But I can't find the quote anywhere. I think too often we become blinded by the view that the only prophet is the President of the Church. The Twelve Apostles are also prophets. In the Bible it even mentions Prophetesses. I also disagree about the authority of the "break away" churches. We read: D&C 38:26-27 26 For what man among you having twelve sons, and is no respecter of them, and they serve him obediently, and he saith unto the one: Be thou clothed in robes and sit thou here; and to the other: Be thou clothed in rags and sit thou there—and looketh upon his sons and saith I am just? 27 Behold, this I have given unto you as a parable, and it is even as I am. I say unto you, be one; and if ye are not one ye are not mine. The Church was commanded to remain one. But it didn't, the church split after Joseph Smith died. We were given a parable about being one. That parable is in verse 26. If a man has twelve sons and is not a respecter of persons. Then all of those sons are obedient to the man. Can the man be just if he puts robes on one and tells him to sit in one place, then put rags on the other and tell him to sit somewhere else? The answer is, No, the man can't be just. This is the same with God. Let's look at the parable again with God put in: For [God] having twelve [churches], and is no respecter of them, and they serve him obediently, and he saith unto the one: Be thou clothed in robes and sit thou here; and to the other: Be thou clothed in rags and sit thou there—and looketh upon his [churches] and saith I am just? Again, No, God cannot be just by being preferential to one church over another if both churches are obedient to Him. This was given to us as an example of being one. If the Church would have remained one we wouldn't have to worry about having multiple churches with their own prophets. But because the Church couldn't obey that commandment and broke apart God cannot be a respecter of the various churches(as long as those churches are obedient). So to the prophets of the other churches have validity? Yes they do, based on their obedience. It says so right in D&C 38. So yes there can be prophets outside of the LDS Church. 1 Corinthians 12:10 10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: The ability to prophesy is a gift of the Spirit. This opens it to anyone that the Spirit directs. If the Spirit gives me the gift to prophesy, my prophecy is just as valid as that of the President of the church. As long as the prophecy is from the Holy Spirit is is just as valid as any other prophecy given by the Holy Spirit. Now does that prophecy give me the right to lead the Church or even start my own? No. That is something else completely. It doesn't mean that I should start a following and make people obey my every word. It just means that God had a message to deliver through me. It doesn't mean that that message is meant for everyone either.