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  1. Godless


    There's actually a SCOTUS-level legal precedent for vaccine mandates. It's over 100 years old, so it can certainly be taken with a grain of salt, but it's worth noting that this vaccine discourse is far from new in the US. https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/197/11/
  2. Godless

    7%. Oy.

    You know I have a very love-hate stance towards the Dems, but I don't necessarily view Sanders as a hypocrite. If his policies became reality, his taxes would go up along with the other elites. Same with Liz Warren (my 2020 pick to run against Trump). They seem to understand that the institutional advantages that they built their wealth on are inaccessible to most Americans, and are often detrimental to them. Does that mean I expect them to give up their fortunes and live like middle class Americans? No, and I don't expect that from Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk either. I just want them to have some self-awareness and recognize their ability to make positive change.
  3. Godless

    7%. Oy.

    It's also worth noting that a lot of Obama's spending went towards cleaning up the mess left from the 2008 recession. Banks and PE firms have been investing in property at astronomical rates. This is creating a scarcity of homes for potential homeowners and sending prices through the roof (which means higher rent when those banks/PE firms rent out their properties). https://fortune.com/2022/01/07/wall-street-kkr-blackstone-zillow-ibuying-house-flipping/ Berlin had a similar problem with their apartment market and their solution, decided by voters, was a mass government buyout of property from corporate landlords. I think that solution could be very viable for our real estate problem here in the US, though I can already hear the cries of "Socialism! Marxism!". Lately it seems like the Republican plan is to slash taxes while they're in power, then blame Dems for the resulting deficit and use it as an excuse to slash spending. Meanwhile, Dems try to pass spending plans to boost the economy, but can't get the votes to raise taxes to pay for it. Even when they focus their tax efforts on the ultra-rich, you have people like Manchin and Sinema saying "But wait, they're the only reason we have jobs!" As you said, pride and greed.
  4. Godless

    Speculation - What is next?

    I agree. Democrats have a unique talent for shooting themselves in the foot.
  5. Godless

    Speculation - What is next?

    Speaking of speculation, I made a prediction in this forum a little over 5 years ago. We've seen evidence in recent months to suggest that I may have been right. I think we'll get a much clearer picture this fall. https://thirdhour.org/forums/topic/60241-who-won-the-debate/?do=findComment&comment=886561
  6. Godless

    Speculation - What is next?

    "I'm sure the British will stop Britishing once they've established their claim on Sierra Leone". -some Nigerian dude 200 years ago
  7. Godless

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    You're comparing a preventative treatment to a curative one. And if it's true that vaccinated individuals are experiencing less severe COVID symptoms than unvaxxed, then it's unlikely that vaxxed COVID patients will receive hospital treatment to the extent that unvaxxed will. So I don't know how the comparison you're looking for is possible.
  8. Godless

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    This is likely true, especially with the new strain out. The vaccine had been effective at reducing severity of symptoms and keeping people out of the hospital (and the morgue), kind of like a flu shot. And despite a considerable number of breakthrough cases, the data shows that the vaccine is effective at preventing infection. The death rate claim is false. It's likely that the current death rate is low, but that wasn't always the case by any means. I couldn't find comparative data for hospitalizations, though it looks like current hospitalization numbers are low in Florida. Omicron appears to be hitting the northern states the hardest at the moment, which makes sense considering that NY was apparently ground zero for the Omicron spread in the US. Again, current numbers are low in Florida, but overall case numbers throughout the pandemic are high. And a higher population actually makes that statistic worse, considering that the states with the highest per capita case counts are generally the least populated. Florida is 17 on that list, higher than any of the other top 5 populous US states. And the tourism aspect just means that Florida is likely a catalyst for spread in other parts of the country. Omicron is new, so it's likely that we'll see shifts in geographical infection rates in the coming weeks, especially after the holidays. I'm hoping that the vaccine will mediate the severity in relation to previous spikes, but the data in northern states isn't promising. I'm not a doctor and I obviously don't know the details about your interactions with your family members, but based on the information you've provided, my guess is that it's unlikely that your test was a false positive. I'm not sure what your sister and BIL are basing their assumption on, but asymptomatic cases are far from unheard of.
  9. Godless

    Possible overturn of Roe vs Wade?

    You're right, and I have no desire to ban guns. Most people on the far left don't.
  10. Godless

    Possible overturn of Roe vs Wade?

    Are you talking about alcohol prohibition here? That failed because it made crime go through the roof. Al Capone and his gang never would have been the threat that they were without Prohibition. Banning abortion will have similar results, but with a lot of dead women.
  11. Godless

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Apparently a lot of people are basing their religious exemptions on the fact that the COVID vaccine used fetal stem cell tissue during testing, which goes against their religious beliefs. A hospital in Arkansas found a pretty big loophole in that objection and is now requiring staff members to sign an agreement that verifies that they are applying this religious belief consistently. Violation of this agreement will result in loss of their religious exemption and could result in disciplinary action as well.
  12. Godless

    Remaking America

    Acts of terror are typically motivated by some sort of ideology (political, religious, philosophical). In this sense, the protestors who turned violent on 1/6 are terrorists. I don't know of any school board meetings or protests that have actually turned violent, but I know that there's been a lot of verbal abuse hurled at educators, as well as death threats and threats of violence. This kind of intimidation could be viewed as terrorism, because it's only a matter of time before the threats turn to action. I definitely think that this is sticky territory from a Constitutional standpoint. I may not agree with the parents that are ranting about what I consider to be nonsense, but I respect their freedom of speech so long as their rhetoric doesn't turn violent. My opinion is that the 1/6 protest was an act of domestic terrorism and that there is an alarming number of Americans who refuse to acknowledge that. It is also my opinion that there's ample potential for election controversy in 2024, and maybe even in next year's midterms. A significant percentage of our population doesn't trust our democratic institutions, and there are elected members of Congress who share that distrust. I believe that if future elections don't go their way, they'll cry foul and get violent. I hope I'm wrong, but after 1/6 I'm reluctant to treat far-right zealots like harmless windbags. Additionally, I believe that there's a strong political correlation between the "stop the steal" movement and the more vocal elements of the anti-mandate movement. This is their biggest shot against Biden so far. Of course, lost in the discourse is the fact that there's currently a legal precedent that supports vaccine mandates. It's over 100 years old and I imagine it'll be challenged sooner rather than later, but the fact remains that using mandates to protect public health is not a new thing in the US, and neither is the controversy around it. I don't think our government is overreaching. I think we've become very divided and polarized as a nation, and I don't think that division is sustainable.
  13. Godless

    Remaking America

    I think this is at the heart of the DOJ involvement. The "stop the steal" crowd was dismissed as delusional sore losers. But then some of those delusional sore losers attacked the Capitol Building and tried to stop Congress from carrying out their Constitutional duty. And the "certain stripe of conservative" that participated in and defended the things that happened that day are the same ones harassing teachers and school boards now. It makes sense for the feds to treat them as a serious threat.
  14. Godless


    The months were named by the Romans, who originally had a 10 month calendar beginning in March. January and February were added later. They were initially placed at the end of the year, then moved to the beginning when the Gregorian calendar was established. "The Names of the Months" https://www.infoplease.com/calendars/months-seasons/names-months