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  1. Godless

    The COVID thread

    Unemployment claims surpassed 6 million this past week. My dad was furloughed last week and applied for benefits. Neither of my two jobs have officially cut me loose, though they probably would if I asked. I haven't worked in over 3 weeks.
  2. Godless

    The COVID thread

    We're still very early into this particular pandemic. We'll see how the final numbers play out. COVID-19 is on pace to dwarf H1N1's body count, which ended up being around 12,000 between April '09 and April '10. We're already a quarter of the way there. Worth noting, H1N1 was deadlier in the Fall. Edit: We're almost halfway to that H1N1 number, and will probably surpass that mark today. Apparently the number I was looking at last night was almost 24 hours old. And that's why this situation is so serious. It's spreading faster than H1N1, and our medical system isn't equipped to handle a large volume of victims of a highly contagious disease in such a short period of time. H1N1 took 6 months to peak, so while there are undoubtedly things that the Obama administration could have done better, our hospitals were ultimately better prepared. There was also a relatively short time lapse between the spike in cases and the distribution of a vaccine. Again, probably due to the delayed spike in cases.
  3. Godless

    The COVID thread

    I wonder how he got it. 🤔 https://twitter.com/cillianwalsh_/status/1243498544566239232?s=19
  4. Godless

    $2 Trillion CARE Act

  5. Godless

    $2 Trillion CARE Act

    I imagine Trump didn't anticipate a global pandemic when he made those statements. And he wasn't exactly chipping away at it before all this happened.
  6. Godless

    The COVID thread

    Depends on the state. Many states allow beer and wine to be sold in grocery stores and gas stations. A few states allow liquor sales at those places as well. Colorado allows beer sales in grocery stores, but not wine or liquor. Texas allows beer and wine grocery sales, but not liquor. IMO, liquor stores shouldn't be deemed essential in those states. Get your fix without the hard stuff if you didn't stock up. Between dumb stuff like this and reports that many people may have contracted the virus during Mardi Gras, I have a feeling Louisiana is going to be hit bad.
  7. Godless

    The COVID thread

    Looks like the Brazilian mafia is taking matters into their own hands. This essentially says that if the government won't enforce a curfew, then organized crime will. I also pulled this awesome nugget from my translator: "Anyone seen on the street after this time will learn to respect the next one!"
  8. Godless

    Is it a coincidence?

    Considering that seven of the ten most populous cities in the US are sanctuary cities, I'm going to say yes.
  9. Godless

    Financial Whistleblower

    I'll be the first to admit that I didn't have "global pandemic shutting down our economy, crippling small businesses on an unprecedented scale, and leaving millions without jobs" on my Rainy Day bingo card.
  10. Godless

    The COVID thread

    Tom Hanks has tested positive and is being quarantined in Australia. A staffer on Capitol Hill has also tested positive. By my count, there are at least three people who have tested positive that have had recent interaction with Trump. Also, my son and I had Spurs/T-Wolves tickets for the 26th. 😢
  11. Godless

    The COVID thread

    Yep. Several other performers and companies had already backed out as well. There are a lot of businesses in Austin that rely on SXSW to keep them profitable for the year. This could be devastating for them. https://www.statesman.com/business/20200306/sxsw-canceled-over-coronavirus-fears
  12. Godless

    The COVID thread

    Apparently SXSW has been canceled. 😳
  13. Godless

    Comical manufactured outrage at BYU

    Deznat gets a lot of heat on "Mormon Twitter" (partially because their hashtag is sometimes hi-jacked by alt-right types), but they're generally on the right side of the doctrine. If there's one thing I agree with them on, it's that people who refuse to make their lifestyles compatible with the Church should find another church, because the Church is highly unlikely to ever make itself compatible with their lifestyles.
  14. Godless

    Mike Bloomberg spent 500 million dollars for this?

    He probably think he owns American Samoa now.
  15. Godless

    The COVID thread

    Which countries are at risk at this point?