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  1. Steve

    Touchy subject about God.

    Men and women were created with all the natural "technology" needed to's called artificial insemination because it's just that...artificial. Nothing wrong with the natural way.
  2. Steve

    Touchy subject about God.

    Not to get too blunt... but artificial insemination isn't used to avoid natural's used when natural means don't work.
  3. Steve

    BYU Basketball

    The Cougar women are still first place in the conference
  4. Steve

    BYU Basketball

    I'll be courtside cheering on the Cougs against the Utes on Saturday night in Provo...go Cougs!
  5. Steve get together

    I'm sure there are people--including me--who would be happy to give you a ride... Steve
  6. Steve get together

    Pam, My wife Kathryn will be coming with me...Thanks for making the arrangments! Steve
  7. Steve get together

    Count me in! Steve
  8. Steve


    Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here. Steve
  9. Recently I noticed that although the Forum has over 16,000 members, only about 2,000 members are active. This got me thinking... What can be done to reactivate the inactives? The moderators could divide them up and assign them to active members for fellowshipping. Or there could be firesides in the chat room focused on the benefits of being active. Any other suggestions? Steve
  10. The link I provided above lists the Articles of Faith as doctrine. Steve
  11. Carol, I found this link on related to Mormon Doctrine: Approaching Mormon Doctrine - LDS Newsroom Refer to the first bullet. I hope this is helpful. Steve
  12. ceeboo, I received the same private message today...guess that shoots down my hope for finding my soulmate. Steve
  13. Steve


    Hi Crystal..welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here. Steve
  14. Steve

    Kim in Nevada

    Hi Kim, Thanks for the intro and welcome! Steve
  15. Steve

    Hello out there.

    From one newbie to another...welcome! Steve