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    annewandering got a reaction from Sunday21 in Shotgun vs Handgun   
    An persistent bad guy is going to cause you trouble for sure but even simple things like dogs, big and loud preferably, are known to deter burglars and other criminals. I highly doubt most burglars know know to disable alarms. I know when we have been uneasy we have put pop cans around on the floor. I know a vietnam vet who has a yard full of them. No one is getting even close to his house without him knowing it. The truth is you can be creative about safety without a gun, or have one as a very last resort.
    Let me ask you this. Do you have kids, ever, in the house? If so is your gun going to be locked up with the bullets in another place? If you do, how long would it take to get your gun out, loaded and ready to shot? If not do you plan on having the gun loaded, ready to shoot next to the bed? So what happens if you are in the kitchen or bathroom when someone breaks in? Going to have one in each spot or just carry it with you at all times?
    When all else is considered, is it really even practical to have a gun for protection?
    They are slow to get at.
    They are dangerous to have around kids if they are ready to shoot.
    They can be used against you very easily.
    Can you really shoot someone for wanting your tv?
    If you can answer those questions honestly after careful thought then I would suggest a cheap .21
    caliber pistol. Easy to use. Inexpensive and easy to stick under your pillow or in a body holster to carry around.
    Actually I would rather suggest a cell phone under your pillow with 911 on quick dial.
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    annewandering got a reaction from Sunday21 in Shotgun vs Handgun   
    Shotguns take too long but if its all ready to fire then it would be more useful but way more dangerous to have around. Let me tell you a story. Short I promise.
    My husband, our first baby and I moved to Oakland. We had little money so grabbed a cheap apartment and settled in for the night. We were sleeping on the floor on a mattress with our baby between us. Me next to the wall. A little, what would be called a saturday night special, under the pillow.
    Now its important to know I dont see well without glasses on.
    So anyway I woke up in the middle of the night to see a man at the foot of our bed. He was standing there looking at us. When he saw I was awake he started motioning for me to get off the bed, quietly. hahaha sure I will. I am really stupid you know.
    Anyway I thought about the gun. I am fine with guns and not a bit afraid to shot at someone. I could see he had something in his hand that he was motioning to me to get off the bed with. My husband started to make waking up noises. So what do I do?
    I am good at looking stupid so I did my best. I pointed to my eyes and blinked a lot and strained my eyes as if to see what he was trying to say. I patted my husbands shoulder and made sure he didnt wake up. The guy got so frustrated he left the room and jumped out the bathroom window. After I woke my husband up we looked around. I found my scissors just outside the window where he had dropped them. Along with the classifieds where he had circled unskilled jobs for hire.
    Now the point of my story is we had the gun and I can use it. Smart works a lot better and is safer, if possible. If it came down to it I would have used the gun but glad I didnt have to.
    Find some other ways to make yourself safe.
    A good dog perhaps. Good locks on your doors and windows. A phone very close to the bed. An alarm system if you can afford one. Theres lots of ways to do safe and most of them dont involve guns.
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    annewandering got a reaction from Sunday21 in Doctrine / prophesy- will we be gathered to Utah in last days?   
    We were already gathered to Utah. Been there. Done that. Now time to go ahead.
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    annewandering got a reaction from pam in I feel awful.....   
    I am trying to picture Jesus with Cecil's head on His living room wall. It is not coming in clear for me. Wonder if there is a reason for that.
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    annewandering reacted to Crypto in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    Sooo just out of curiosity....Is this what they will be teaching?

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    annewandering reacted to prisonchaplain in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    It's been posited that at least some who say they felt same-sex-attracted at an early age might have simply felt different.  For boys, in particular, that differentness can be frightening.  It is easier to eroticize one's fear than encounter it.  Yet, every time there is a sexual encounter, the sense of not being part of the community of men only grows.  Today it is even easier for those who might be socially awkward, and who feel like outliers, to conclude, since they are repeatedly asked about this, that their differentness must be related to sexual orientation.  I'm not sure this is intentional grooming.  Perhaps it's just the post-modern quest for as much grayness as possible.
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    annewandering reacted to bytor2112 in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    The world is so weird it is dizzying. I often wonder how many kids think they are (insert appropriate inner confusion) because of the hyper intense influence of the agenda driven crowd that perpetuate this type of (be sensitive Bytor)......................stuff.
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    annewandering reacted to prisonchaplain in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    :::cough::: We tend to vacation in Idaho...Silverwood, Couerdalene Golf Resort, Sandpoint's local charm...what's not to love? 
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    annewandering reacted to carlimac in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    Not to worry. It's only for a year. We'll be living in a community with a swimming pool. Lots to see and do during that year, then we'll be back in Idaho which is as dried up and boring and cheap as an old fig. 
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    annewandering reacted to Traveler in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    When personal pleasure is involved - evidence is irrelevant.
    Also having served in the army in an intelligent unit and trained in propaganda.  I am convinced that individuals can be brainwashed to believe anything despite evidence.  According to Joseph Goebbels; humor is the most effective of all propaganda (brainwashing) - that anything a person will laugh at they will eventually not only believe but will believe that it has always been their opinion.
    I agree that parents should be able to opt out - but I will go a step farther - communities should be able to opt out and have the program dropped from their local schools.
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    annewandering reacted to prisonchaplain in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    Just to demonstrate how aged I am, I remember when parents had to opt-in for the controversial stuff.  Just sayin'
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    annewandering reacted to Backroads in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    The next question is, opt out into what? Sitting in the library for a semester? I still see it as a waste of fact-based learning time. If they must do this program, could they provide two class track options?
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    annewandering reacted to Backroads in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    "Faith is the evidence of things hoped for..."
    But that's just me being cute.
    A world religions class doesn't preach. It teaches about what the religion believes and does--and whether or not you share those beliefs is beside the point. We have evidence people believe these things. Hence a scholarly perspective. The opt-out option is neither here nor there, I'm saying a school shouldn't be taking up health class time to teach something without real facts.
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    annewandering reacted to Str8Shooter in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    Apply strong pressure for some sort of an opt out option for religious reasons. Let them know you will pull your kids from school and encourage others to do the same. Remind them that Federal funding will decrease as their enrollment numbers decrease.
    Go with a charter school or home school.
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    annewandering reacted to prisonchaplain in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    I toss this out for consideration.  At age 13, roughly 33% of girls are confused about what their sexual identity is.  Go figure, that many probably have not concluded puberty.  Consider also the cultural pressures to accept and empathize, along with the confusion about love vs. like vs. attraction.  Then there is the possibility that many who feel they are "different" are being steered towards the possibility that this differentness is due to sexual identity.  BTW, by 18 97% of females confidently identify as heterosexual.
    It dawns on me that the correct answer to those surveys--especially when they are school-issued--is, "None of your business.  It is inappropriate to ask minors this question."
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    annewandering reacted to Backroads in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    I appreciate these thoughts, Bini.But, speaking Merely from my own educational philosophy as an educator where school curriculum should consist of science and study - based core (yes, I'm a 3-rs kind of teacher), I can't get behind the idea of neglecting such core to teach popular social philosophy with no evidence and intolerance has nothing to do with it. Public school shouldn't be the place. Religion study as you had is at least a study of facts of culture. This program isn't. They even admit they have no material to create a curriculum. I appreciate your desire for teaching an open-mind, but when evidence-less lessons are accepted, they can bite anyone in the rear eventually.
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    annewandering reacted to carlimac in Educating our children on gender fluidity. Now what?   
    When I was 13 I took it for granted that everything I learned in school was true, fact, proven.  If we have since learned that certain scientific principles have morphed or new ways of solving math problems have been invented, that didn't have much impact on my core belief system. I didn't even hear about Darwinism until college. That whole ideology was left alone because there was still respect for peoples religious beliefs at the time..  I, too learned about s variety of religions because I had friends who went to different churches. A course in Judaism or Catholicism wasn't entirely necessary. We did touch on it in history and social studies and that was enough to put those differences in perspective.  Nothing I learned in Jr. High conflicted with my religious beliefs which at that time were tender budding sprouts that could easily have been stomped on.
    Most of my kids are grown and haven't had to deal too much with situations like this. But now this whole thing about gender fluidity crops up. It's not scientific. It hits hard right at the core, the root system of who these kids think they are. They are so impressionable at this age. My 12 yr old daughter's most frequent request in house hunting was to find a good climbing tree in the yard. For about 3 years she's been a typical tomboy who is now starting to act more feminine. These changes have nothing to do with her actual gender changing. Simply her preferences of how to play and expend her energy have changed. She would NOT wear pink or have anything to do with that color for years. Now her younger sister has picked up on that sentiment, too. Neither one of them have gone slightly boy on us.  To teach kids that is to teach a lie. And a pretty stupid one. 
    I think teaching tolerance is very important!  But there is a better way to go about it than introducing this garbage into the curriculum. All they need to do is simply teach kids to be respectful. Not try to validate every changing whim these kids have as a fluctuation in their actual gender. I see this as being potentially very harmful for far more kids than it might help. Talk about messing with tender minds!  Ugh!!
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    annewandering reacted to lagarthaaz in Church releases statement today regarding Rome Temple construction   
    I just looked at that facebook link - and followed 'the guys' profile. He wasn't saying anything against building the temple in Rome, just that he didn't like the design and thought it 'ugly' - surely he's allowed an opinion if he doesn't like the shape of a building. I saw that he posts many links to the 'Ask Gramps' page and clearly gains inspiration from it... so don't be too hard on him. 
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    annewandering reacted to Claire in Church releases statement today regarding Rome Temple construction   
    Nah, we'll just get a new one. Also, you guys can't offer nearly as awesome an outfit.
    If it makes you feel better, when they get back to the Catholic Church after leaving Mormonism, they're probably fairly inactive with us as well
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    annewandering reacted to NightSG in Church releases statement today regarding Rome Temple construction   
    I'm telling you, convert the Pope, and the problems will go away.  Go big or go home.  
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    annewandering reacted to Vort in Church releases statement today regarding Rome Temple construction   
    Last Sunday, Italian members and missionaries (and former missionaries) were invited to fast for the continuation of the work on the Rome temple. I would like to think that had some positive effect on the situation, or at least on those who participated.
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    annewandering got a reaction from Palerider in SOTU (State of the Union)   
    Well the answer I hear all the time is there are lots of jobs and if they dont have one it is because they need to get up off their lazy bum and get one. Of course that is from the party I dont love so I pretty much discount it.   I am curious how you respond on a political post without being political, palerider?
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    annewandering reacted to NeuroTypical in SOTU (State of the Union)   
    I like how he mixed talk of working together in bipartisan ways and looking past party boundaries, with his lectures and smirking at the republicans, especially that part where he chastised them for not clapping, saying "That's good news, folks!"
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    annewandering reacted to SpiritDragon in Family in trouble for kids walking home   
    I always walked to and from school from grade 1 on through highschool. This was done under the supervision of my older brother and sister (2 years and 1 year older respectively) who walked with me until they moved on to junior high and I was walking with my younger sisters or friends and cousins.
    My mom was pretty paranoid that one of her babies would be snatched and I spent a lot of my childhood being afraid of getting kidnapped. As such, although I was allowed (even encouraged) to walk to and from school at such a young age, I was never to ride my bike farther than my mom could see out the front window unless dad was riding with me/us. I don't think I ever really rode off on my own until around 13-14 years of age. All the while the other parents felt justified to let their children go all over town freely as young as 8-10 years of age. 
    At the end of the day, I guess what I'm saying is that I think that my parents found a good balance that worked for us, but the other parents also had a balance that worked for them. I don't think it criminal to let your kids out to play any more than I think it criminal to leave them cooped up with access to satellite/cable TV and internet unsupervised. I personally think the balance for me and my kids in the future will be for me and my wife to play with the kids outside. They can invent games and have free play with parents present as long as parents allow it. We don't even have to take part in the games, we can just observe from a safe distance. I think it is good for kids to develop independence, but they can do so while being watched. 
    I think that parents should be allowed to make parenting decisions themselves. So I don't like where this has gone and could be going. It makes sense to me when intentional harm is being done to a child to intervene, but when we start intervening because we don't agree with someones parenting philosophy I think we get into trouble. To me it is similar to parents getting in trouble because they choose a treatment for a sick child that is not mainstream medicine, I think a parent should have the right to try to heal their child according to their own conscience. Where do we draw the line? Will teaching children religious values become some sort of great wrong in the coming days because they have been painted to cause feelings of guilt and breed hatred?
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    annewandering got a reaction from Sunday21 in Do you own a gun?   
    Yes I own a shotgun. It is at my mother's house because there is someone in the house that has ptsd. I will not allow a gun in the house at the moment. Probably will get rid of it. It is too difficult to use anyway. Ken could use it but I cant. Maybe sometime in the future I might get a 9 mm. Maybe. I doubt it but it is possible. Not fond of the owner safety issues with them although I am comfortable with guns. Just dont like the stats on the safety.