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    Hello and welcome, you will love it here!
  2. I didn't want to start a new thread, so do you guys knw who just spoke on the importance of the scriptures? I'm having to listen on the radio and I can't tell who's speaking...
  3. Welcome!! That's awesome! I'm a convert as well and am in the process of preparing for a mission too!
  4. 1-- Do ALL missionaries have to have a temple recommend? -For the most part, yes. 2-- Not to be crude, but I heard you HAVE to be a virgin to go on a mission, but… What if someone just made a big mistake as a teenager or something, and they know it was stupid, and they’re really sorry, and REALLY want to serve a mission? Could they repent in a way that allowed them to go? I know members (not missionaries) who still went to the temple later on, even after they were with someone outside of marriage. So I wondered about that. -Generally they probably are, but I'm sure there are special cases, but you can't have any children. 3-- A lot of the women in my ward wear pants to church on Sunday. Do you think pants will ever be allowed for female missionaries? -I personally don't think it would ever happen, but I could be wrong. 4-- Are missionaries allowed to film/document their mission? I’ve seen some missionaries on YouTube doing weekly or monthly video logs about their life on the mission, etc., and sending the disk/chip home in letters, and their families posting them every week. For example, this guy: YouTube - arthgallo's Channel But is that technically allowed? -Yes, several of the ones I know who just got back home had some videos from their mission that were on their cameras and some of the ones that are currently serving have videos. 5-- Missionaries have cell phones now??? Or at least I think ours do, because they call me from their car, to ask me to open the gate outside my apartment complex… Great new development for emergencies, of course. But I thought they couldn’t call their families except only on certain days. However, with a cell phone, what would stop them? Also, I figured maybe they would have to turn it in to their leader at the end of the day or something, but I’ve gotten calls from them as late as 9:00pm, so it sounds like they get to keep it at home with them. They could just call their family, and delete the number later. Or send a text to family, and delete it, especially with all these cheaper “unlimited” plans all the companies have now. -Yes, I'm pretty sure they all have phones - at least the ones in the states. They all use the same type of Sprint phone. They just have to use the honor system, although I'm sure there is a way to check the numbers called. 6-- Do missionaries live on church food (like the stuff people get in food orders)? Or do they actually have to shop for groceries? Can they go to any store, or just discount stores? -They do their own shopping. They generally go on their preparation day, but I've been with them on other days when they've had to pick up some things. They can go pretty much anywhere they want to shop. 7-- Do they have to have a driver’s license to go on a mission, in case the church car is rotated to them? In our area, sometimes they share and trade the cars/bikes. -You probably don't have to, but I'd assume most do. 8-- What if a prospective missionary’s family is too poor to finance their mission? Can they get assistance, if they REALLY wanna go? -Yes, I know of several that have or are going to get assistance from their ward with their mission. 9-- Are missionaries allowed to use the internet? I mean can they email their family, or visit LDS websites or anything? -Yes, on their preparation day they get to check their MyLDSMail emails and go to church affiliated websites only. They can't get on blogs or facebook - most do leave that for a family member to take over though. 10-- What’s the cut-off age for the younger missionaries (as in the non-senior-couple ones)? -Like already mentioned, the guys can leave from the time they are 19 to 26 and the girls can leave when they are 21 to whenever and they girls can go as many times as they would like, although marriage is encouraged.
  5. I absolutely love the ! I have had it as my ringtone for the longest time and it never gets old! This group called 'Auto-tune the News' made it and some of their stuff is really funny if you like auto-tune.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! When I received my first Visiting Teaching list, I was a little over-whelmed. I didn't think I would be able to teach anyone because I felt like everyone knew more than me, but after I did my first one I realized, like some people already mentioned, that it's less about the teaching and more about getting to know your sisters (and brothers in your case) and being able to provide support for them. I absolutely enjoy it now, even though I need to be better at it, and I've gotten to know the people in my Ward even better than I did. Congratulations again, it's soo exciting!!
  7. We ended up getting 10-14 inches of snow/sleet in NW Arkansas! It apparently was on the National Weather Channel because it was a record for this area this time of the year. Great way to kick-off Spring Break, right?
  8. This obviously isn't a story of mine, but I came across this a few days and laughed about this one for awhile. It's a letter an Elder got while he was on his misson: "Dear John (alias Elder Davis), To introduce myself, my name is Elder Nebeker. I am writing on behalf of a mutual friend, her name is Karen Jackson. I have had the opportunity over the last little while, to become very well acquainted with her. She is as I am sure you will agree, a very special young lady. Karen has asked me to write and tell you about the latest commitment that she has made in her life. She just didn't know how to tell you! Over the past little while, Karen and I have developed a very special relationship with Christ, and with each other. We have united forces and faith, to help fulfill her desires and my goal. Two days after the birth of our Lord (April 8) I posed a question that will no doubt, change the path of her mortal probation. And eventually the state of her eternities. It is a decision that came after much time and communion with our Heavenly Father. This major decision in her life will no doubt, bring much happiness to the three of us. I'm sure that you know of the covenant that is mentioned in the 132nd section of the Doctrine and Covenants where it says, "For behold, I reveal unto you a new and an everlasting covenant; and if ye abide not that covenant, then ye are damned; for no one can reject this covenant and be permitted to enter into my glory." Elder, now I hope that you don't think that we have done this without you in mind. We have wondered how to tell you this for quite some time. So we just decided to stop beating around the bush and tell you. I'm sure that it shows in the letters. The commitment has been made, the date has been set, and we are going to go for it. We hope that we have your best wishes. Elder, this is something that must happen to the best of us. I am sorry that it had to happen while you were out on your mission. But, I hope that this will not affect your missionary work in a negative way. Karen and I have been seeing each other 3 to 4 times a week. As we have met, we have had those special feelings that must come in order to make the decision that she has. Elder, I wish that I could tell you in person, I feel that this is the right thing for us to do. I am sure that as you pray to our Heavenly Father, you will also come to the knowledge and the conviction that what we are about to do is the will of our Heavenly Father. I hope that you are not getting the wrong idea. We are already starting to prepare for the event. She has started to invite people to it. The date that we have set is May 13, 1982. This will be the day that Karen Jackson will become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Elder Davis, in other words she is going to be baptized a member of the church. She is ready and more than willing. Maybe what I should do is to tell you a little bit of the background of what has been going on up here. On April 6, Karen called us here in the mission office and asked if she could take the missionary discussions. We said we would work her in. The very first night that we met with her the spirit was one of the Lord. That of truth and peace. She accepted the invitation to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism. Elder, you are very fortunate to have a girl like that. She will be ready and fully prepared to be yours for the eternities. She will be baptized in your ward, and your father will perform the baptism. Elder Burk, another missionary that has been working with her will confirm her into the church. Congratulations on your diligence in the field. You have been a very effective and influential part of her life. I can see that she is very much in love with you and what you stand for. May this bring much happiness to your day, and may you find and share the blessings of this with a new investigator. Buddies in the Gospel, Elders Nebeker and Burk P.S. Sorry for the Dear John on the front. ~The letter was received 2 days before her baptism. We were married 3 months after I returned home from the mission." - -Sorry it's so long, but it totally had me going up until the last 3 paragraphs.
  9. I know exactly how you feel, I go out and help the sister here nearly every day. Being a convert, it's always exciting for me to help the missionaries share what they shared with me! I absolutely LOVE it!! I agree with you that your testimony does indeed grow. :) I'm also preparing for a mission and the sisters who have come through have taught me unreal amounts about everything: MTC, clothing, how to handle crazzy situations, homesickness, OTMing, preparing for a mission, you name it - we've probably talked about it! Oh man, I LOVE MISSIONARIES!!
  10. It's pretty hard to top an original, but here are some covers that I really enjoy! *Pixie Lott - (Kings of Leon) -OK, so there are three by Jenny Ondreyka, but I LOVE anything she covers!- *Jenny Ondreyka from Heroes on Parade - (Paramore)*Jenny Ondreyka from Heroes on Parade - (Sea Wolf)*Jenny Ondreyka from Heroes on Parade - (The Fall of Troy) <--I like this one 1000X more than the original*Lilly Allen - I'm Outta Time (Oasis)
  11. I know what you mean - I don't live close enough to a temple to go see it either. I guess if Mahone says it's legal to download in some countries you could find out if it's legal or not for you and then use your discretion on if you think you should download it. It's illegal in the states so no chances for me.
  12. There is a torrent of it floating around on the internet, i have no clue how it got there, but a friend in my ward has it. I wouldn't recommend downloading it - just wait until it gets released or just go to the temple and watch it.
  13. Congratulations on deciding to serve a mission!! I am actually in the process of preparing for a mission myself, but I've decided to wait another year to get college out of the way first. I tend to be rather bias when it comes to Sisters because they were the ones who introduced me to the church a little over two years ago. I attend a college ward, so the only missionaries we have for our ward are Sisters. Over the past two plus years I've been able to meet some of the greatest women I know. They've had such a strong testimony and genuine love for the gospel and they share that with everyone they meet. They helped flourish my love of being a member missionary. I absolutely LOVE going with them visiting people and OTMing, I've been called their 3rd companion at times, but that's not the point I'm getting at. Obviously that Elder had issues with Sister Missionaries and hadn't realized how equally important they are in the spreading of the gospel and that both are crucial. I know it's been said time and time again, but there are places that Elders can't get in that Sisters can and vice-versa. When it comes down to it, both Elders and Sisters have different roles in sharing the gospel, but the ultimate goal of both is to share the message of Christ and the restored gospel that is on the Earth today. The goal of every missionary should be, like Alma 26:5&6, to gather the sheaves and get them into the garners - not worrying if a fellow missionary is only out there hunting for a husband or wife or trying to persuade someone not to help out in the harvest.
  14. I'm the only member in my family a all - let's just say I have a ton of family work to do. I'm a college student right now and joined the church my freshman year, and I'm now a junior - so two plus years ago. It's really hard for me when I go home because everyone there is of a different faith and a lot of them are mormon-bashers. I think it's a really strong testimony and faith builder though because of everything it takes to stand-up for what I know is true. When I bring up things such as possibly going on a mission or temple marriage, my family goes crazy because they don't understand it. One motto that I have come to live by that I heard at the most recent Stake Conference is to sacrifice the temporal for the eternal. That has helped me so such when it comes to discussing things like that and when I get discouraged.
  15. For future reference if any young adult sisters have any questions related to the temple or about endowments, I refer you to a book by Brittany Mangus called Prepare Now For The Temple. It's an amazing book and a very short read, but it does answer a lot of questions that may come up about endowments, the temple, or even your wedding day. I recommend this book to all girls who are thinking about receiving their endowment.