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  1. The block has never bothered me ... I have seen both sides and with price of gas this works great. However we are on the 1-4 PM shift this year ... being a morning person I can't wait until we change back in January! I have to admit tho that after SS with 10 14-18 year olds by the time RS rolls around I am some days more than ready for a nap!
  2. Find a good credit union ...
  3. Some traveling on the Sabbath is unavoidable, like going to church VT & HT, meetings, choir practice etc ... all centered on engaging in the Lords work. Sometimes the ox is in the mire so to speak and other types of traveling has to be done ... we handle it the best we can and move on. No big deal. The brother who stayed home in the prodigal son parable was upset because he didn't understand the worth of all souls. No big mystery .. at least not that I can see ... just another teaching moment.
  4. The best reason for being sealed here on earth is that it is an earthly ordinance and we can't get to the celestial kingdom without it. For those who aren't married here, me being one ... if we live worthy of the blessing it will be taken care of.
  5. Wearing the garment is just not a problem ... don't sweat the small stuff (no pun intended) save your energies for the hard stuff. For me wearing them in the heat is still so much better than being without them ... now the bra can go any time but not the garments. They are meant to a protection to us but we have to be wearing them to be protected ... and yes they can physically protect us, I have seen it happen. As for the rash ... try some Gold Bond powder ... works wonders! Actually for me being with out them is awful ... clothing is itchy!
  6. Crime is so high because there are no longer consequences for it. When a person goes to prison and all they loose is their freedom and are given 3 square meals a day, full health care, internet, TV (the list goes on) . This mother was right to use what ever consequence she could to stop this stupid kid from ruining his life worse. Used to be the fear of what would happen to you was enough to keep most folks on the straight and narrow ... now everybody is a victim and nothing is their fault. Sheriff Joe is my hero ... he makes the people in his jail (Maricopa County, AZ) uncomfortable and tells them if they don't like it don't come back.
  7. Weather cycles ..... my mom remembers 3-4 feet of snow in this area when she was a kid ... I remember rain but this year we had 25 inches in our yard for a week or so ..... today it is pouring buckets! And is supposed to for the next week ... here come the floods again!
  8. That's the beauty of it ... the gospel is the same for all of us ... we have the same Father, the same Savior, the same Holy Ghost ... the difference being that we as LDS believe that we have the blessings of Heaven that were available in Christ's church when He was on the earth. We are so incredibly loved that every possibility has been set up for us to succeed and return home. Heavenly Father loved us before we loved Him ... if we repent and follow His Son we are promised that we will live with Him and our Savior again. I can think of no greater reward for so little from me.
  9. I think maybe you just got the point of the teaching moment. Good for you! We need to learn to bend our will to the Lords and then we can move forward. It may not be fun and we most likely will not see it until after it is done but all things work together for our good. Don't give up on the temple ... that is your reward for enduring to the end and doing it well. The doing it well part is the part we so often forget.
  10. In my humble opinion the Holy Ghost does not leave us ... we leave him. The Father is the same today and forever .... He keeps His promises ... He gave us the gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion ... when we feel the lack it is because we have moved away from our part of the bargain. D&C 82:10 one of my favorite scriptures .."I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, when ye do not what I say ye have no promise." So when we actively seek repentance and forgiveness we move back within the circle of influence where we should be. Like I tell my SS kids our choices come with consequences ... being without the Holy Ghost to me is the consequence of my bad choices ... I do however agree that we also become basically immune to the promptings as we continue to make bad choices.
  11. I guess I have to take the scriptures at face value when they state that Satan was present during the council in heaven and that he rebeled against the Father and was cast out ... he is real and he uses anything he can against us. He may not tell us what to do but when we are hashing out a choice for ourselves he waits to use his best tools like discouragement and fear to kind of nudge us to choose his way. The choice is entirely ours and as are the consequences but the hints are his if we are headed away from the light. He knows us and what works best against us.
  12. Actually anything with chocolate ... been dieting 2 months and seem to be having chocolate withdrawals (sp?)
  13. Been there done that ... without the tea ... still had blast and then did a sprint down to Saturday Market! I love the art and science of all the booths with cool stuff to buy! Even in the rain it's fun. Gotta have an elephant ear though.
  14. Watch the movie The Best Two Years ... then go on your mission single. Throw yourself into your work with a whole heart and then see how things are when you come home. You will be a different person in 2 years and so will she.