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    Chinese Shaolin Wushu

    Sever years ago, a film named Shaolin Temple has not only attracted numerous people' attention from all over the world, but also made Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Wushu popular. In recent years, more and more people have come to China to learn such kind of Chinese martial art. If you want to know more about Shaolin Wushu, go on reading! Sourceļ¼šChinese Kungfu History of Shaolin Wushu Shaolin Wushu (Shaolin Martial Art) is one of the most influential genres of Chinese martial art, and it's named after the Shaolin Temple located in Dengfeng County, Henan Province. The monks in the Shaolin Temple began to study martial art during the Southern and Northern Dynasties and this tradition prevailed during the Sui and the Tang dynasties (581-907). Shaolin Wushu is famous both at home and abroad as a highly effective method of self-defense and health-building. Combining both external and internal, and "hard" and "soft" exercises, Shaolin Wushu involves various methods of fighting techniques, consisting of barehanded boxing and weaponry combat. More information about Wushu in China: China Service Mall - The worldwide greatest reservation center for China service