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    Is becoming a Socialist country all that bad?

    How does that compare with previous years?
  2. TurkeyRun

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome fellow investigator! Hang on to your hat, you're in for the ride of you life - and it is a wonderful thing :)
  3. TurkeyRun


    Actually something I can comment on around here! Wizards of the Coast who now owns "Dungeons and Dragons" has a whole series of books and gaming environments based on the world created in the Dragonlance books. One of the co-authors of the Dragonlance series, Tracy Hickman is (last I heard) a Latter-Day Saint. How's that for knowing your LDS trivia - coming from a non-member :)
  4. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    So, two Missionaries came out to the house last night with a young(ger than me) couple who drove them. I'm out in the stix, nighttime, gravel roads, rain - you get the idea. Wife and daughter opted to "do their regular after school and work routine" and politely excused themselves after introductions. The five of us had a good chat, one fellow said "I've been doing this 22 months and never come across anyone who knew so much about Joseph Smith on my first visit" (I think I did my research well). Anyway, to make a long story short, it was a WONDERFUL evening. We all had some laughs, some serious contemplation on my part, great discussion, I got invited to church on Sunday, got directions, times, what to expect, etc. We also talked about dress but my beard and hair never came up - so I guess I won't scare anyone too bad. They laughed and said, "yes please do!" on riding my bike there. Looks like I'm set. The Mrs. either has cold feet or is just letting me "find myself" and tolerating my curiosity. In any event, she was polite. Daughter thinks it's nice I have friends (haha). Thanks to everyone here who gave advice public and private. I really appreciate it.
  5. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    I tried the number for the local ward a couple times today w/no luck. Looked at Google for "LDS missionary office North Carolina" - bingo! A very nice lady took my info and I got a call back in about 10 minutes. They are coming by Monday evening. Update on the family - wife says she is willing to listen and learn, "as long as they don't get all judgmental and tell us we're all going to Hell". She even started saying stuff like "ya know, the <something>'s were Mormon and they were really nice" and "I went to a Mormon camp when I was a kid" and (life long friend) "Patty was really into the Mormon thing for quite a while, I wonder how she is doing" so.... sounds like she is opening up a bit. Oh, and when I told my teenage daughter abut the "clean cut college guys in ties" that would be coming by she got a big grin on her face and said "Cool!" Haha - this is gonna be interesting! Thanks for all the advice and encouragement folks!
  6. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    So after reading all your very helpful replies and praying about it, I've decided how to go about this. I realized that my desire to dive in with both feet and just show up on a Sunday is probably OK, but perhaps not the ideal way to about this. I should go in via Missionaries and their guidance. I think what I was doing was once again, trying to take charge and run things my way. Doing this has frequently landed me in some trouble, especially when there was a recommended way of doing things. I have a tendency to ignore or downplay sound advice. So, this time - I am going to do what is suggested. I filled out the "have a missionary contact me" form on the LDS website. In the description section, I mentioned that we may or may not be able to meet in my home. We'll see what happens. A sincere "thank you" to everyone who replied! If this starts taking off, I'll perhaps start a blog here about my adventures :)
  7. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    Great story - thanks!
  8. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    I made it up to the middle of Mosiah, then got impatient and dove into 3 Nephi as I knew that contained the Lord's ministry in North America. I have been stuck there, I've read it 5 times now. As far as Joseph's story - I got that for the first time a year ago in SLC when I tool the tour and stuck around for the movie. I found it hard to leave the temple grounds and went back 2 more times that trip. To be honest, the whole visitation when he was young, and the Sacred Grove bit - almost had me in tears. It was beautiful.
  9. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    Haha - nope, thanks for the definition of "High Council" - I must not be to that part of Mormonism for Dummies yet
  10. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    So I'm beginning to gather! Maybe it turns out that I have one of the more understanding and open wives around here! It's really kind of ironic, she goes on about accepting everyone and their beliefs - then gets all hostile/mocking about LDS. But really, I guess the questions I have are more about my next steps. I know I kind of led off with all the resistance at home, but it's probably really all about me. No, not at all. Let's just say that arriving anywhere with my bike is a tad less than subtle and indiscrete Cool - I can do that! Thanks, ~bc
  11. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    Sure will!
  12. TurkeyRun

    Where to start?

    <point of reference – see my post in the Introduce Yourself section: http://www.lds.net/forums/introduce-yourself/16708-new-guy.html> So, after my wife and her daughter laughed themselves to tears at breakfast today about “the magic Mormon underwear”, I did get some decent conversation in with her (wife) this morning. We have agreed that she will not poke fun at my spiritual journey if I do the same to her. Fair enough – progress! She has even been asking me about LDS beliefs, and seems to be in agreement with some of what I have learned regarding our existence before we got “here”, strong belief in family, education, and preparedness. I’m really not sure where she stands with Jesus Christ – she has some pretty whacked out ideas about something called The Course in Miracles if anyone is familiar with that. But, I digress. Where do I start? I’ve read through most of the Book of Mormon, I already have a pretty strong background in the Holy Bible from my days as a Baptist. I’m about ½ way through Jesus the Christ. I picked up a copy of Mormonism for Dummies today (20% off at Borders). I don’t think the Mrs would be ready for the nice young men in ties with nametags to start coming by though, she’d probably flip again. I have located the local meetinghouse – should I just show up one Sunday? I almost did today but between my cold feet, the little progress I made with my wife this morning, and my bike in pieces in the garage, I made enough excuses to blow it off. I know y’all are pretty formal. I don’t have a suit except for the one I keep for funerals and court , I don’t think it fits anymore anyway. Would a shirt, tie, and sweater-vest be OK? What kind of reception will a guy in a beard and middle-of-the-back pony tail get? I have resigned myself to showing up in my pickup instead of the Harley One of my coworkers says I get away with some of the stuff I do, because “you’re the big scary guy” Man, I’m nervous – should I just stay here in my den and keep reading and praying? Am I doing this all wrong? I don't know of any LDS folks nearby, I know one guy from college that I think I can track down. What to do? Thanks for letting me dump all my hang-ups on ya......
  13. TurkeyRun

    New Guy

    Hi All - new guy on the board here... As an introduction, I am a 40-something MWM, a California transplant to North Carolina, and currently of no particular religious affiliation. No religious upbringing when I was young, as an adult I have "spent time" as an agnostic, atheist, Southern Baptist, and "new-agey-neo-pagan". If I go to church at all these days, it is to the "Biker Church" where they are great and non-judgmental folks. While I enjoy my time there, I don't consider myself a member. Several times during my life I had opportunity to travel for business to Utah. I always felt some kind of attraction to Salt Lake City and had never consiously connected it to the LDS Church, except for that really cool building in the middle of downtown. My only understanding of "Mormons" was the contact I had with folks I ran into through normal life events; school, neighbors, work, community groups, etc. Last year, I spent a little over two weeks there and finally took the temple tour, and was almost in tears. I felt so warm, welcomed, and... I don't know how to describe it - comfortable, safe, "home" (?). I had no idea that Mormons were Christians and believed in Jesus Christ - imagine my surprise! Then, I put 2 and 2 together, Mormon = LDS = the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! (duh). It was then that I also realized, there had been LDS people around me almost all my life... someone trying to tell me something? My wife thinks I'm nuts and am risking getting "sucked into a bigoted, male dominated, white-guy cult", and scoffs at my interest. I really can't talk to her about any of my investigations and she's made it pretty clear that if any missionaries come to the house, she will laugh, scoff, and insult them right out the door (and me along with them) So I've been reading a Book of Mormon, listen to BYU Radio and Classical 89 via the Internet while I work. I have lurked about a bit here reading, and thought it about time I poked my head up and said "hi". I didn't mean to go on a long diatribe about my spiritual/social history, but thought I should let everyone know where I am coming from in case I say/ask something stupid. I promise to read before posting Thanks! ~bc