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  1. I think Cola is in the spirit of the law, just not the letter of the law.
  2. umn... no.. i have another 3 pcs faster than that already (maybe not in gfx tho) as backup servers... but thanks for the offer
  3. I was a gamer my whole life until i joined the church last year.. I haven't played a game since for some reason.. too busy or something.. dunno.. i guess.. well something... I was a huge PC gamer, haven't owned a console since nintendo64... some of my favorite games are Race Driver GRiD, Colin McRae DiRT, Crysis/Warhead, Far Cry 2 (and original), GTA4 (vice city, san andreas), Thief 3, Street Fighter series, NFS Most Wanted, Rainbow Six... but yeah my very expensive computer that i got a few yrs ago ([email protected], 8800gtx, 6.36TiB-raid5+931GiB-raid0[total 10hdds], 8GiB ddr800) just sits there as my tv and facebook these days.. its kinda depressing
  4. see i kinda agree with you.. like issues like socialised healthcare or other economic matters i feel have nothing to do with the gospel and these things i think its healthy that there are differing opinions in the church and the church not viewed as a 'political party'. But on issues strongly relating to the gospel and the strength of the church such as gay marriage and abortion, i feel it's our duty to be united on such issues, even to the point of using our unity for political strength.
  5. ah ok.. so its just the details of ordinances that are private. gotcha thanks. I am still a recent convert and have even yet to see said ordinances (except baptisms for the dead obviously), so excuse my lack of wisdom on the matter
  6. I don't understand the issue... if they don't beleive it is true then all that happened is somebody got wet and said a few kind words for the deceased. If they don't believe it to be truth then what are they complaining about. if the DO beleive it then their enternal soul was saved. I'm reminded of Why was this made public anyways? I thought temple ordinances were meant to be sacred.
  7. perhaps it would be a good idea that a mod delete the majority of posts in this thread including this one... i dont think we need this unpleasantness spoiling the topic of the thread.
  8. wow, thankyou that's very insightful. its the 'common' word i didnt associate with unclean. thanks for clearing that up
  9. Thanks a lot both of you for your help.. @Dravin.. I don't quite understand the last scripture "What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common." can you give me some insight to it?
  10. I met a lady just over a week ago, and I started sharing the Gospel with her. Shes such a sweet spirited caring girl and she says she is very envious that I can have such strong beliefs that affect and help me in all aspects of my life. From what we've spoken she seem very interested in learning more about the gospel, but she is very scared. She believes that she is unclean or somehow unworthy of such blessings, that if she attends church other members will see her past sins and pass judgement. Although this unworthiness she feels I'm sure stems from a traumatic event she confided in me rather than anything that she has done herself. She's very open to listen to me and I've aranged to meet up with her again tomorrow, and by chance I had already had our missionaries scheduled to come over that day, but when I mentioned this she said she would prefer it if they weren't there. I would really prefer have someone more capable than me to answer some of her worries as until my baptism in december i wasn't so diligent in my scripture study. But I feel that if she is comfortable with me perhaps after I help her overcome her biggest fears i'll be able to refer some sister missionaries in her area to teach her more. So the help that I need to help her are some references in scripture relevant to the clensing of baptism, and how Jesus accepts everyone despite their past transgressions. So that I may go over it with her. I really want to help this girl out she is such a wonderful person and so deserving of having the spirit in her life, and I know she feels it as our discussions have left her in tears but she is still scared of what people will think of her, even though I know how people will accept her she has a hard time believing me. Also if someone has any ideas to help her being scared of being judged harshly by people that would really help her too. I have a friend who is very wise with scripture that i'm meeting up with at institute tonight who im sure will also be able to help but more input would be appreciated. thanks. :) EDIT: heres what i've come up with so far that i feel best relates to her. I've put in italics the parts that I'm going to explain to her further, and I'm going to search more when i get home from institute. but some help with specific scriptures where it says Jesus accepts all people would be really helpful. thanks.
  11. Caution: Wins arguments by blurting out inane facts until you walk away in disgust.
  12. i have a friend who grew up there, she says it is fantastic there and the members are great.
  13. oh noez... i sin most every week AT church then, what about those preparing and clearing the sacrament... that's work right... what about getting chairs down and stacking them back up for classes... oh no... forgive me!!
  14. lol, lots of girls play ball in our stake, and here i was not shoving on them/playing lighter than normal cas I thought I was worried about touching them inappropriately
  15. Hey, I actually saw that South Park episode long before I became LDS, and all it did was soften my heart to hear missionaries when they came a knockin'. The South Park episode portrayed Mormon family life in a positive light which is the most important thing, a mockery was made of the story of Joseph Smith, but every LDS surely can admit how unbelievable the story of Joseph Smith is. If it were not for that episode of South Park, I'm not 100% sure if I'd be a member right now. If you compare it to the Scientology episode... LOL As for Big Love, I recently watched some of it because it was recommended by a non-member friend, and it has actually helped me come to terms with the LDS history surrounding polygamy. As this is one aspect along with racism in the Church's history that as a new member I've had a hard time accepting. I'm an adult and am easily able to see truth from fiction and neither show has had me questioning my faith in the church. I have not seen the episode(s) depicting endowments and as it is sacred I don't agree with them showing it though.