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  1. I think Cola is in the spirit of the law, just not the letter of the law.
  2. umn... no.. i have another 3 pcs faster than that already (maybe not in gfx tho) as backup servers... but thanks for the offer
  3. I was a gamer my whole life until i joined the church last year.. I haven't played a game since for some reason.. too busy or something.. dunno.. i guess.. well something... I was a huge PC gamer, haven't owned a console since nintendo64... some of my favorite games are Race Driver GRiD, Colin McRae DiRT, Crysis/Warhead, Far Cry 2 (and original), GTA4 (vice city, san andreas), Thief 3, Street Fighter series, NFS Most Wanted, Rainbow Six... but yeah my very expensive computer that i got a few yrs ago ([email protected], 8800gtx, 6.36TiB-raid5+931GiB-raid0[total 10hdds], 8GiB ddr800) just sits there as my tv and facebook these days.. its kinda depressing
  4. see i kinda agree with you.. like issues like socialised healthcare or other economic matters i feel have nothing to do with the gospel and these things i think its healthy that there are differing opinions in the church and the church not viewed as a 'political party'. But on issues strongly relating to the gospel and the strength of the church such as gay marriage and abortion, i feel it's our duty to be united on such issues, even to the point of using our unity for political strength.
  5. ah ok.. so its just the details of ordinances that are private. gotcha thanks. I am still a recent convert and have even yet to see said ordinances (except baptisms for the dead obviously), so excuse my lack of wisdom on the matter
  6. I don't understand the issue... if they don't beleive it is true then all that happened is somebody got wet and said a few kind words for the deceased. If they don't believe it to be truth then what are they complaining about. if the DO beleive it then their enternal soul was saved. I'm reminded of Why was this made public anyways? I thought temple ordinances were meant to be sacred.
  7. perhaps it would be a good idea that a mod delete the majority of posts in this thread including this one... i dont think we need this unpleasantness spoiling the topic of the thread.
  8. wow, thankyou that's very insightful. its the 'common' word i didnt associate with unclean. thanks for clearing that up
  9. Thanks a lot both of you for your help.. @Dravin.. I don't quite understand the last scripture "What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common." can you give me some insight to it?
  10. I met a lady just over a week ago, and I started sharing the Gospel with her. Shes such a sweet spirited caring girl and she says she is very envious that I can have such strong beliefs that affect and help me in all aspects of my life. From what we've spoken she seem very interested in learning more about the gospel, but she is very scared. She believes that she is unclean or somehow unworthy of such blessings, that if she attends church other members will see her past sins and pass judgement. Although this unworthiness she feels I'm sure stems from a traumatic event she confided in me rather than anything that she has done herself. She's very open to listen to me and I've aranged to meet up with her again tomorrow, and by chance I had already had our missionaries scheduled to come over that day, but when I mentioned this she said she would prefer it if they weren't there. I would really prefer have someone more capable than me to answer some of her worries as until my baptism in december i wasn't so diligent in my scripture study. But I feel that if she is comfortable with me perhaps after I help her overcome her biggest fears i'll be able to refer some sister missionaries in her area to teach her more. So the help that I need to help her are some references in scripture relevant to the clensing of baptism, and how Jesus accepts everyone despite their past transgressions. So that I may go over it with her. I really want to help this girl out she is such a wonderful person and so deserving of having the spirit in her life, and I know she feels it as our discussions have left her in tears but she is still scared of what people will think of her, even though I know how people will accept her she has a hard time believing me. Also if someone has any ideas to help her being scared of being judged harshly by people that would really help her too. I have a friend who is very wise with scripture that i'm meeting up with at institute tonight who im sure will also be able to help but more input would be appreciated. thanks. :) EDIT: heres what i've come up with so far that i feel best relates to her. I've put in italics the parts that I'm going to explain to her further, and I'm going to search more when i get home from institute. but some help with specific scriptures where it says Jesus accepts all people would be really helpful. thanks.
  11. Caution: Wins arguments by blurting out inane facts until you walk away in disgust.
  12. i have a friend who grew up there, she says it is fantastic there and the members are great.
  13. oh noez... i sin most every week AT church then, what about those preparing and clearing the sacrament... that's work right... what about getting chairs down and stacking them back up for classes... oh no... forgive me!!
  14. lol, lots of girls play ball in our stake, and here i was not shoving on them/playing lighter than normal cas I thought I was worried about touching them inappropriately
  15. Hey, I actually saw that South Park episode long before I became LDS, and all it did was soften my heart to hear missionaries when they came a knockin'. The South Park episode portrayed Mormon family life in a positive light which is the most important thing, a mockery was made of the story of Joseph Smith, but every LDS surely can admit how unbelievable the story of Joseph Smith is. If it were not for that episode of South Park, I'm not 100% sure if I'd be a member right now. If you compare it to the Scientology episode... LOL As for Big Love, I recently watched some of it because it was recommended by a non-member friend, and it has actually helped me come to terms with the LDS history surrounding polygamy. As this is one aspect along with racism in the Church's history that as a new member I've had a hard time accepting. I'm an adult and am easily able to see truth from fiction and neither show has had me questioning my faith in the church. I have not seen the episode(s) depicting endowments and as it is sacred I don't agree with them showing it though.
  16. I wouldn't say that women are any more or less emotional than men, but studies indicate that women use both sides of their brain at the same time which would indicate that they would exercise judgement more in tune with their emotional intelligence whereas men would use only their logical intelligence. Obviously this isn't the case for matters of the heart but those aren't decisions I'm talking about. There have also been studies that show that the male brain is more equipped for spatial awareness, whereas women take note of details. A study where they ran groups of boys and girls through mazes. The groups were able to see the mazes from above at a point in the maze so they could see the entire maze. After running the mazes they came to the conclusion that in mazes with more identifiable features like fountains or benches etc etc the girls did noticibly better, but in the mazes with less identifiable features the boys did noticibly better. This is the reason for why 'in general' males are better at things that require spatial awareness such as a game of chess. There are always exceptions to any rule but in general thats the rule.
  17. I was thinking the same thing... I think I'll be having more meals with pork if this price trend continues... I love irrational fear...
  18. mutated animal virii are a real threat, probably not worthy of such hysteria but a threat nonetheless. I have friends who know much more on the subject than I and they assure me that we are well overdue for a serious global pandemic. I think it is advisable to avoid crowded areas and hospitals where practical, particularly if there are reported cases in your state. This swine flu apparently has a 10% mortality rate for those infected so far which is nothing to sneeze at.
  19. It says that LDS has a 'policy' on illegal immigrants serving missions which say they are well aware of their illegal status. Whilst I think it is a good thing for these people to serve a mission, i'm not sure it is worth comprimising some of our fundimental beliefs as per The Articles of Faith Not only is it compromising the beliefs of all those involved in assisting them, it compromises the image of the LDS Church.
  20. Well that goes well with what I'm trying to say, it is obvious that the current system is definitely not the best stewardship. Every other healthcare system from developed nations have proven definitively that a socialist system is the best usage of resources. It costs less money per person and more people are treated. This is definitely what I would see as stewardship in relation to the healthcare of the people. There are plenty of people that are born into lower socio-economic class who had not the opportunity to attend tertiary education and have had no chance to get a good-paying job. Instead they work to the 'best of their ability' by working two jobs and strugle to live day to day let alone earn enough to pay for their healthcare. They may not be able to turn them away, but they are still left with a massive bill, this also leaves most illnesses left until they're an emergency when a small amount of care earlier could have prevented it. the system may not be perfect, but at the end of the day it's going to cost you and everyone else less money. Plus, its a far better system than what is already in place. You seriously think that countries like the UK, France and other european countries don't have problems with border control. In the UK some major cities indigenous white people have just statistically become a minority, with other major cities 5-10 years away from the same fate. Yet manage to have the best healthcare in the world. Borders in europe are far far more relaxed than in America, and these countries treat immigrants regardless. Healthcare provider for 'the world' is a tad dramatic, why would people from canada, uk etc etc travel to usa for treatment when they can receive it at home? BUt socialised healthcare costs LESS, not more.I don't have solutions for your countries problems that it is facing at the moment, but there will always be a middle-class. Anyways, I better stop now, its just hit the Sabbath in my part of the world, time I stopped talking about such worldly matters and got off the internet.
  21. The Ant and the Grasshopper isn't scripture. Also you're using 'scary stories' and 'emotional sidestepping' again with presenting facts. You're talking as if only the unprepared suffer, where it is everyone that suffers. People think they are prepared, they have health insurance only for their claim to get rejected. Everyone suffers when healthcare is about money and not about healing the sick, health insurance companies protect their shareholders first and foremost, leaving the sick a cold second.There are countless legal loopholes that health insurance companies have used to deny treatment of sick patients who should be covered by their insurance. This is particularly the case with expensive and ongoing treatments such as cancer. Then insurance wont be given to people who will probably actually get sick, the list of conditions that disqualify someone for health insurance are endless, and if it is found that you had one of these conditions prior to applying for health insurance even if it is totally unrelated to your illness and you had no knowledge that you had it, your insurance will be canceled. Health insurance works on the exact same idea as social heathcare in the idea that funds are pooled by the larger community and the healthy people pay for the treatment of the ill, the only differences are that it is far more expensive and the level of corruption is far higher. This is directly observable by my previous post showing that despite the USA having the most expensive per person cost of healthcare they have the lowest level of health coverage in the world. All because of leeching and corrupt insurance companies feeding on the blood of the sick. It's not about "entitlement" its about the obvious failings of the current system.
  22. You're knowledge on this subject is obviously quite lacking. Do you have any idea on the quality of healthcare in developed nations outside the USA? heres a quick summary from wikipedia, not the best source in the world but a good place to start. I know exactly what Jesus would do. Heal the sick... In fact, that is what HE ACTUALLY WENT AROUND DOING... I could keep finding quotes to support this until the second coming, whilst your quote is vague and unrelated. Jesus put a far higher emphasis on healing the sick.
  23. But i think it all comes down to each persons interpretation of Benson's speech, he said nothing about healthcare just 'transfer of wealth', nobody gains wealth by being treated for illness so it could easily be interpeted this way. Nor do I see it as 'forced charity' as it is a public service for all people not helping out a specific group. If Thomas Monson speaks out on the subject of socialised healthcare then I will take heed, until then I'm interpreting the speech as I interpret the standard works, as a personal message to me. If Benson's speech was black and white on the subject, obviously I would take heed, but just as I have interpreted to suit my way of thinking, just as others have interpreted it to suit their way of thinking.
  24. The same peace of mind I have knowing that if I get sick tomorrow I can walk into a doctors and get treated without fear that my unavoidable illness will incur a mass of debt, or that if I get a chronic illness that may last for 6 months that causes me to lose my job and leaves me with expensive medical bills that I wont lose my home because of I'm dumped with an mountain of debt I have no means to pay for? Renting isn't like owning, increased property value is a negative thing for someone renting as it only means higher rent, so why should a renter's taxes go towards parks and open spaces which will only increase their monthly outgoings on rent with no return on that payment? Its very good that you appreciate such great people for such heroics, but it has no relevance to this argument. It's they kind of emotional sidestep politicians use to brainwash people with guilt that if you support A then you support B when in reality you do not support B. So shouldn't they be privatised so that these heroes have an oppurtunity to earn more money? Also, do you not consider a doctor to be a hero when he saves countless lives in his career?This point is really making your argument confusing to me, you hold firefighters and millitary in higher regard than doctors but you would prefer firefighters and millitary to earn less money in a socialist system whilst the doctors reap the benefits of working in a privatised system. From a logical perspective this really makes no sense. Your willing to pay a % of your income for firefighters and millitary but instead of paying that small % to doctors you're willing to pay double or triple when you're sick? Thats just irrational fear, you live in a democratic country. Just because people vote for socialised healthcare doesnt mean they'll vote for a totalitarian system of government.
  25. school dropouts i think can be attributed to other aspects of society such as immorality, not the teachers. So you're saying that people that rent their home and stay indoors shouldn't have to pay those taxes? I think you'll find the border-crossing trend is the exact opposite, I can't think of anyone in their right mind that would travel TO the USA for healthcare. Still, i've gone 27 years without needing to call out the fire brigade, but I've paid taxes for 11 of those years. I fail to see the benefit for ME personally. I really think you need to look at the NHS in the UK, where all patients are attended to, doctors don't live in poverty still living in multimillion dollar houses driving expensive cars. They do earn a little bit less, but are acutally more satisfied with their jobs as testimonies from countless American doctors all state they feel absolutely mortified when they have to turn away a critically ill patient for reasons of insurance.