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  1. I always just think of "God" being a singular noun that represents a plurality. "Family" works the same way. There is a family, but the family has distinct persons with in it.
  2. By the way LDS scripture affirms the oneness of God, both in the Book of Mormon (Mormon 7:7, 2 Nephi 31:21) and the D&C 20:28.
  3. I think the pre-mortal existence is key to understanding the LDS belief. Man is immortal, both pre- and post- Earth. LDS also defines God not so much in terms of role, or power, but in nature. God is ever progressing and becoming more, through his creations (us). we are "gods" because we have the ability to progress and procreate and take part in the nature of what God is. And I never understood why the corporeal nature of the Father is so difficult. One Christian would mock Mormons for believing in a 2/3 God. And I would remind him that he believed in a 1/3 God, if he believes in the physical resurrection of Christ. So, for both of us, at least a portion of God is corporeal.
  4. Everything you described about the nature of the Godhead, I agree with. I think the difference is we accept that God the Father and Jesus are corporeal beings, although exalted and perfect. And the notion that God is of the same species as Man. The nature of the unity of the Godhead/Trinity is really not of a concern to me, because I think we basically agree, they are separate persons, but also unified beyond just a committee in a way we cannot comprehend.
  5. bytebear

    Necessary Thanksgiving Foods

    Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, rolls, some kind of jello salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, pumpkin pie.
  6. Say the couple is in the afterlife, and have been convinced of Christ's divinity, and are now awaiting their sealing blessing. Shall we deny them this, because we don't know their state? No, we must unlock the keys of exhalation to everyone we possibly can, and as soon as we can for their benefit. I also believe the spirits in prison have a much more clear understanding of things that we know.
  7. I would (and still occasionally) have Jehovah Witnesses come by as there is a church just up the road. One time they came with a message about Adam and Eve, and the creation story. I listened and we chatted about it quite a while, and I gave my understanding, which was of course the LDS viewpoint, and one woman was just fascinated by my understanding and interpretation. She asked "How did you figure all of this out?" and I said, "oh, I believe in modern day prophets who give more light to the topic."
  8. Thing is, LDS teachings are Biblical, and quite plain, if you understand them through modern revelation. The King Follett sermon is a prime example. The introduction to the sermon by Joseph Smith says: The teaching of Joseph Smith are as plain in the Bible as any traditional belief, if understood through revelation. Smith didn't teach three heavens from the Book of Mormon or the Doctrine and Covenants, but from 1 Corinthians 15, but with a revealed understanding. The nature of the spirit world is from 2 Peter. Eternal marriage and temple ordinances from Genesis, etc. etc. Some "plain and precious" truths were lost over time, but I believe Smith fully believed in the truthfulness of the Bible, and that our "odd" teachings are plainly taught there.
  9. I find it interesting that when you study the life and teachings of Joseph Smith, it's just much an understanding of existing scripture as it is a prophetic edict. Smith didn't declare heavenly parents. Rather, in his role as the prophet of the restoration was given knowledge that gave better understanding on phrases like "first born" and "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." I think for Smith, it was just obvious from not just a deeper understanding of Christ, but from interactions with Him, and angels, and revelations given. Some things are revealed in great detail in modern scripture, like the physical nature of the godhead, and others are simply understood.
  10. Here are some study links: In Christian circles, there are interpretations on what it means to be First Born. Apparently this pastor wants to make sure you understand that He is not a created being, and that the term is more symbolic of Him being the author of creation. But I guess I want to emphasize the notion of Christ being the firstborn is not foreign to Biblical scripture or doctrine.
  11. Joining the church is really making a covenant with God, that you will follow his commandments and in return he offers the gift of the Holy Ghost, and a path to more blessings. Basically this gift and your friend's commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what sets them apart. You recognize it, and the missionaries will tell you the steps you would need to take to make the covenant, and join the church.
  12. When I was on my mission, we were teaching a family and the father asked about having to stop drinking beer. He said he didn't drink it often and he didn't have an addiction, nor was he an alcoholic. I said, "Yes, that's probably true, but you will be a role model for your children, and you don't know if they will end up struggling with it." It was one of those moments when I know the Holy Ghost was prompting me to say what he needed to hear. They were baptized a week later.
  13. Don't you know, the Salt Lake Temple construction is to add booster rockets so it will be launched to heaven.
  14. My high school in Salt Lake covered 4 or 5 stakes (back in the 80s). We had some dances, but most of it was coordinated through school friends than church friends. The school also had a lot of dances throughout the year. About 5 were sponsored by the school and a couple were done through the seminary program and were church sponsored. Those were often at fancy venues like symphony hall or hotel ballrooms. I really don't remember going to a lot of stake dances. I do remember going to the Ritz and the Bay dance clubs on the weekends.
  15. bytebear

    Second marriage and temple garments

    I could understand if it was a tux with a specific tie and cummerbund, but temple clothing are generally very generic. I guess he could buy a new set, but honestly, I bet you couldn't tell which was which.
  16. bytebear


    It's not rocket science. I mean we can off grandma in the retirement home and have a major economic benefit.
  17. Circumstances do not change the commandments of God. It's really that simple. And I don't understand the need to create a new life under less than ideal circumstances, when there are already thousands of kids living in less than ideal circumstances who are begging for a better situation that someone could provide, whether that be volunteerism or fostering or just being a big brother/big sister. One option just seems selfish compared to the other.
  18. bytebear

    Andy Ngo

    Antifa, like the Brown Shirts are a bunch of kids who want to beat people up with no ramifications, the "enemy" is irrelevant, although it's being pushed by an anti-American, anti-Free Speech agenda. But you need to find the head of the snake. Trouble is, the snake includes the people who are meant to investigate such things.
  19. bytebear

    First time since I do not know how long

    That would work if I had a lawn. And the extent of the debris is substantial. This is a week of eucalyptus bark. I have 6 eucalyptus trees and several other trees. The back yard is basically a forest.
  20. bytebear

    First time since I do not know how long

    I have a yard with a lot of trees, and as such I need leaf raking a lot. It is impossible to find a neighborhood kid to do the job. Everyone is a tree service, which is a shame because I would much rather give my money to a neighborhood kid than some company.
  21. bytebear

    Mormon retreats?

    I would consider a historic church tour. There are a few companies that provide them, and they do try to put in at least a bit of spiritual quiet time. Of course, you could do your own pace, and maybe spend some extra time in Nauvoo or the sacred grove site.
  22. bytebear

    Democratic Presidential candidates

    $1000 a month for every person? That seriously lost me. Do people really think these plans are feasible? Or that the economy will not implode?
  23. I think it depends on the situation, but if someone has the opportunity to change, then choose the right. Otherwise choose the kind. Example. Your friend has a spot of dirt on his nose. The right and kind thing is to to tell him, so he can fix it. Hermione may have been unkind to Ron when she pointed out his dirty nose, but she did the right thing. Now, say he has two mismatched socks. It would be right to tell him so, but if he can't change his socks, all you have done is made him self conscious about them and he can do nothing about it.
  24. bytebear

    Childhood Toys that Stick in the Memory

    This is the same for me. I specifically wanted this exact game.
  25. bytebear

    Joseph Smith Translation of Luke chapter 23

    When I was on my mission, I was told the interpretation all depends on the comma. " And the Lord said unto him, This day thou shalt be with me in paradise. " becomes " And the Lord said unto him this day, thou shalt be with me in paradise." Shifting the comma shifts the meaning from the day you will be in paradise, to the day in which the Lord spoke. This solves the problem for those who do not believe in an immediate spirit world, but a waiting period before salvation.