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  1. nzorient

    How do I give my burdens to the Lord?

    Hi, when I was younger, I had a special experience. My answer to your question would be to focus on the Atonement. When Christ suffered, when he drank the bitter cup, when he hung on the cross - It was to take the burdens off your shoulders and make you whole again. I found healing in my spirit when I learned the meaning of the Atonement and knowing that it was done for me, personally, for reasons no one else knows except the Lord - and He has done the same for you. As song that came to my mind goes... "Learn of Me and listen to my words, walk in the meakness of my light... For I will give you peace, my love will never cease, for I am Jesus Christ." Grab a hold of your responsibilities, seeking the Lords help if you seem stuck. You will know that the Lord is with you because he prepared the way before you.
  2. Hello, it's awesome how you are seeking for help from the Holy Ghost. For me, I think there are two parts to choosing the right partner. You are doing the first part which is the spiritual guidance. Spirituality is also important in a successful relationship - The Prophet counseled that husband and wife should pray together. You must have a level of spirituality, individually - and your partner should have a similar level of spirituality, individually too. The second part is the temporal side such as intimacy, abilities, skills, personality, behaviors and attitudes. It's important you write down in your journal what you want in your man (but don't make the list tooooooo long). Not everyone is like Nephi Because once you get married, it's not good to decide that he's not meeting your needs, and things will just go down hill if you feel disappointed. One book that i'm reading is "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". Great book!! Lots of information in there that'll help open your view of relationships and may help you make the right choice. Ask yourself, is he the one that I want to grow old with? Good luck
  3. nzorient

    How would I survive without power?

    Thanks every one! This leads me on to say the technology we learn to develop on this earth, I wonder if it will it be taken with us in the renewed world? I am an IT guy and all that I've learnt may not have relevance in the next life? In D&C 130: 18-19, if one develops more intelligence that the other... Can one develop the wrong intelligence? I have the flu today so if that totally didn't make sense then that's why
  4. Don't know if this has been asked before, but has anybody studied differences in attitudes and behaviour of people that lived in biblical times verses our time today where we rely so much on electricity and they don't?? It means I would have to do everything while the sun is up. I imagine biblical people would get longer sleep too? - Could they be a healthier society? Is there anyone out there that still lives like that today? It just seems so hard to imagine life without power. Does this make us a lazier generation?
  5. The other day, I let my brother come to take my computer speakers. It didn't worry me coz they couldn't handle MoTab anyway. What I mean is it always sounded muffled and it really annoyed me. So I've been looking around for a new pair of computer speakers, and they HAD to be able to handle MoTab, especially when the Soprano's sing really high and it's just heavenly. I picked up a pair of Logitech Z10. They are soooooo amazing!! I can actually hear the words so clearly now AND the orchestra sounds really good!! I'm really really really happy with them so I'd thought I'd come and share with everyone Normal speakers don't do the Choir any justice! I'm thankful to Heavenly Father for giving someone the brains to create such an awesome tool, to help me feel the Spirit. Oh, and iTunes is also awesome
  6. nzorient

    Book Of Mormon, Hoax?

    Are all the words found in the dictionary? It should be accurate
  7. nzorient

    Fear of trying something because it might not work

    On Discovery Channel, ever watched Mega Construction where those people build those 70 story high towers?? That would really freak me out!! But for the man on the job, it's like second nature. Fear is in the eye of the beholder. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. If something threatens my weaknesses I tend to shrink from it. Something in my mind tells me that "I can't do it" --- But I need to learn to follow that through with "But nothing is impossible". Fear can also be a way of our subconscious mind alerting us of danger, ie getting robbed in at gun point. Fear is not always a bad thing. Another example I see are life guards that go out of their way to save surfer's that need rescuing or firemen that run into a burning building... If you interview them, they will most likely say they were scared - but why did they still do it? In their shoes, the more time they spend thinking about it, the opportunity for survival is over. You've probably heard sayings like "Mind over Matter" "Just Do It" "It's worth the Risk"... The fact about fear is that... it can be controlled. Just my 2 cents.
  8. nzorient

    How do you know God exist?

    In saying that if you did see God, are you willing to fill some big shoes He will probably place in front of you? Laman and Lemuel had the privilege of seeing Angels (enough for me) but because of their own stubbornness they still did not want to believe. Grab a bowl of a humble heart, open mind, faith the size of a mustard seed and patience. Mix until consistant. Somehow you will just know it's Him. From experience, he customizes to your individual needs.
  9. nzorient

    Career Path Confusion !!

    Hey MissKitty, You could be the next politician that will roll out world class child care services?? Good luck
  10. nzorient

    An addiction that must go...

    Hey RegretfulGuy, It's so typical of Satan trying to tear up those who are preparing to serve the Lord. Just exactly like when Satan tried to stop Joseph Smith from praying in the woods - because he knew that a great and marvelous work was about to roll forward, as evident as it is today! But Joseph prayed really hard the Lord came to the rescue. As you are preparing for your mission, temptation will be everywhere to try and stop you. It's probably a sign that you are going to be a great missionary. And while you are a missionary, you are going to be meeting other people addicted to this and you need to teach them how to repent and become clean before baptism. You'll need the strength of the Holy Ghost to uplift you. I came across an awesome quote today: "If we choose the right way, we are sustained in our actions by the principles of righteousness, in the which there is power from the heavens. If we choose the wrong way and act on that choice, there is no such heavenly promise or power, and we are alone and are destined to fail." William R. Bradford. Mingling with good friends and family all the time can help you keep your mind off this stuff. I remember my Mission President in a conference, he counseled those returning home to keep as far away from these things as it is the cause of marriage and family problems. Trust me, you don't want to go through all that heart-ache, that I've seen others go through. Something out of the blue, you could try Martial Arts. There you will learn to strengthen 'self-control'. Good luck with your preparation and be strong!!
  11. nzorient

    Hi. New here.

    Hello... I recently subscribed to LDS Gems ( - LDS Gems, Inspirational Quotes) where they send out daily inspirational emails. Your post reminded me of yesterday's Gem... "When you know that the Book of Mormon is true, you know that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth. . . . You know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the only name whereby you can receive salvation." Marcos A. Aidukaitis, "Because My Father Read the Book of Mormon," Ensign, Nov. 2008, 16 Many times, I find that fasting helps me to get in tune with the Spirit. It also shows to Heavenly Father that you sincerely want to know the truth. There seems to be a clearer communication between man and God during fasting. I hope this helps?
  12. nzorient

    Sabbath Day Teachings

    Two weeks ago, someone mentioned that in a sacrament talk. It was given by President Hinkley. I'm also trying to find that talk...
  13. nzorient

    Half a Sacrament

    Today's Fast Sunday was amazing. The spirit was sooo strong and I couldn't hold back teary eyes. It doesn't surprise me to be reminded that the Church is TRUE!! Anyway, at sacrament I took the bread, but the Deacon forgot to pass the water to me. Just out of curiosity, does that me I only did half the ordinance and it doesn't count as a renewal of my covenants?
  14. nzorient

    Temple water is blue??

    It could be the fluro lights? I had to change my fish tanks light a few weeks ago and noticed that one bulb had blue written on it and the other had red - but the lighting is white... I guess some spectrum are invisible to the eyes but could reflect in the water?
  15. I agree. Before I really knew about Christianity, I had read fliers that people drop into our mailbox about God is One and God is Trinity etc etc. If you don't know about Christianity, it doesn't make sense. I hope He has a good sense of humor because I honestly thought that God was like an octopus. When I was investigating the LDS Church, until the missionaries spent the whole day trying to help me understand, I really wouldn't have known. (And that He is not an alien). I think it is really important to try to explain Christianity concepts clearly, especially the God Head, otherwise it is very confusing (I know it is for many Chinese people). Also I feel if you don't really understand what you are trying to believe, it doesn't draw your heart nearer to God.