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  1. dizzysmiles

    Quitting YSA

    "Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match...." p.s "They" as in asking the wife and the husband if they EACH have a cute brother.... if they have the SAME brother.. RUN!
  2. dizzysmiles

    Beth Moore

    Yes, I am lds, but I love her studies. I like how she uses daily life and how to apply it in our lives. So far I have done the Psalms of Ascent and now Esther with her.
  3. dizzysmiles

    organ donation

    I used to be an organ donor which was said on my license.... until I learned how they do it. You have to be braindead obviously in order for them to take the organs, but you can't be completely dead or the organs won't work. Whose to say that those that were braindead couldn't feel it? No one made it out alive.
  4. dizzysmiles

    Beth Moore

    We are doing Esther right now and I love it~!
  5. dizzysmiles

    Please Help

    If anything, I honestly think we had the agency to study our options in our minds before we chose. I don't find that a bad thing. I also think we ALL let ourselves down here in a place called LIFE. Doesn't make us a horrible person or less loved of God. :)
  6. dizzysmiles

    Please Help

    Yes that is exactly true!
  7. dizzysmiles

    Please Help

    Lol, I am sure he will get it. He Ain't No Redneck.. jk lol
  8. dizzysmiles

    Please Help

    Yes I agree. However, the man telling me this is my HUSBAND! I have to prove him wrong. What's so shocking is he never says anything bad about anyone, I honestly think it's because of little rumors he heard as a child and simply believes it.
  9. dizzysmiles

    Please Help

    This post will sound very disturbing or racist and I apologize for it. I have been having a conversation with someone who believes these things. I need HELP with any doctorinal evidence that this person is WRONG. Otherwise, if you feel he is right, show me the evidence that he is. These are what he thinks: 1. "The holocaust happened because the Jews killed Jesus." - I say that since the begining before Christ came, the Jews have always had trouble. They were slaves, and had been in bondage for YEARS. I also said that I as we are not held accountable for Adam's transgressions, why would their great great and so on grandchildren be held accountable for theirs? ( I know that if there was an action there is a consequence, but this wasn't something like the Jews destroyed the temple, never rebuilt it and therefore their offspring never got to go to the temple) It happened because there is such a thing as EVIL and it exists! 2. "In the pre-mortal life there were those that shouted for joy, and those that went with satan. However, there was also fence sitters not knowing which to go, therefore they were desendants of cain and are what we know as black people. Therefore they couldn't have the preisthood for years." - I said that is foolish. We all are God's children and he isn't going to Punish us for something we did in the pre-mortal life when we came here for our test. Joseph Smith had a friend who was black who had was given the priesthood back in the day. I am not sure exactly why they had to wait for a while, (but still this isn't the debate here) the debate is that we all have our trials, and maybe they came with a different color of skin because they happen to be stronger to withhold the trials of racisim? Either way doesn't matter what color you are, We are all God's children. If we were all the same, life would be boring. I am sure there were fencesitters,but we don't know who they are, it could have been any of us and that isn't bad thing! The beauty of it is they had a CHOICE, why would God give them a conseqence for deciding what they wanted to do and chose the right? 3. " After the millenium a thousand years of peace ( satan will be in bondage, but after he will be released), Satan will once more reign for a thousand years before judgment and then be cast to outerdarkness." I thought that Christ casts Satan out before the millenium. I don't like the idea of this yo yo - a thousand years of peace, after the destroying of the earth as we know it, then just to have a thousand years back of wickedness?!- Plus if only good people are alive in the milleinum (whether resurected, twinkled or whatever) where will all the bad guys come from? I thought Satan was cast out, the millenuim happens and then judgment.. no in between of satan reigning again. This is his chance, now. Well that is enough for right now, but those are the three that I need help with support from scriptures or so on that A. Jews and the holocaust. B. Fence sitters are of different races. C. satan coming back after the mil.... HElp!
  10. Read The Five Love Languages book. It's great. Love is something that you do for someone else because you can't imagine your life without them, even if that requires doing something completely for them. THe more we give to our loved one, the more they are going to give to us, but the true joy will be coming from making them happy. May not always be easy but it's worth it.
  11. dizzysmiles

    are you kidding?

    I guess I have come across very fast with my words. I hear it all the time from friends and family that what I am doing is a waste. I have seen the effects of being a parent and having a child molested while mommy is at work. (molestation can HAPPEN aNY time) But If I can stop it from happening again, I pledge my life, MY happiness for the moment, and my sweat to make sure it doesn't. It scares me to death. To each their own, and until you walk in someone's shoes, WE really can't say otherwise. I don't need to read the SAHM blogs, I already am one. Ihave been on both sides of the street, a job to me was easier, better and I was able to talk to adults!!! I miss it, I won't lie that I don't. But life is so short and before I know it my kids will be gone. If you and your wife intrigued want to both work, go for it. Just as someone said earlier, make sure she knows that before marriage. Also, I agree with the other writer who said that he goes to work and does his part, and his wife does her part.... different roles but for the same purpose and they both see they love each other because of it. I think that's how my relationship is.
  12. dizzysmiles

    are you kidding?

    thank you." It's tough being a woman. " - ask Esther.
  13. dizzysmiles

    are you kidding?

    Intrigued, If you want your wife to share your load of being a man and providing for the family, then you better share her load of housekeeping, grocery shopping, taking CARE of the kids, making dinner, doing laundry, doing your daughters hair, and be ready for a wife who doesn't want to be physical EVERYnight because she is a little bit worn out. When you have a wife, and THEN children... you will see. Don't we all say " When I have kids my kids aren't going to ... blah blah blah" then we have kids and think "Wow we were pretty stupid. ignorant. and selfish." Life is a lot more once you go through it. Good luck to you man, You need it.
  14. dizzysmiles

    Bishop disciplinary council

    REad "Forgiving oursleves" You can buy it at Deseret Book. This too shall pass. You are not alone in this, and you're doing the right thing, Trust me.
  15. dizzysmiles

    Why did this happen?

    Funky Town summed it up perfectly. AS much as I love my parents, I want to be with my spouse for eternity. My best friend lost her husband after a year of marriage in a tragic car accident. This always crosses my mind of how short life is. I would do a ceremony after for them, but they love me for me, and after all the crap I may have caused them, They still will love me, and hopefully understand one day.