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  1. Josie

    Merry Christmas Thread

    I to have had a wonderful day with family and enjoy seeing old friends here. Thank each of you that have added to my life somewhere along the ride, and Merry Christmas to all.
  2. Josie

    Free Money? Am I Poor Enough?

    I do not understand why anyone would think those ward members were tacky or anything else in a negative light for trying to be kind to a family that they wanted to have a wonderful Christmas. I am sure that they know you are not dirt poor. They just are good people that wanted to bring a little extra cheer to someone else. Accept the money graciously and if you feel inclined to help someone else with some of it, do so. If you find you need it for whatever, that is fine too. If you are concerned that the ward has the idea that you are maybe a little more in need than you really are, make an appointment with your Bishop. Talk to him honestly and let him know what your plans are and where you are in your lives. Let him know you are grateful for their kind thoughts and generosity, but would like to see help go to those in the ward or stake that really need it. Sounds like the money was given out of the goodness of someones heart and not to offend or belittle. Take it as such.
  3. Josie

    Merry Christmas

  4. Josie

    Reeaallly Good Hot Chocolate

    That sounds really good on this cold night.
  5. Josie

    Finish This Thought...

    Life is God's gift to us, What we do with it, is our gift to God. I don't know who said that, but I love it.
  6. Josie

    Mistake To Resign?

    I am sure you know who your Bishop is. Call and set up an appointment with him. Talk to him about your concerns and where you go from here. A word of advice. When you want to know the truth about something, don't go to those who don't belong or have part in it, to get answers. Go to the real thing. That is where you find the truth. Anyone can say anything, that does not make it true and making eternal decisions without all of the facts is not wise. I am not trying to condemn, just suggesting that from now on, you go to the source, instead of angry people that usually know nothing of what they are talking about.
  7. Josie

    Birthday Greetings!

    A very happy birthday to you Shan. And many many more.
  8. LDS Talk has been a good place for me and "home" is the word used most probably to describe it. I feel like I am home when I come to this site, which has been a home to me for the last 8 years atleast. I have made wonderful friends here, had many laughs, learned about gospel subjects I was not too keen on, and grown emotionally and spiritually from my experiences here. I have made friends that will last the rest of my life. Just tonight, I heard from one that I have not spoken too for over a year, but she wanted to know where I was and how I was. I have made friends throughout the world from this site and appreciate all it offers all of us. From food fights in chat to helping a friend through a tough time to meeting people in real life, the site has been a great benefit to my life and I am grateful for it.
  9. Josie

    Strike Up The Band!

    CONGRATS! To both Dr. T's! That is wonderful news.
  10. Josie


    Cool Onyx, hope she loves them and the rest of the family does too.
  11. Josie

    Wahoo 1000 Posts!

    I feel the same way Canuck Mormon. I feel the same way. Thought I would never see the first 1,000. And no one is putting up with you. Enjoy your posts.
  12. Josie


    Dangirl, I understand what it is like to deal with family members and friends who object to what you are preparing to do. It is hard and hurts plum down to your toes. You do not want to upset those that love you, but you know in your heart that you must do what is right. This is ultimately your decision and it is an eternal decision, which makes it the most important decision in your life to this point. If you know that what the missionaries are telling you is true, then you already know what that decision has to be. You know that you have to do what is right for you, not what is right for someone else. You have to listen to the Lord and do what you know to be right. But, only you can make this decision, because it is you that has to live with it when you make it. When I joined the Church at 14 [after waitting 2 years to get permission from my father], it was the happiest day of my life to that point. I had been active in the Church for two years and not a member. At that time we had to have permission from our parents until we were of adult age, I am not sure what the rule is now. I love my father, and do not condemn him in any way. He had been brought up to hate the LDS religion and everything it stood for. Him and all of his family were very much against the Church. But, he saw that I was not on drugs, or doing things that I should not. I dressed according to standards and I stuck with it. He could not see that it was harming me, and he saw that I was determined, so he allowed me to be baptized because of what he had seen the church do for me. I waitted 32 years to have him tell me that him and Mom were going to start going to Church with me. He never got to go, because cancer struck him down that very week. I had his work done for him 1 year after he passed away and saw my mother baptized in another year and went to the temple with her the next year and she was sealed to Dad and me to them. [if you don't understand that yet, you will later. Don't worry about it.]
  13. Josie

    Finish This Thought...

    Life is what you make of it.
  14. Josie

    Old Wives Tales.

    FIREPLACE A fire that roars up the chimney = an omen of an argument or a storm; sparks clinging to the back of the chimney are a sign of important news a sudden fall of soot presages bad weather or a disaster of some kind. Coal (a symbol of fire) is lucky and small pieces were often carried in the pocket. Its use in the tradition of 'first footing' on New Year's Eve.
  15. Josie

    Old Wives Tales.

    it is unlucky to pass anyone on the stairs. Stairways symbolized the means of ascending to the abode of the gods and it was dangerous to trespass; also, early stairways were very narrow and two people passing each other left themselves open to attack from behind. Stumbling on the staircase is said to be a good omen and may indicate a wedding in the household before long.