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  1. For Me.. ALL are special! The only three I have seen and actually have been inside are the following Columbus Ohio- First temple that I was able to do work in as a new member. All I saw was the Baptistry but I knew there was so much more and after feeling the presance of my HF i knew that it was a place i needed to be. Vernal Utah- AFter passing it going to work everyday and praying on the grounds was the Temle I went to for my Endowments SLC Temple- A place that I went to for peace. Its hard to understand why but as soon as would step foot on the Temple Square grounds the worries of this world would disapear. The wife understood that even though it was a three hour drive its worth going to the city and letting me ponder and reflect in the tranquility of this magnificent testament to our Father and His Son. And now I can say that after going to Temple Square alot have been given the oprotunity to do a session there also. I hope to go to a few more of the great temples of the church. and thank you all for the wonderful stories also
  2. Congrats YOU!!!! I feel the same way. I cant believe that with me its been almost 2.5 years! seems like it was just yesterday that I was a noobie in the chat room asking all kinds of questions.
  3. see jt its sorta like my old bishop says.... when I first started talking to him about goin to the temple i had ALL kinds of questions. this is what he told me.... "When you play basketball you wear a uniform. when you go swimming you wear a swimsuit. you dress for the sport. enough said" I see nothin wrong with the nightgown thing personally. hope that helps?
  4. I have noticed that too keith. even out here in the sticks. the other thing i have noticed is the "natrual sugar" stuff. tried the pepsi throwback. just made me thirstier! was like dang whats up? and with cola products at like 5.15 a 12 pack was thanks!!!! I had an aunt that made home made root beer...I miss that stuff!!!
  5. Thanks all.... Didnt know that Lil Sis would do a report the second she found out!!!!! It looks like i didnt even leave the parking lot! geesh! lol JK lil sis. thanks. And yes mom you cans get credit for this one!
  6. Pale not only did she wear the Grumpy hoody..... She also was brave to try the 50 year old meatloaf recipie All I can say is that she be brave for a Gingy! WE had a blast everyone! The one thing that I did get a hoot out of was the Lil Grant Dude! He rocks! And I gots to meet me Mum!!! whoo hoo!! And I agree....we should do a Chucky Cheese next time. Just trying to picture pam playing Whck A mole! She would most likely go through some list of folks... "GhostRider and Pale Got away again!!!!!!!" I since a Youtube moment!!! lol
  7. Aww iggy that is aweful! Glad you made it back alright. I know what it is like to travel long distances alone. Get better soon cause if Vicodin isnt helping the headache then it really has to be bad!!! on a side this the Marie Callenders that is by St Marks hospital? my GPS thingy says yes but it has been known to lie to me at times in the SLC Pooks and I are leaving now and I will be checking the site from time to time till we reach SLC. Thanks all see ya soon and again get better there Iggy!
  8. As it looks my and Pooks will be there. Just gotta make sure that I get to get that weekend off. Boss says no problem but we shall see. Why are we going to make calenders anyway? is it for jk ok just looked up the site! I hope they gots diet pie!!!!!! Question is this.... why are we not doin olive garden? or do i wanna know? lol...jk Pam!
  9. Welcome back Checker. I am in the same boat. Got hitched and dont really have a lot of time for the net. Mostly when she is at work and I am really bored. (Ie cant leave the house due white fluffy crap on roads) Hope Remarrried life is working out for ya!
  10. I was Reading this today and saw that I am like the complete opposite of my brother. He has always played games and had to always beat said game. then came Everquest. I have seen him get a brand new game and beat it within a few hours. Saw him waste a lot of money on games. I never had the attention ya. That or i would just chunked the controler then have to have to buy lil brother a new one. I am just so thankful that most of the issues that I have had like this with addiction (ie Tabobaco and alcohol) have been dealt with within the church and with help from ppl from said congregation. IDK guess i consider myself lucky
  11. Jason, so glad that you are willing to contact the missonaries. I would start by going to the chaple. Depending on where you live there may be missionaries in the ward. Here in Utah they are not there alot. As for where to take the classes. I was in the same situation. sorta. kinda. Southern Baptist. What happened is I was lucky enough to have a family invite me in to take the lessons at thier house. Or we did the lessons in the ward building. If you have any questions just shoot me a message Jason. I will be happy to answer them. also you may want to try this link Chat Live That is for an ACTUAL missionary that is at the MTC to answer questions. Hopefully all your questions will be answered
  12. OOOOOOh a sucking up to Pam Thread!!!!! Lets see... I bow to the great and noble Head Mod Pam All Hail Pam! By Golden Gingy Might. Able to leap tall keyboards in a single bound Can look up faster than a speeding bullet! Can slap Duct tape on a brown nosing PaleRider so quickly she breaks the sound barrier! Look up in the sky... Its MAP! I mean PAM! also here is her super secret hide out. it is soooooo cool inside. 92in tv and all kinds of video game stuff!!!
  13. I know that at the april conference of 09 Honor, MG, Beef, MG's kid took lotsa pics. I have some and when I find em will email them to ya.
  14. Pooks and I want to wish all our friends and family here on LDS.Net a very Merry Christmas! We hope that everyone stays safe, doesnt eat to much and gets all the love and presents that they deserve! Untill we see each other again.