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  1. Thus the word "quote" in quote marks. If you're going to quote someone, you should use them.

    Actually, Holbrooke didn't use the words "our country," so no, you weren't quoting him. What he said was "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."


    Yes sorry about that Elphaba you are right in all instances :)

  2. Are you kidding this guy was part of the reason thousands of women and children died in Yugoslavia. Also he supported the Afghanistan war but on his deathbed he pleaded for someone to get our country out of this war. He was a globalist who was responsibly engaged in much corruption. Peace was just a disguise! Sorry to be so blunt!!!

  3. LOL..Everybody has an opinion and thinks they are right. At the end of the day who cares what motive groups have to teach people not to believe in God and eliminate him from society. As this is the effect it has on a lot of the public. The organization is a coalition of 15 local groups that works to raise awareness of atheists in the Metroplex. There are anti-religious groups that fund a lot of money to these causes as far up as the CIA and FBI.

    Those who are ripe for the picking may have their mind opened up and stimulated, while those who agree with atheism can have their testimony affirmed that there MAY not be a God. Let them. They better feel they are doing the right thing but it shouldn't be any skin off our backs. I am not offended by it or them, except I feel compassionate as I know one day they will look upon their horrible folly.

  4. Has anyone read the original security paper? The one quote on that page doesn't seem to suggest a one world government. Instead, you read the following:

    That doesn't suggest a one world government. It suggests a loss of local power due to globalization: Specifically, companies that can simply laterally move to avoid laws and/or taxes they don't like mean that local governments have less power. Less power for local government naturally increases the power of nonstate conglomerates like businesses, religious organizations, criminal networks and the like.

    That's pretty much word-for-word what the single quote on this says from that. Maybe I'm missing something?

    What does that have to do with anything??? I think I'm missing something!!!!

  5. Be aware this scare of one world government is to get people to turn against our Federal government and make it smaller, there by giving big business more power to abuse the people.

    Ahhh....big business already has more power.....and the federal government are the biggest most established criminals ever! And that goes for any country!

  6. Why would a professional investment firm sell stock when it was at a 90-day high? Not too difficult to guess.

    But if you need another theory: maybe they believed--as this market analyst did the day before the blast--that a government crackdown on financial firms trading oil futures could cause the bottom to fall out of oil prices.

    Actually it does seem a bit difficult to guess....and what you say seems difficult to believe......sounds rigged by all involved to me. That's what seems not too difficult to guess in my eyes!

    Oh and I apologize for the misspelling of your name that was truly a mistake....

  7. And, in a nutshell, you have shown why I think Glenn Beck is a hack.

    Whoever wrote that pamphlet that made up a significant portion of his keynote speech is hardly a 'Key political figure'. He is an obscure political figure that isn't indicative of the movement as a whole.

    However: I'd like to ask you and Rameumptom a question since you seem to believe his tactics are fine. I stated it in my original post, but I'll reiterate it. Please address it.

    If a left-leaning journalist spoke about the Conservative agenda of legalized violence and used Ted Kaczynski's manifesto(He was the Unabomber, by the way) as a means of proof that Conservatives want that, would you accept what he said and move away from conservativism?

    If not, why not?

    He fits the following:

    1) Staunchly conservative.

    2) Published.

    3) Far more famous than even the creator of the pamphlet that his keynote address was on.

    4) Passionate about his ideals.

    I don't think Satan cares about lefty's and righty's, or conservatives or whatever they are.......he's using just about everybody in government to wreck peoples freedom and well being! All this sounds like a text book analogy from high school or law if you ask me!

  8. That deserves a laugh and a thanks. I enjoyed Titanic, but that ending ruined the whole thing. Okay, so, tragic love story -- he dies. I get that, but did it have so so cheesy? "Come back! Come back!" And yeah, he could have/should have found his own piece of debris, and then maybe still died anyway.

    I heard there were plans to make a sequel, and that Jack was actually alive. So glad they didn't do that, what a way to ruin the longest drawn out movie ever made (just in my insignificant opinion). I have to admit I did watch Titanic a second time...although I started it at 2hours into the movie. BUT the movie was cleverly done and I say hats off to the creator!

  9. I remember studying the old testament in a class once and and we were taught that the bankrupt nations will gather for armageddon. I think it may have been Daniel or Jeremiah we were studying. But all the same I believe nations will become bankrupt so that doesn't surprise me that 2010 will be bleak! Somewhere along the line it's going to happen.

  10. Crossing an ocean to invade the US is nigh impossible, Hemi. The US would just bomb the heck out of any transports trying to make landfall. Far more likely they just do the same to the US, since sending soldiers would be nigh on impossible with the advanced tech the US has.

    However, as an intellectual exercise, I suppose there might be some possibilities:

    1) A feint where Mexico or somewhere in South America rebels and requires troops showing up. In that case, it would be a simple exercise to just turn north. Mexico is the best option, since a rogue state there would not be surprising.

    2) An invasion from Russia staged to invade Alaska. In that case, they could make landfall in less than an hour. Tricky, since the US claim air superiority.

    I can't think of any other successful campaign that could be waged, but I don't pretend to have Putin's mind. He could very well come up with some ideas I couldn't.

    Well I am sure the scriptures would refute what you say my friend. At some stage even the great land of America will be overcome. The House of Israel is not following their king and must needs be taken captive in some way or another. I think Wars are organized, not just a whim. Who is really the enemy when both sides are backed by the same financier?

    It makes me wonder how that dude in that cave caused all the airforce and authorities to be away, busy not able to stop him from attacking in September 2001? That proves it can be done!

  11. HEP, I know you're being sarcastic, but I don't understand why you think slashing taxes on the rich will in essence make the poor pay taxes. They already pay taxes--sales tax, taxes on junk food, taxes on cig/liquor, taxes on gas, etc.

    We all know the problem with our healthcare system--too much waste and government spending and inefficiency within the systems we currently have. The government has admitted they know that there is billions of dollars lost due to fraud within the system. Then clean it up!

    Actually there are very rich men who are tax exempt since the great depression. They were exempt from the government like the Rockefellers and other wealthy men. They did it through their companies, look it up it's right there! For evil reasons as well!