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  1. Just thought I'd throw this out there - with the way the economy is of late - but do you have any skills where you could make money from them? For instance, before I had my children, I worked for a local graphic design company (I'm a graphic designer) and when I had my children I finished working. One of my customers I had become quite good friends with and she asked me if I would continue graphic design and do work for her from home. I thought what a great idea! And it's kind of grown from there. Over the past few years, I have even taught myself web design (the internet is an amazing educational tool!), I'm now an advanced web designer - and have made a couple of awesome sites for clients that I'm really proud of! Sorry to go on, but my point is, if you have an interest, hobby or some service you can offer others - then what better way to earn money than to work for yourself! I love it and would never go back to working for "the bossman"
  2. I was about to send a PM to SJ, but when I read this post I thought ... wow... that is exactly what I would have written in a PM. Dove, you set it out perfectly. I apologise for not putting more thought into my post above... I certainly didn't mean to sound judgemental or telling you what to do at all. So I do hope that you have not been judged here - gosh, being so new back at church you probably felt this was a bit of a barrage of what not to do.... sometimes that can put newly active people off. So I hope this isn't the case. I'm also newly active again, doing better than I ever have and happy because of that. But I also know how hard it can be... but as Dove has summed it up perfectly, there is nothing more I need say I, also, wish you the best... you're on a great path right now... :)
  3. Pornography is a sin. Period. Whether you watch it on your own or with your spouse.
  4. I don't understand how anyone can see "no harm in it". For many reasons, but the main one being that porn IS a form of infidelity.
  5. No, sorry, I'm not making fun of you! My interpretation was that you meant if we we are all made of clay we would not be children of God. Sorry! OK, it's not that technical....Adam was made of dust, as an adult, as was Eve, read the scriptures that's what it says. Then Eve was to bear children, meaning we were to be born of Eve and so forth. So, obviously the Lord first made things spiritually, then made Adam & Eves physical bodies (first immortal which then became mortal) the way he did, and gave those elements power to pro-create and multiply the way bodies do. So yes I believe God has the power to create a body from the dust, I know Adam and Eve were created this way. But Adam and eve were then given power to make more human bodies and so forth. Peace
  6. In New Zealand here, you have to be separated (specifically living apart) for at least TWO years until you can even apply for a divorce.
  7. Fully agree with Pam. It definitely isn't acceptable until you are divorced. You would be breaking the vows of marriage. You probably shouldn't be alone with this man in the meantime. By all means, be friends - but if you're wanting the truth - take it no further yet.
  8. No, he's not literally our Father in the flesh - only spirit.
  9. There is a handbook on the matter but only Bishops have it. It relates to these subjects. What you and your partner do in privacy should remain that way. But there are no rules really to sexual acts, if it is CONSENSUAL to both people that is. At the end of the day, it's all about an expression of LOVE. Anything beyond that, wouldn't be acceptable.
  10. Remember that our Heavenly Father will not burden us with more than what we can handle. He is there for you, talk to Him. He is listening. I would like to share a line or two of my Patriarchal Blessing: "In times of stress take heart in the knowledge that the Lord has given you the promise that He will hear the cries of the woman and child (Exodus 22:22-24) a blessing not given to the priesthood!" That is what keeps me going, in the meantime it's great that you are aware of how you are feeling and seeking help. Please PM me if you need anything at all - even just to talk. I'm happy to help. I have been through a lot.... a whole lot... and am a great listener :) We can keep in touch closely over the weekend if you like - I have had people be there for me... I would love to pay it forward and be there for someone else.... xx
  11. Definitely great advice above. It sounds to me that whilst you "grew up in the church" that you may never have gained your own testimony. And I think that is what you now need to do. It's great that you seek to please God and "do the right thing" - but if you pray, with sincerity of heart, you will know the truth - He will guide you. I gained my testimony by reading the introduction in the first few pages of The Book Of Mormon - and trust me, when I went to read that the very first time i was skeptical. However, I prayed and I did this with an honest and sincere heart - really desiring to know the truth. It wasn't long after that - that I knew. Everything made sense. I can't explain it - suffice to say I know, without a doubt, that this is the true church. I sincerely hope you do as I did... open your heart and let the Spirit testify to you :)
  12. For all we know it may already be happening: Water Flowing From the Temple Mount?
  13. ahh but is that before the second coming or after? (regarding water flowing from under the temple)
  14. That is why it needs to be understood by the spirit. The leaders of the church (namely B.R McKonkie) have said some points are true but others may not be. So I wouldn't pass it off as untrue but be careful how it is interpreted. It was released after Joseph Smiths death that is why it could be a little mixed.
  15. PERFECTLY SAID!!! And in so few words!! :)
  16. That's exactly it. You need to follow Heavenly Father and his will for you... there may be sacrifice involved and things you don't want to or think you shouldn't have to do... but let's face it - he's the wise one, right. You can do this - it's a matter of asking him to help you desire it. I once went through a major problem and couldn't see myself ever forgiving this person for doing what they did. And I can tell you honestly, if I had gone with my worldly views - I would never have gotten over it. But.... I knelt down and I prayed to Heavenly Father. I humbled myself and I knew I could never change my own feelings - that i needed Him to help me.... in the end, and even to this day - those prayers changed my life and I am happy because of that today. So all I can suggest - is pray about it, earnestly, humbly, talk to Him. He loves you - he will hear you.
  17. And how do you mean more than Obama could ever be???? wheres the fine line?
  18. Yeah I agree, so what!!! It's still the same Devil controlling it all. How else would the prophecied beast come to fore? It's still the same orchestra playing. I mean it's not that hard to see, and it's not that big of deal, as this is obviously what has to happen to usher in the millenium. I can't wait!
  19. You know, I can't help but wonder if the world had the wool pulled over their eyes with this gone election. Being an outsider, it seems to me you had a forced election by the very people who want socialism to reign one day, and we all know socialism is the same as communism. And we all know that means a world government will be forced upon us. Gee wizz this sounds like prophecy unfolding! I can see it, can't you? I mean it's a well known fact that Obama is a marxist, seems to me like they have put the right person in the job to bankrupt the nation as denoted in the old testament would happen. Scary isn't it?
  20. If you have studied it out in your mind and have decided that you shouldn't be doing it then make a final decision. You may have to say "ok I have decided to leave the force', then resign. Then ask if what you are doing is right. That is how he usually works. If then the right answer is yes you have showed the Lord faith that you are hearkening to his counsel, if it isn't right you can always re-instate in the force I am sure! Fasting is a super-dooper prayer and will help, but making a choice, sticking by it, then asking if it is right is the right way to do it.
  21. If the island was part of a ward or stake boundary, you probably would need permission, if not then you may be able to do it depending if you knew you would be stranded forever....ha ha there are some funny questions on here man!
  22. Well whether you are dead or alive if you have been faithful you will be there to meet Jesus when he comes again. It won't matter either way!
  23. To the person who posted this thread, I think you said you were quite new to LDS....... I think this is a subject that will not matter to your salvation. The Church is true! And we are given enough information to get us through to the next estate. It doesn't matter how the Lord did what he did but to say that we are personally responsible for how we take that information he has given us. The mysteries of the creation of man are probably something we couldn't fully understand in this life, so if it isn't revealed then what everybody is saying is just blowing in the wind, being tossed to and fro! Peace!
  24. How about going out to your local supermarket or someplace where there are physical women walking around, and asking them out on a date!