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  1. 1. What is your favorite color? Blue 2. Where were you born? Utica, NY 3. Did you serve a mission and if so where? n/a 4. Married or single? Single 5. What is your favorite food? Pizza 6. What is your favorite movie? Benny & Joon 7. Who is your favorite band? Led Zeppelin & Queen 8. Do you have children? No 9. Who is your favorite author? Neil Gaiman 10. What is your hobby? Making art of any kind 11. What is your idea of the perfect vacation? Cabin in the woods, lots of quiet quiet quiet <---Have to agree with Pam on this one 12. What is your favorite city? Laurel, DE 13. What is your favorite sports team? n/a 14. What kind of car do you drive? 1991 For Escort 15. What was the first car you owned? 1991 Ford Escort 16. What calling do you hold in church? RS Secretary 17. If you could travel anywhere in the world that you have not been to before, where would it be? Japan 18. What is your favorite tv show? Family Guy 19. What is your current favorite restaurant? Anywhere I can get a good burger and steak fries 20. What event in your life gave you the biggest rush? Nearly getting hit by a train
  2. Well, we talked. I thought we had some good convos. He called first so I called back after a couple days. Left a message, called one last time after that a couple days later and haven't heard back since. So, whatever. At any rate like I said, there's someone I've been thinking about a lot the last few weeks, at least. It's weird because I've known him since I moved here 6 years ago. We just never really talked before. But we started talking recently and for the first time since I met him, I've thought of him as a potential ET. It's slow going but we are kind of starting to hang out. Nothing date-like yet but I hope it does go that way. We'll see I spose.
  3. I just have to giggle. A lot of that stuff is from the days of kindergarten, stuff I wore when attempting to "dress my self". MC Hammer pants, whhhy. :p
  4. At any rate Believe me I wish I didn't have to get some fancy pants degree, but this country of ours seems to think I need one in order go around giving art therapy to folks.
  5. I will be paying $80 grand when all is said and done for my master's alone, going for it as a Med school doesn't help. But the way I think of it, getting a Master's gets me the job I need to not be stuck in McDonald's for the rest of my life. Totally worth it.
  6. "They make take our lives, but they will never take our pants!"
  7. I know not all 2D is hand-drawn, but I had thought they went back to it for this movie?
  8. I saw Princess and the Frog today. It reminded me just how much I miss good ole 2D animated movies. I do enjoy the 3D cartoons, but old fashioned hand-drawn has a magical charm about them I love so much. I don't care who, but someone needs to start making more of them, pronto! I hope Princess and the Frog was successful enough to show we'd like more 'em!
  9. So we talked a few times on the phone. Had some good convos. Don't think it'll be anything more than that though. Ah well, back to look Though there is someone in the branch I'm interested in. We interact more on FB than at church so I'm wondering what's the best way to get my interest across...
  10. The week of Thanksgiving McDonalds (whom my mother has worked hard for all her life) put her on weeks suspension without pay, reason being "she's not friendly enough to the customers" which anyone who knows my mother knows that's a load of crap. She's always on time, has the hardest work ethic I know, etc. So she takes her week off, goes back to work for two days. Then she has a panic attack and is sent to the hospital. She lives with my brother and I. Needless to say, if this was the state working at McD's was going to put her in, we had her quit. Come to find out new management had taken over and they were treating her badly, coercing her to quit. Ever since my dad left my brother has taken over as the bread winner for the family. He'd pay the rent, mom would pay the bills, and I'd go to school. He's blessed with a great job as a driver for Fed Ex which is a really good company to work for. So when we had her quit, we just had to adjust our budget a bit and he's still able to provide for everything just fine. I've spent my whole Christmas break trying to help her find a new job which is tough considering most places do their hiring well before Christmas. I start school in a few days and now I won't have much time to help her. It's also been tough because her memory is getting very bad and gets lost going to the bank down the street. We got her a GPS for Christmas but every time she uses it, it's like her first time using it again. She's got no skills really cause she never went to school beyond high school and McD's is all she's ever done. I'm trying to remain hopeful she will get a job, but sometimes I feel she may not. Financially it's tight but we're fine. It's more like we'd like for her to have something to do, some social interaction, anything. My brother and I hang out a lot with our friends. We do do stuff with our mom but it's hard to tell her she can't come along all the time. Even though she's not a member we've been taking her to our home ward instead of attending the singles branch, in hopes of finding her people closer to her age or something. To top all that off the transmission in my car died today, three days before school starts. Normally I'd pay to fix it up with my financial aid, since it's almost a given that it breaks down every semester, it's nothing I'm not used to. However most of it this term will be going to pay off my credit card debt that is always on hold, cause of how often the car breaks down. Anywho. Mother does have a car which she doesn't mind me using, specially since she's unemployed. Thing is I have been thinking for a few weeks now to let the other car's registration run out in February, cancel the insurance on it and just share the other car with my mom. It'd save us money but it would basically make mom a prisoner in her own home, so I've been debating that. I'll need it almost everyday so that sort of puts a stop to the job hunt unless she's able to find one in walking distance. Right now my family has decided my education is of utmost importance and we'll do whatever necessary to ensure I can continue it, which is why I don't work right now, I do 18 credits a semester every semester and I've got a few more years of full-time school left in hopes that when I'm done I'll be able to get a really good job and actually help support the family. With that thought in mind mom says she doesn't mind giving up the car to me. Still I feel kinda bad and wish it didn't have to be that way... I don't really know what sort of advice I'm seeking, I feel more like I just needed to rant a bit. Physically she's fine, mentally she's failing and it's hard to watch. I know she's lonely and I spend time with her but I start school like I've said and will hardly be home, and my brother works 12 hour days sometimes. We're trying to make the best of this, I still find myself struggling with it all sometimes.
  11. I LOVE Fat Bottom Girls! Is it too inappropriate to ask what it really is about, if not about girls with big bums? Cause that's what I always assumed!
  12. Here's what my Bishop told me once. Never, EVER take it upon yourself to not take the Sacrament. Only stop taking it if he tells me not to. But do see him soon as possible. It seems you are truely penitent and it was a one time thing. Not trying to make light, but all that does help. It's really a case by case scenario, we can't tell you exactly what you Bishop will recommend. My opinion (sadly from past experience) is it shouldn't be too "severe". Don't take my word on that. As I understand a lot of how this goes depends on the attitude of the person going in there. And whatever the Bishop does recommend, will be for the best. In the meantime, try asking for a blessing?
  13. I can see being reverent for the Chapel, and for a formal meeting. But if you're getting together to bake brownies or knit or something, doesn't seem necessary.
  14. A&E is good for shows like that. Intervention is also a trainwreck. I have to make myself pull away from that one.