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  1. wow I like all the discussion that this topic has caused! I will admit there is some supposed christian music that I avoid because it doesn't give me a good feeling. the times I feel the spirit the strongest is yes in our churches or the temple and there is no riffting guitars involved but still I don't see whats wrong with enjoying contemporary christian music for entertainment...its better then listening to the increasingly filthy music that is out there.
  2. yeah its always fun messing with the new guy. LOL!
  3. He's a cool guy but that was an ignorant comment. The reason he said it is cause there is a girl in the mish who hits on all the elders. I talked to my bishop and he said its completely false. He was real supportive of me serving. I know I will be a good missionary. I've always it was for me.
  4. I have made the decision that I want to serve a mission. My family is supportive and thrilled about it as is my bishop and other members of my ward but...I have recieved some negative comments about sister missionaries from actual missionaries in the field right now and it angers me. This perticular elder said and I quote "Sister missionaries are just hungry husband hunters" That isn't the first negative comment I've heard but its one of the most irrating to say the least. What are your guys thoughts and oppionions on this especially those of you that have already served missions.
  5. I really was fascinated by this movie. It wasn't about glorifying any religion really it was more about our freedom to pursure truth even in the face of science. I also liked that it wasn't an anti science movie either,It showed alot of respect for science and the men who helped discover its important factors. It was wrong so wrong what happened to those men and women who simply wanted their god given right to free oppionion. It was almost scary seeing how much power those universities and organizations have! I never knew their influence was that steep. This was a very eye opening movie.
  6. I love this movie! I laughed and cried when I watched it! Good stuff!!
  7. this is a funny really random discussion. haha. I've never stopped to really focus on the color of the water in the font. I guess I'm alot more focused on the spirit and how much I love being there but I'm doing baptisms this weekend and after reading this post I'm gonna look at the water just to see if its blue. haha.
  8. My parents are Divorcing and my sweet bishop tried to help them as much as he could to not divorce. It really saddened him but my parents choices are the reason for the ending of their marriage. Its sad and its hard but I think Heavenly father knows when its just to much for a person to take especially when spousal abuse is a facor. I think what the general authorities want to convey is that marriages on the brink of falling apart can be saved and healed through the power of the gospel and its message. Yes divorce happens even in the church and its sad but I just think they want us to see that we should fight to make marriages work and do all that we can do before we come to that painful decison. My mom fought for her marriage for 15 years even through abuse and infidelity she still tried and tried but my dad didn't try he gave into his pride and thats why they are getting a divorce. My bishop knows she tried and I'm 100% sure heavenly father knows how much she tried. I believe in the next life although there will be consequences for ones actions there still will be healing and an oppurtunity for my family to be whole again. We are still an eternal family and we always will be. I think one of the saddest things my fatehr is going to have to face in the next life is the reality that he took his eternal family for granted again and again. He's gonna see how much he hurt the people who loved him and that is going to the worst pain of all for him. Its hard in this church to face divorce especially because of how entirely family orriented the gospel is but I believe my parents divorce is just another trial and adversity that I can draw strength from. Its painful but it can still make me a better person in the end because thats how merciful my father in heaven is. He takes the pain and sadness of our trials and heals us when we let him in and share it all with him. He makes everything whole again even the scars of divorce.
  9. I think that preisthood power can do anything. If it is the power and source by which the earth was formed and moses parted the red sea then the healing of an aminal would be small stuff in comparison. I think animals are highly aware of spiritual power...I think they feel it which would explain the dogs that seemed to be requesting blessings. I've never heard of the blessing of animals before this thread but I believe its possible because like I said with that divine power all things are possible.
  10. I have deep love and respect for our sacred hymns. I know they are powerful VERY powerful but when I just want to have fun and relax I'm obviously not gonna be apt to listen a hymn but I think choosing uplifting christian music is a good alternative to listening to secular music that centers around all the things I'm trying to avoid in my life. My favorite band has a song called "Million Voices" and yes its a rock song but its inspired by 1 peter 2:9 and it has an amazing message for the the youth of this generation!! (I have a video of them performing it live acoustic on my page if you wanna hear it) I feel like just because a person is not LDS does not mean they don't hold on to some incredible truths and alot of the christian artists I listen to write some incredible songs. I don't catagorize them with our hymns but I still enjoy them and draw meaning and hope from them. I don't think thats a bad thing.
  11. I'm from Iowa. I live about 30 minutes from Nauvoo. I was born in Chicago. I love that city!!
  12. Has anyone read this book? I have very mixed feelings on it. I really was bothered by the author alluding to god having no gender. Its very anti organized religion but it still had good things about it. Anyone else have anything to say about it?
  13. I enjoyed this book. It made me cry. he had alot of wisdom.
  14. I would love to read this book! I'm fasinated by Kolob! I love learning more about it.