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  1. Nice to see that not everyone is loving the Twilight books and movie. :) Just not my thing I guess. I keep thinking something is wrong with me that I don't really like them. I couldn't get all the way through the 1st book and thought the movie was really slow and boring. I read a lot and just feel like there are so many better books out there to read!
  2. My personal answer would be no. I was just confused with some of the advice I was getting and asking for some clarification. I felt like I was getting told in some ways that I was obligated to wait forever, no matter what. I am willing to wait to see if things will change, but I will not and cannot feel obligated to do that should he "move on" or not choose to make himself worthy.
  3. I have to say I am a little confused about some things about temple marriage and cancellation of sealings. I am willing to stay for as long as it takes for him to figure things out as long as there is hope, but at some point based on his actions should he not return and not repent, don't I have to give up and move on? What if we get divorced and at some point after that I meet someone. My husband's moved on, he's not interested in working things out, maybe has even found someone else or whatever. Does the Lord hold me to being married to him forever? If I have kept my covenants and lived worthy and find someone else who is worthy and loves me isn't the Lord going to give me that opportunity? Maybe I'm just confused and need some clarification. I understand I lot of what many of you are saying and I appreciate all the advice and concern. Every situation is unique and not the same for everyone. My husband grew up in the church and served a mission but has still never felt converted to the gospel which is the root of this problem I think. At this point he wants to separate to figure out us, but also to figure out himself. He feels he isn't worthy to be my husband. He believes if he can come to have faith and believe in the church then he come back 100%. His problem is I think that he wants perfect knowledge before he can exercise his faith. I don't know. He is quite the powerful talker and I am sometimes unsure of whether he's saying things to get a reaction or if it is all justification for what he has done.
  4. I posted a few weeks ago about my husband having an affair and facing church discipline. Well things have taken some turns I didn't expect and while it seemed at first it seemed he was willing to do what he needed to, now he is questioning the truth of the church and whether we love each other enough to work things out. He has asked that I agree with him at this time that he needs to move out to fix himself and figure out what he wants. He wants to figure out what he believes and if his feelings are strong enough for me. I am really struggling with the separation thing. While I have to agree with him that I wish he could figure things out and hopefully come to have a testimony of the church I'm scared for him and for us. I feel hopeless and discouraged and can't seem to get rid of these feelings. I know I need to be strong for my kids and show him I can be strong. (My depression problems in the past have been a big issue with him). He's not going to want to come back to a depressed miserable person. How do I cope with everything? How do I lift myself up? When I've prayed I've been giving the feeling that I will be okay no matter what happens and that I need to have hope and there is great hope still for our relationship. But even knowing all this I can't seem to move on. It is affecting my work, my kids, everything. I can't stop thinking about everything. I feel like I am going crazy. Help!
  5. Thank you all for your words of counsel and comfort. Right now what I am struggling with is just getting pictures and images out of my head and trying to move forward. I want to quit thinking about him and her, and think about us and what we need to do to fix things. It feels like I'm just loosing it :). The anxiety is so strong sometimes it makes me physically sick. I keep praying and praying, but I am struggling with trying to lift myself up and know the adversary wants to keep me down.
  6. Not sure which forum would be the best to ask this question, but anyway.... because of my husband's recent transgressions (an affair/adultery) I fear he will be facing church discipline council. We have been sealed in the temple and will not be ending our marriage because of this but trying to work things out. In some ways I feel I am at least partially responsible because of my treatment of him and how I made him feel, although he made the choice to turn to someone else. I know there are a lot of things that determine what the discipline will be, but does anyone know in general what usually happens. Will he face excommunication? Will it be disfellowship or probation? I know this is probably a hard question to answer, but I guess I am looking for some general advice info about what we are looking at.