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  1. Those who pass away from this life and have not learned their lessons for eternal life yet will be able to learn them in the Spirit World. If, however, they have hardened their hearts so much in this life that hard heartedness will continue with them in the next life and be a yoke about their necks dragging them down to the Adverasry's realm. There is much missionary work going on in the Spirit World that can help those spirits who are held in bondage by the Devil. These can still be redeemed and they can still learn some of what they didn't learn in this mortal life. Teachers are available, such as the missionaries in mortality, who will teach them the fundamentals of what they missed in mortality. They can learn, but it is much harder to learn the things that they missed without a mortal body to help them and hence if they continue to procrastinate this time to repent there will come a time when they won't have that opportunity.
  2. There could be many types of movements that may be counted as exercise. At my age, I count this as exercise - If I see trash on the floor, I pick it up. This is an exercise we all can do:unsure:, and since walking is good exercise as well, I will walk to the waste basket to throw things away which can be a chore for me at my age, LOL. Life is not all about making long distance basketball shots, but it is good to be consistent in the amount of exercising you do at one time. It best to do as much as you reasonably can do even if it doesn't seem much at first and then gradually increase that exercise routine. :)
  3. Gradually, the earth is being prepared for a state during the Millennium when the earth will receive it paradisiacal glory when the Savior will personally reign. It is obviously true that the weather has been radically changing from time to time. Trust the Lord to know what He is doing and listen and obey the modern day prophets and heed their warnings. You will be prepared to face the probable hard times ahead and you will be able to serve others as well. Blessings, Gar
  4. The US [Obama Administration] is so anxious about other things than our food supply that I think the country is in trouble as many assume that there is enough food to supply the world.
  5. There isn't a consistent pattern to the weather lately and that should concern many, but it has been so abnormal for so long that people are getting used to the change. It should be a great concern to many. Gargantuan
  6. These are some of the sign's of our times. We must watch and be ready.
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    :shout: Go Lakers !!! :shout:
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    :shout:Go Lakers
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    Dr. T, I wanted to thank you for hanging in with the Lakers’ updates and posts. Over time, they have been helpful to me. I’m sure that all who read these posts have genuinely appreciated your efforts.
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    I think the Jazz lost to the OK Thunder. Oklahoma City Thunder roll to a 90-80 victory over Utah Jazz | The Salt Lake Tribune
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    How far are we behind the Jazz? Is that one game out?
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    How is Kobe doing? Is he going to retire? I heard that he is going to retire.
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    He deserves it. Gar
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    Kobe is a humble awesome giant. Go Lakers
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    Thanks Dr T, I try and check the Laker's Bleacher report as often as I can. I haven't had the time yet today, but I suppose a comment will be made about Pau's progress. Gar