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  1. The Bishop is the one who is suppose to extend the call of Presidents in the auxiliaries
  2. I also wonder if the random drug testing keeps some away....I believe it does with other jobs.
  3. Still feeling that shot Lol !!!
  4. I'm waiting for the German Zombie pics.....has to be some there. Lol
  5. A few months ago we got a new Bishop in our Ward. He's originally from Idaho. This is his first time serving as a Bishop. With him being in his first year I call him Rookie. During the winter months here in Missouri if the weather gets bad they'll call church off. In rural Missouri they don't clean or remove snow on the small highways. Anyway I told our Rookie Bishop that in order to be fair we need to cancel church some Sunday when the weather is nice outside she we can enjoy the sabbath. Anyone else agree ? Lol
  6. A heathen who is older than dirt. Lol !!!!
  7. Not a current Bishop but former .....most recently released from High Council and now serving as High Priest Group Leader. Enjoy that calling ....and I'm a home teacher.
  8. I'm just trying to give ideas for my Ensign......Lol
  9. It should have an update on all BYU sports programs with scores and results.
  10. I personally don't know. If no one else has an answer you can always call your local Temple.
  11. In our mission if it was in self defense were good. If you started it get in trouble. If I was that missionary I would be concerned about my companion and how he had my back .....(sarcasm)