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  1. Kawazu

    Parents Raise Concerns Over "Charlie Charlie"

    Balancing two pencil on top of each other seems like an unstable construction designed to allow the topmost pencil to spin around, randomly. Definitely a silly kids game.
  2. Kawazu

    I'm back!

  3. Steel World by B.V. Larson. It's basically a science-fiction, space Marine, adventure, first-person narrative. The milquetoast protagonist made me put the book down. I couldn't get a handle on the main character's point of view. He was like a caricature of how some people view 20-year-olds. He seemed without depth or panache, and shallow. I couldn't take it. A better experience was Old Man's War by by John Scalzi. It's the same sort of story but the leading character shows a more interesting inner monologue.
  4. Kawazu

    Would you say you're happy?

    Happiness = Reality - Expectations. I try to keep my expectations low. For example, I'm pleased I don't have the Ebola virus right now.
  5. Kawazu

    Develop your "mind palace"

    Moonwalking with Einstein Personally, I enjoyed it. Journalist Joshua Foer learns mind palace techniques from existing Memory Champs.
  6. Although Jerome offered clarification–since I have seen comparisons between pornography and cocaine in terms of negative effects on the anatomy of the brain–I was curious enough to see if I could find a scientific source indicating that use of pornography causes actual brain damage. Doing a simple search through some medical journals, I found: Pornography addiction: A neuroscience perspective (Donald L. Hilton, Jr and Clark Watts, Surg Neurol Int. 2011; 2: 19.) Hilton and Watts assert that, "Just as exogenously administered drugs cause downgrading of dopamine receptors in the nucleus accumbens in addiction, evidence supports endogenously functioning neurotransmitters causing similar pathology." Neuroscience research fails to support claims that excessive pornography consumption causes brain damage by Rory C. Reid, Bruce N. Carpenter, and Timothy W. Fong offers counterarguments such as: Reid, Carpenter and Fong conclude that: From my brief reading, it appears that more research needs be done to figure out the extent to which pornography and drug abuse affect the brain in similar ways.
  7. Pornography releases more endorphins than intercourse? Or am I misunderstanding your meaning? Or are you using an analogy to reiterate what Blackmarch said?
  8. Why does pornography affect the brain receptors in a different manner than intercourse?
  9. Kawazu

    What your avatar says about yourself

    At the time of this post, my avatar is a frog wearing a crown. Trust me, I'm a prince…on the inside.
  10. Kawazu

    Happy Birthday Vort

    Best wishes.
  11. Kawazu

    Favorite non-KJV Translation

    I think it's just one of those circumstances where I struggle to suppress my natural cynicism. Since our Book of Mormon isn't a detailed secular history, the reader is not going to get a glowing account of the king-men or an opposing view of Moroni, the Nephite hero. Since I don't want to derail the discussion too much I will probably do a forum search for king-men/conscription; there is probably an existing thread that covers the issue. Dravin and Vort, your comments have encouraged me to investigate this period of Nephite history in greater detail. There may be a subtext that I have left unexplored. To get back on topic, when reading the Bible with my non-LDS friends, I use whatever version the other person prefers. Right now, I'm reading the NIV Old Testament.
  12. Kawazu

    Favorite non-KJV Translation

    I reread Alma 51 and these are the verses which give me a reason to ponder: It seems like Moroni declares war on the political minority, compelling them to battle.
  13. Kawazu

    Favorite non-KJV Translation

    The Leaders and Managers article was pretty good. I enjoyed the comparison between Capt. Moroni and Amalickiah. Personally, I have always had some small reservations about Moroni. Didn't he quell an internal rebellion by putting a bunch of dissidents to the sword? (I could be mistaken.)
  14. Kawazu

    Happy Birthday Beefche

    Looks like we share a birthday. Hope you have a good one.
  15. If there are any clarifications on the Church's recent statement, I would like to read them.