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  1. I have been searching for some answers to some situations I have. I have yet to find those answers. I find all the information I need on what to do to keep your families together forever.... however.... there are more than one person in a family and it takes effort on all parts to be righteous and worthy. Here is the situation... I'm 18 and about four years ago my parents got divorced for a couple of reasons. My dad is still active in the church and attending. However my mother is taking steps in becoming a cathloic. She says its what she needs now, its simpler and she can focus on Christ. She often makes comments that her parents (my grandparents who are both active members) tell her she won't have her kids again in post mortal existance.... That fear is what kept her pressing on in a failing marrige till finally it just wouldn't work any longer and mistakes were made. Here are some questions.... and I would love some links or references to resources Will our family still be together if my mom is no longer and active and devout member? If all my sunday school and seminary is coming back right, then (and I hate saying it like this but hypethetically) if the rest of my family is *righteous* and makes it to the highest kingdom, we can vist my mother in the lower kingdoms correct? I just don't like the idea of never seeing my mother again. She isn't a bad person, she believes in Christ, etc. she just isn't a mormon any longer. Will it still be my biological mother and father that are my parents in the next life or if my father remarries will it be another? I know a women can only be sealed to one man correct? How does all this work.... Anyways, I would really appreciate some help here....
  2. I wouldn't say every 6 months. Who knows how much (or little) you are running in them. I would say, give or take, about every 500 miles get a new pair. He just barely got himself a new pair of shoes though so I think he is good on that end. I need a new pair of shoes myself :S whats everyones favorite brand of running shoe ha ha? Asics for me! Woot woot! Mizuno's have served me pretty well too.
  3. Lol write your ABC's What you do is sit down. Then you can cross your legs or just hold one up and you write the ABC's with you toe as big as you can. That should help a bit though I can't say it will fix it. It's not a one time thing either, ya gotta be consistent and keep doing it for a while if you want it to help. Anyways, I hope that helps, let me know how the run goes.
  4. Alrighty, so, I had kinda of a... I don't know what to call it... 'Running Moment' today. I left the apartment and started heading a way I had not yet been since I live here. I ran for quite some time and ended up in and development of some sort. There was road winding and puzzeling out towards Utah Lake but no house had been put up yet. As I ran I looked across the lake, at the golfers playing in the "rediscovered" warm weather and towards 1-15 from where I had come and the mountains behind it. The roads eventually wound their way in to a loop and I started back towards home. I waited for what seemed like forever to cross the street. I was starting to feel real good and hand not more than a mile. The light turned green and and eager car turing right went and I tried to touch the tailight of the car as it passed. Continueing on the "home strecht", I barked back at a yapping dog who chassed me along the fence line. I was feeling great. By now I had less than 800metters left. As I passed the church a man in the bed of the truck called out and asked how I was doing. "Doing good, and yourself?" I replied. "Good thanks, what school do you run for?" he asked. The question caught me off guard and I looked back ahead for a moment. I then turned back and yelled "I'm running for myself". Running for me started by representing that name on the front of the jersey. Somewhere however, it became more than about representing a school, a mascot, a student body, and (with the greatest respect) a team. I don't know when the change occured but it has. I run for myself, not medals, not winning times, etc. Coach always taught E=R² (Effort equals two kinda of results) Instead of the results of those medals and winning times I run for the second kind of results. A higher more gratifing set of results of personal accomplishment, will, determination and a developed absoulte love of running. Thanks for reading all this those who have. I hope it helps to motivate/inspire or something. Please and your stories or experiances. I would love to hear some.
  5. I haven't read to many books, and I'm trying to read more. But, this will probably be one of my favorites. It was exactly what I needed in the time I needed it. I love this book! It was given to me by a coach up at HARC. He encouraged us to read it. This book doesn't seem to be as well know as I had hoped but I was curious to see if others have read it and what their opinions were?
  6. Thats sounds like so much fun, gotta tell you I'm quite jelous. As far as tips go, be consistent. It also might help to draw up a schedule and plan on when to increase your milleage. You can find a ton of info on Runner's World thats a great place to go. Also, something that sometimes helps is Nike has (or use to have) a training plan you could right up yourself and had some articles and tips for running. I think it was on Nikeplus.com I hope this thread can keep you motivated though! Lol anything in particular that would help you to stay motivated?
  7. Awesome! I'm planning on one in the end of spring summer area. I think there is a sprint distance thats Swim 750 meters, Bike 12 miles, Run 3.1 miles maybe you could find some of those. This site has a decent amout of Tri's The American Triathlon Calendar - TriFind.com What triathlon is it you are planning on running?
  8. Oh be confident! I'm sure if you stick with it, you will be able to accomplish those 6 miles like nobodies business! Ha ha. One of the major things that I would stress is consistancy. Being consistant is the key. Start off with shorter distances and slowly and gradually increase. I don't want to force advice on you but if you would like some let me know. Have you ever thought of doing a smaller triathlon? You could get some swimming in with that? Ha ha anyways, I'm just rambling now.
  9. Alrighty, so, I kinda wanna talk running. Partially because I love what it does for you! I ran cross country all four years of high school and absoultly loved it! I don't know what I would have done without running and my coach ha ha. Since graduating I haven't been as consistant as I would like but I still do what I can here and there. I got my first marathon under my belt at 18 woot woot! And looking for another one to do in May (suggestions are welcomed, and I will be in Oregon in the first week of may so if you know of any up there that is a possability too). I even did a duathlon in St. George about two weeks ago. Gotta say, I don't know if I can get into biking :S lol. Anyways, I want to hear your stories, experiances, what running has done for you, your accomplishments, etc. So please share! I find talking about it also helps motivate me to get out their and kick some asphalt woot woot!
  10. Welcome welcome libby0314. Sounds like you joined for some great reasons! Lol, I'm quite new myself.
  11. Alrighty, here goes number two Look at me go ha ha. It's my middle name ha ha pretty creative if I don't say so myself But, it was my grandmother's maiden name too. Her parents came from a small place between Germany and France but I can never remember what is called :S. I also found that it means 'our' in German.
  12. Welp, here we are and hello to you all. I'm not really sure why I joined to tell you the truth. I suppose it's a combination of enjoying a good debate/discussion, seeing others views and also looking for some insipiration to study. I'm hitting a real cross roads in my life and I'm just not sure which path is for me. Ha ha, anyways, I like to run and I'm also into photography (Ill try to put some of my photos up one of these days). Urm... not really sure what else to add but I thought I would get my first post on this fourm under my belt.